a link to keep us linked.

Technology is a fabulous thing. Really. What else should I be doing on a Saturday night?

Sitting here typing this.

We have had a great first week of school. Aside from Fay coming and taking up one day. Ok, well really it was more than one day if you consider the preparations the day before, the cleanup the day after. Which I have actually drug (dragged) into a couple of days.

I just dread putting back all the lanai furniture, the hanging plants, the nic-nacks. It makes me wonder as I am putting it all back, do we really need all this stuff?

of course we don’t.

The girls are thrilled with going back to school. Thank the good lord for that. Not that I was ready for them to go back, but they were. I always hated school. Where did they come from anyway?

Lauren made the JV volleyball team. She really DID not want to play again, but we kind of talked her into it. It really is a great sport and so good for her college resume. yes, we are already discussing that sort of thing. yikes. Seems like yesterday we just dropped her off at kindergarten. She has 2 driving lessons under her belt. I have to brag and say she so prefers doing it with me…Dad makes her so nervous. 🙂 (We love you) Drivers ed class should be interesting for her too….the wrestling coach is her teacher. If you need to use the bathroom during class, you have to do 25 push ups and the bathroom pass is a………..full size orange road cone. Caveman. 🙂

Linds loves 7th grade. So much better to NOT be a 6th grader….you know the little ones of middle school. She is going to try out for volleyball too. Tonight Lauren and Stephanie helped her out in the yard for about an hour. Nice girls.

She is also going to keep up with the FCA (fellowship of Christian atheltes) this just thrills me too. Also on the agenda for the big 7th grader this year, Drama club. (can I get an amen? She was born for this) She will also keep up with the “builders club”. They do all the recycling for the school……a girl after my own heart.

And 3 dance classes this year. yes, she is venturing out there. Hip hop, Jazz and latin/salsa.

First day of school pictures:

They are all sorts of fancy right????
Jeans, t-shirts, flip flops. Lauren has on new converse sneakers.

3 thoughts on “a link to keep us linked.

  1. Anonymous

    Your girls are beautiful! Glad the first week of school went well!Fay finally arrived HERE today.My poem: \”Fay… the storm that won't go away.\” It was a monsoon this morning. But we really need the rain, so I'm not complaining. Shelbie & Jordan say \”hi\” to L&L!


  2. Yay!!! I suppose I should have checked this morning before leaving you a comment on my blog. I\’M SO GLAD YOU\’RE BACK!!You\’re girls are gorgeous, just like their momma! I just quickly read all the posts here, but I plan to come back and leave more comments in a little while. Missed you!


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