babies, babies, everywhere

The girls and I LOVE to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8.
We tivo all the shows and watch them when we have time.
On labor day weekend they were doing a special that recapped some of the earliest shows.
Those babies are just delicious. Seriously makes me want to get an Asian baby for myself.
Or maybe two, they are small ya know.
Lo commented that she wants to have many many babies one day. “like 5 or 6”
My eyes got huge at that comment.
She loses her cell phone all over the house, how will she keep up w/ babies?
I suppose babies are bigger than cell phones, so maybe she won’t lose them.
Kate was a brave soul and showed the national public what her belly looks like after carrying 6 babies at one time.
Lord have mercy. Bless her heart. Life is cruel.

Nothing will help that but surgery. (she has had a tuck since then)
But when the camera showed her belly, Lo and I sucked all the oxygen out of the room with our huge collective “gasp”.
I looked at my child seriously and told her if she wanted lots of babies, she should try to have them “one at a time”.
“a-yeah, you think?”

Holy Mackerel

6 thoughts on “babies, babies, everywhere

  1. My daughter and I watch it also–I just became a fan this summer. I love it because Kate and I have the exact same type of anti-clutter OCD–although I\’m okay with a mess just as long as it gets cleaned up immediately afterwards.And I pink puffy heart her current hairdo.


  2. I LOVE that show — my whole family & I tivo it and watch, as well! My son (almost 13) is totally in love with those little ones, too. I asked if he wanted to have just as many as Jon & Kate. He nodded yes. We'll see how he feels after just one!


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