Not that I am near perfect….

To the crazed woman behind me at the grocery check out:

Yes, I was way in front of you.

Yes, I had my act together. I had my debit card out. My groceries put on the conveyor belt correctly…heavy, cold, produce. all in the proper order. thankyouverymuch. ( a bit anal?)

I even had my Reusable bags ready to go.

As I am trying to swipe my debit card, You were ignoring your 6 kids under 8 yrs old.

They were running wild. Meanwhile you were PUSHING your cart into my hip. Owwww

I know you were distracted. Not by your kids of course.
But by your having to fill out your food stamp papers.

Yes. I saw that and that is ok. I am all for helping those in real need.

But really, could you NOT buy some condoms with those food stamps?

Instead of the (2) twelve packs of beer you had behind the milk and cereal?

aggghhh. Why do I feel like I am the voice of reason? that is scary for me.

and it should be for you too.


11 thoughts on “Not that I am near perfect….

  1. Anonymous

    That would annoy the heck out of me!I\’m all for helping those that need help. However, I can care less about helping those that ABUSE the system!(I see enough of that at work as I help deliver their 5th child at age 20!)Ha…I thought I was the only one that \”sorts\” my groceries on the conveyer belt as th frozen, veggies, paper, etc… =)Are you sure you\’re not my long lost sister?


  2. Hey guys, I know most of us feel the same about the obvious stuff like this. I know you can\’t buy beer w/ food stamps, she was paying seperately for the beer. 🙂 Jason, I have always thought that if you are leaving a hostpital with a baby that some sort of intelligence test should be given. You know, basic common sense!!!


  3. Preach, it girl! TESTIFY! Even Jesus, when he met the woman at the well who had been married to a bazillion men and was living with a man she wasn\’t married to (SCANDALOUS back then), gave her love, understanding and then said \”go and sin no more\”. (In today\’s terms he would have said to the woman behind you \”Girl, get your act in gear and take some responsibility for your life!\”).


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