I was tagged by the wonderful Karen.

Thanks Karen 🙂

I have not played tag in many, many years, but here goes!

The rules:

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog – some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.

4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1)I can still do a cartwheel (one handed) a round off and a handstand.
Sometimes, even when I am home alone I do them all. Just cause I still can.
(I am usually sore afterwards)

2)I was a girl scout leader for 7 years. Yes, parents trusted me to take their kid away on weekends for trips and camping.(with fire) I was really good at it too. 😉

3)I love to eat salad for any meal. Even breakfast.

4)I was so thin as a child. When I was 14 a Dr. asked me if I threw up after a meal.
Noone ever asks me that anymore.

5)I am afraid someone will break into our house while we are sleeping. So I keep a very sharp fillet knife under the mattress on my side. I used to also keep mace under my pillow when Jeff traveled, but it expired.
The joke used to be if he came home unannounced, I would shank him then blind him.

6)I think I take great pictures and I am not afraid to tell people this.

7)I am meticulous for keeping party rsvp records. Even for the kids birthdays. If someone does not show that was supposed to, or vice versa, I know. I remember.
I also have this for Christmas cards. If you don’t send me a card for 2 years, you are off the list.
I still like you, but you don’t get a card.
I know, it is a sickness.

It is hard to pick only 7 for this so I let my girls pick. Forrizzle.

They have their favorites already.

Yes, they read my blog and they love all your funny comments…..

Grandma J They both talk so highly of this funny Texan. Lo is very proud to have been born in the Lonestar State. So, they have quite the bond already. Plus, she is L & L’s kind of humor.

Jason Oh, my girls like funny people, but if they are gay, well then forget it. They LOVE that. Although you did drop the “F” bomb recently…but I suppose it came from one of your students so that is ok. (?)

Katie leaves the best comments too….and bonus, she has cute boys and that adorable boxer to boot. It is a win, win for them.

Dawn was also a girl scout leader with me for some time. If she had her way, we would still be doing it….I must post sometime about all our shananigans. Like the night we slept over in Sea World and at bedtime an employee there was going to kick out the laughing girls….that would be the two leaders. 🙂 Yeah, we could not control ourselves.

ChiTown Girl We took our girls on a surprise summer vacation a few years back…to Chicago. It was a blast, the kids love that city. And they both learned that Chicago is NOT a state…and next time bring more cash to hand out to the homeless.

Rebeckah Is just a sweet person. Always leaving the nicest comments and plus she is starting to use reusable shopping bags!!!! Yeah for her!!!! Next, she will be composting. (right?)

Clippy Mat What a great name. A wicked sense of humor. So funny, and she is learning to line dance. How cool is that. When the line dance classes are over, she will start break dancing. (right?) My girls have some sort of obsession with that country just north of us too…..

10 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. I seriously gasped when I saw your little darlings chose to tag ME! I\’m touched. I had no idea they read my blog, so I guess I\’d better watch the f-bombs myself, huh? Anytime you want to ship the girls back to ChiTown, I\’d be happy to show them all my favorite places. But, I\’d have to keep Stud Muffin locked up somewhere, cuz they\’re way too cute! 😉


  2. Tell your girls that I\’m so happy that they picked me! So sweet. And I do apologize for the F bomb, and yes, I WAS quoting. Please know that I don\’t ordinarily speak and/or write with those types of explitives. The word \”pee\” was considered a swearword at my house when I was growing up. Anyway! I\’m glad ya\’ll tagged me because I was wondering what in the world I would post about tonight.:)


  3. You must have a ton of energy…girl scout leader….salad…cart wheels. So funny about being skinny as a kid, me too. I had a teacher pull me out of class to ask me the same thing. \”Gross, NO!\” I told him kinda mad. Looking back, it was nice he cared enough to ask.


  4. You are so funny. I was literally laughing out loud (here in my pajamasa) while reading your 7 things. (Especially about being \”shanked then blinded\”…. hilarious…) I think you have a career in stand up comedy. 🙂


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