Happy Birthday My Love

What a cute little booger

Happy Birthday to the best Boyfriend ever.

You are a wonderful Husband, father and friend.

My most favoritest Coach in the world.
And I don’t play “favorites”

Basically, you just ROCK!!!

(He’s the BOMBAY)

My husband is a man of very few needs….but he gives SO much.

Basically he can live and be content with the following:

Me. (who couldn’t live without me?)

His oh, so precious and comical girls.
They bring daily humor and love to his life.

The Cocoa-nator. She worships him in every way.

The feeling seems mutual.

The Miami Dolphins.

No fair-weathered fan here…he has stuck by them for 43 years.

Even in their crappiest seasons….

Coaching softball. His passion. I won’t ever “get it” but I accept it. 🙂

Good food. In particular some “meat”.

His famous quote is: I did not build this body on veggies alone.”

(something like that)

Crystal Lite Raspberry iced tea.

He has the kids and most of our friends hooked on it too.

We should buy stock in it.

Carvel Ice cream cake….I try to get one each birthday.

The carvel franchises are fading fast though…

Good music. And varied.

From Stevie Ray Vaughn, Charlie Daniels, Beastie Boys and Metalica…all over the place.

And I can’t forget about the “crackBerry”

I know it is integral in his work and softball life…sometimes it drives me nuts.

The good thing is, when he is home, the crack berry stays in the mudroom. It only comes out when we leave the house…

Notice I put me first. That was on purpose.

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday My Love

  1. Happy Birthday Coach! It must take a lot of will power to put down the CrackBerry. My BlackJack II never leaves me unless I\’m in the shower….it\’s my life blood.Many many more years of healthy happiness with \”you know who\” :))


  2. I hope he has a fantastic Birthday! How could it not be fantastic with Carvel Ice Cream cakes and Crystal Light Raspberry Iced Tea! I like the peach tea and the raspberry lemonade personally : )!


  3. Happy Belated! Hope he had a WONDERFUL day with his WONDERFUL family! :-)(I\’ll have to try that Crystal Lite ice tea.)And guess what – they JUST BUILT a Carvel ice cream near our house…. first one I\’ve seen in years – and BRAND NEW!!)


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