A picture is worth a Thousand….

Wonderful High School Memories
Homecoming Dance
Hair and makeup was done by me. I even threw in some highlights a few hours before
(while she was at her desk finishing mandatory history homework or she did not go to the dance at all )
I promised NOT to make her look too much like street walker.
She appreciated that very much.

trying to hide the green cast…..too bad it was not black or silver.

Nonstop texting to friends….

have you left yet? no. have you left yet? no. have you left yet?
Dog wondering…why have we not left yet?

18 thoughts on “A picture is worth a Thousand….

  1. How beautiful & precious. She has the perfect balance…feminine, but not TOO delicate! Love the shoes. How were her feet after the dance? Did she go with friends, or with a guy?


  2. Thank you everyone for seeing the beauty in my girl as I do!Karen, she went by herself and met up with all her friends there. Her feet hurt. The shoes lasted probaly about 10 minutes…if I calculate the money into minutes we spent about….oh too much. But they look nice in her closet!!


  3. She is so beautiful. Can you believe how grown up she looks? Are you a texter? I am getting pretty good at it. I had a competition with the neighborhood teenage girl the other night. And I won….once out of the 10 times we raced. Nice, right?


  4. Pretty girl! I get all emotional when I see my daughter froo-froo\’d up in Big Girl clothes. Don\’t you?Totally feelin\’ your pain on the texting thing. I can\’t figure out how they can text and talk at the same time…it\’s baffling.


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