Our Newest bundle of joy "Ozzie"….

Maybe I should have thrown MYSELF a baby shower???

Our new addition:

He was picked up as a stray and spent some time in the pound. He was rescued from there by a Boxer rescue rep. He was then sent to live with a foster family while he recovered from several things….heart worms, malnutrition, an injured leg.
He was only45 lbs when he was picked up. He was not neutered either. So that snipping was taken care of before we got him.

The foster mom took him in and fattened him up and he is all sorts of happy.

She had him for the last 3 months.

He is very healthy and a perfect 60lbs now.
He is about 5 years old.

The foster Mom gave him a name, that we don’t really like…Spanky…shhh don’t tell her we renamed him.

That was only his name for 3 months and no one knows what it was before.

What I do know…..he is extremely sweet.
He likes people a lot. Especially me, although Lindsay swears he likes her best, he likes me best.
He is happy when we give him the slightest amount of attention and unlike Cocoa, he does not pounce on us when we enter the house.

He just gives us the boxer wiggles with the traditional kidney bean waggle thrown in.
He is not even interested in lounging on the furniture…ummmm…like some other dog I know….

And he does play so very good with Cocoa.

They run all over the yard and then come in and sleep for a few hours before running all over the yard again.
He follows me everywhere. Cocoa follows him everywhere. We have our own little train going through the house.
He does not give the cat’s much trouble either. A good sniff here and there.
I am sure they are not the least bit happy to have another canine in the house though.

And I forgot to ask them beforehand. darn it.

He has a nice comfy bed in our bedroom that he sleeps peacefully on each night.

Did I say peaceful?
Boxers snore. Must be that short little snout of theirs.

Times that by 2 and add my wonderful husband….His snout is a bit bigger though.

Thank the good lord for the person who invented earplugs. hallelujah. Amen

He enjoys having his teeth brushed. (thank you foster Mom for spoiling him)
I will add that to my daily list of chores now…..

But I also realized he has bad breath.

SO I guess the teeth brushing will be good. I may also add a Tic Tac and some scope to his daily routine.
He has no interest in toys right now. That may change though.
I just keep wondering what his life was like before he was picked up???

Did he have a happy home?

Was he a runaway or was he disposed of?

No one came looking for him at the pound.

The people who had him took the time and expense to have his ears done, but did not microchip or neuter him. That makes me wonder….

My Mom thinks he may have been a stud.

But her mind is usually in the gutter like that.

Just kidding

not kidding.

Play, Play, Play, Play, Play

Sleep, Sleep, Snore, Sleep, Snore, Sleep

21 thoughts on “Our Newest bundle of joy "Ozzie"….

  1. Oh, he is precious; what a handsome boy. His eyes are so trusting. You are in for a lot of fun! It\’s amazing (and wonderful) that Cocoa is glad to have his company, and isn\’t jealous. Or is that a dog thing? Cats aren\’t always so kind.


  2. I am glad he has found a great new home.I agree that he is a stud. With the flash on his face and those beautiful markings, he would make some pretty puppies. Do I hear wedding bells for him and Cocoa??


  3. HE IS PRECIOUS! I can imagine the conga line of the two of them running around your house. What a sweet little lover bear. He definitely hit the jack pot coming into your house!


  4. Anonymous

    Ozzie is one lucky pup! The cats will be kissing him before you know it:) REALLY? You are going to brush his teeth? Bwahahaha! Please take a picture…or FIVE!


  5. Suz, he is PRECIOUS! I MUCH prefer Ozzie to Spanky! And I\’m so glad he and Cocoa are having fun together. Have they figured out who is the dominant dog yet? It was pretty easy at our house since Diva came in as a puppy…. I\’m sure Cocoa will be dominant since it\’s her \”turf\”, but you never know.I want to see some more video of the rowdiness! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. excuse me?60?as in60lbs?and you have 2?i think you are crazy.but i like you anyway.ozzie and cocoa are very lucky people.i mean dogs.they are dogs right?i\’ve got grandkids who don\’t weigh that much.:-))


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