A picture is worth a thousand….

memories of birthday surprises….

Four days in NYC for my 40th (2007)

A weekend full of friends and endless surprises…

Farm Aid to see some of my favorite musicians

Birthday dessert at the Mandarin Oriental.

All planned in secrecy for me; by my love.

The birthday by which all others will pale in comparison.


**This was 9/10/2007**

15 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand….

  1. Did I miss something here? Did this just happen?It looks wonderful; Jeff went to a lot of secret planning and care, to make it a surprise, and to make it just what he knew you would love. I say, He\’s a keeper! …and you deserve it all.


  2. Awwww. I remember when your sweet husband did this…. what a romantic guy you married! He should write a book for the REST of the (clueless) husbands out there! :-)I love reminiscing too…. 🙂


  3. Anonymous

    WHAT? He planned the whole thing? Are you SURE that your BFF\’s didn\’t help him out along the way??? Sounds fishy to me:) Heehee!You. Are. Too. Cute.


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