Our week in pictures….

It was a full week with family in town….there was a basketball game, shopping,
more shopping….eating…..laughing….baking….cooking…
Madonna…football in the yard….

making s’mores

my neglected Mom got her first s’more this week.
Lindsay trying on her salsa dance costume for Grandma

Coach carving the turkey with 2 little drooling dogs staring and thinking:
Please, please drop a turkey leg right herrrrre……

Lauren is our “starch/carb lover”
A little ham and turkey w/ your mashed potatoes?

And yes, she cleaned her plate.
That is her on the couch about 25 minutes later in a turkey/mashed potato induced coma.

The girls got new scarves this week….not how they will be wearing them to school though..

Only dinner for 10.
We could have fed many more families…

My Mom, Cuz Patrick, Coach, Uncle Jim and Aunt Trisha…I suppose this would be the adult table?

Suz, Mother in law Judy, FIL Gary, Lo and Linds….yep, I am still at the kid’s table. 😉

Tu Madre.

After Dinner there was a football game in the yard.
My Mom decided to be the cheerleader. Wearing Lindsay’s tiara blinged cowboy hat.
My Aunt is the cheerleader coach?

My Uncle crashed during the game….it was terrible.

Even worse? Not getting it on video.

He is fine today though…

The highlight of Thanksgiving day was my Aunt receiving an email from my Cuz Chris who is in Afghanistan. He said he had a very nice dinner and was thinking about all of us.

There was even a football game within his group.

We sure did miss him….

Heading to see my other in laws in the morning…..

more good times to come.