I am a borrower today. I borrowed this idea from Jen at Unglazed. She borrowed it from someone, who most likely borrowed it from someone else….I thought it was cute.

5 Things you will never hear me say:

*No to a glass of wine.

*I think I’ll get up really early and exercise.

*I don’t like mexican food.

*I can’t be bothered with recycling.

*I love to cook.

And I borrowed this from Big Hair Envy . I have seen this idea around, but did not partake until I saw her do it first. I am like that, scared, but I will follow my peers…..and yes, this did get me into trouble back in the day.

The instructions are:

Post the fourth picture in your fourth folder.

I was a bit scared as to what I would end up with, but hey, not so bad. At least I was not in the picture.

July 4th 2004. A family reunion in South Carolina. My nefew, my BIL and Coach. They took a break from playing a game of HORSE to pose. Coach was not even coy with trying to hide the fact that HE was actually the first man to become pregnant.

We don’t know who the baby mama is .

Feel free to do your own!!

11 thoughts on “Borrower….

  1. Hey I love borrowing to others too. Great list of 5 things that you would never hear me say either except occasionally I do like to cook. Now you have my mind thinking of what five things I would never say…but, like I tease my kids and friends when they say \”never\” to something, I say \”don\’t say never because you never know\”! But, there are some things I will NEVER do…lol!


  2. Wow -you have been busy! Glad that you all got out on your bikes together. On the subject of the bike seat: I have never found a really comfy one, but (!) the ones on the cruisers are better, or the Spenco padded seats. I think, after having babies, that a woman\’s pelvis is wider than any man can imagine, so they design bike seats for the butt they (and we) WISH we all had. Just a theory.Love the girls helping you clean…I know, dirt happens, over and over (like laundry and groceries). But it does feel good to have it clean…Blessings to all of you.


  3. I have a million ba jillion pictures in my computer. I don\’t have scary pictures of me though because I erase them before they ever get to the computer : )! Hope you have a great day of excercise : )!


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