18 thoughts on “The drawbacks of having those fashionable, inflated lips….

  1. Are you kidding me? Brangelina\’s lips are no comparison to Cocoa\’s…or Ozzie\’s for that matter.Just wait until she gets old and wrinkled, and those lips remain the gift that keeps giving.I love your dogs!!


  2. LOL! Melonhead also has big flappy lips, he looks like Elvis sometimes when a tooth gets caught and he tilts his head.Silly doggies! so squishy cuuuuuute!PS: Angelina has nothing on our puppers! Pfft.


  3. Angelina who? Angelina what? Pffft. Not NEARLY as gorgeous and adorable as Ozzie and Cocoa. Whatevah!As to Karen\’s comment, just FYI, it really is NOT all the cracked up to be a larger cup. I\’m in the D+++++++ category and one of these days I\’m going to resemble one of those jungle ladies from National Geographic mags with the U-shaped boobies down to their thighs. Just you wait. Maybe I\’ll even post a pic or two. Ha ha ha!!!Now, the ladies with the fake large ones, well, they don\’t have to worry about the danger of U-shapedness. Lucky wenches. 🙂


  4. I have 2 boxers, too! Hayley and Kommit. Aren\’t they just the best dogs. Their lips really do do funny things with their teeth. My Kommit has the tiniest teeth. Don\’t know what\’s up with that! She\’s like my tail and won\’t eat unless I\’m in the kitchen. Makes for a long dinner time.


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