Some great guessers and some NOT SO great guesses….

My Mom, my Aunt and my Uncle have been ingesting this concoction for about 6 months. (They are still upright and still speaking fluent English)
They read about this in The Peoples Pharmacy.
They have had arthritis issues and thought this might be a worthy remedy to try…..after all, it included liquor. What could it hurt?
Gin Soaked Raisins

The rule is:

You can only have 9 raisins each day.

Only NINE.

8 is not enough.

And I don’t know what can happen if you get 10.

I can’t be held responsible. Please, don’t try it.

So, the gist is, you soak a bunch of raisins in Gin. When the gin evaporates (my Mom does not wait for the evaporation btw 🙂 )

Then you eat 9 per day.

They have had good results and NO DUI’S.

As an afterthought….my Mom thought, Gin is Good. Why not tequila? Scotch?

You see where I got it from…..

WINNERS: You know who you are….Dinner is at 3:00. Please bring a side dish or dessert. Oh, and a nice bottle of wine for me…Not the cheap stuff either….

All you others who were not so bad really….you gave it a good try….I heart you…But, please follow directions: LOSERS: Please send Gin. and raisins. And some good wine would not hurt…

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope eveyone has a wonderful and memorable day!!

15 thoughts on “Some great guessers and some NOT SO great guesses….

  1. Well I had the raisin part but got the alcohol they are soaked in wrong. The reason I knew this is my parents have tried this and I also have a friend with terrbile arthritis try it also. And darn I was so looking forward to hauling a 2 and 3 year olds all that way. And I would have brought you some really good wine and maybe even some tequila for later…if I hadn\’t drank it to survive the trip…oh well, there is always next year! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Hope your having a great time with your family!


  2. I am off to the post office right now : ) I must send you some nice wine. I don\’t know the first thing about wine, but I will just go into the wine store and say I want your best bottle. It ought to work out good for you, right?


  3. Hmmm…. this is very interesting. I\’ll have to ask my rhematologist if she knows about this. (Unlike most MD\’s, she\’s actually open to homeopathic/alternative remedies…)


  4. Ok, I\’m actually a little scared by the fact that my guess was dead-on! Maybe I should start using this perscription, since my joints are getting pretty creaky these days!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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