Vacation happenings….

Lots of catching up with our East Coast friends…
including measuring to see who is growing and who is not…

Preparing dinners…..letting kids clean up….

Devouring dinners…..(yes, Linds is shanking her sister)

So far we have had fabulous ribs one night and outstanding filet Mignon the other….
made to order breakfast from Coach (including leftover steak…YUM)
On the stove presently is a huge pot of chili cooking…wish I had smell-o-vision for you!
Many bottles of good wine consumed…..
Three wonderful boxers having fun….

Kids running outside…being kids….falling in creeks and mud….
The weather is great…wish you were here….
have I mentioned how much I LOVE the PicNik website, especially the collage options???

Adios 2008

Some thoughts on exiting this past year…..
On the downside:We have had a less than stellar year as far as business is concerned.
Coach has had to let many employees go. He worries daily about the next few months.
On the upside: Our family and our day to day life is better than most. We are very blessed.
We have made many sacrifices and preparations for what the future may hold for us.
But for this coming week…..
He said:
Fuuuugggetttt about it….
Don’t worry, be HAPPY!!!
We are escaping the hot, humid weather of Florida and heading to the gorgeous cool, crisp Mountains…..
A few days in one of our most favorite places with some of our most favorite friends!
Some pics from our favorite place:

The last time the 6 of us vacationed together…this happened:

Costa rica….volcanic ash mud bath.

Does N.C have volcanic ash???

Happy New Year!!!!