7 unusual things about moi.

I ducked, I hid, yet I was still tagged “IT” by my wonderful “real” friend Happy Wife Happy Life . I suppose I am getting slower and slower these days….

7 Unusual tidbits about me:

  1. I am truly angry that Styrofoam is still being produced. I get very upset when I see people throwing it out, knowing myself that if will be on the planet forever. You know how the PETA people throw red dye on real fur coats…I am trying to come up with a clever way to stop the use of Styrofoam. I don’t really think this is unusual though….
  2. If I had the means, I would seriously love to redecorate my house every year. From furniture to flooring. Obviously, that can’t be done. So I just move stuff around from time to time. It keeps the family on their toes….Well, maybe I would leave our bedroom alone…I finally love it.
  3. I already worry about my girls going away to college without me. They are 15 and 12. Probably not unusual either….
  4. I can’t stand it when people say: “Me and So and So.” My Dad always corrected us and I always feel the urge to do it also and say: “no, it is: So and So and I”. I realize both are used, but it still bugs me.
  5. I am seriously considering NOT having a Christmas party this year because I can’t stand my hairstyle. I know that sounds really trivial and vain, but really it stresses me out.
  6. I could eat thanksgiving dinner at least 2x a week and never tire of it.
  7. I have lived in Florida for most of my life and just this past weekend ate gator tail for the first time. I was surprised that it tastes just like chicken. The hardest part was wrestling him to get his tail.

    Fried Gator and lobster dip? On the same table…… it seems very unnatural.

I am not going to tag anyone in particular…we are all so busy these days.

Did anyone besides me realize that today is DECEMBER 1st???

Feel free to tag yourself and share some tidbits. 😉

18 thoughts on “7 unusual things about moi.

  1. You are so funny! Don\’t cancel your Christmas party…just make everyone wear santa hats..then you will all look goofy and have fun. Isn\’t styrofoam a reusable fuel? Maybe there should be a prize for figuring that out. I know it floats so perhaps Disney could create an island resort out of the worlds surplus styrofoam.Ok, you\’ve discovered why I\’m not on anyone\’s transition team…I\’m leaving.


  2. Okay…I am not trying to hurt your feelings but this post made me laugh..your hairdo and no Christmas party to stryfoam to your girls going to college..you are GREAT! I wish we were friends in \”real\” life!Have a merry first December day! sandy toes


  3. First of all…. your blog is so…. VIRGINAL?! (is this due to the Madonna influence from last week?! Sorry, couldn\’t resist!)Your 7 things had me laughing out loud – I am WITH YOU on the styrofoam – what the heck is UP with that?! Chick Fil A still uses it for their cups – I don\’t get that. I need to have a chat with Truett Cathey about that. And #3 – oh my, Suz….. I almost CRY when I think that my kids will be out of the house in less than 7 years. Yes, I know 7 years SEEMS like a long time but to people who have grown children, they realize it\’s over in the blink of an eye (isn\’t it?!) This house will be so lonely without my children. Yes, I love my dogs (and my husband, LOL) but I will need some Major Hobbies when my kids are gone. OK, can\’t think about it anymore or I will cry. Sigh. PS: When I win the GA Lottery on Tuesday night, I\’ll fly you up and you can help me decorate my new house, ok? I need help in that department. :-)Love you, girlfriend!


  4. PS: I\’ve tried gator too (at 2 different restaurants here in Atlanta, believe it or not!) and it\’s pretty good! A little on the chewy side, but hey – if you dip it in ranch, you\’d almost think it was a chicken nugget.


  5. *Grandma J-Santa hats? great idea, maybe I will wear one myself, or a lampshade. I know styrafoam is recycable, not sure it can do anything good as far as fuel…I would put you on my transistion team and we could figure it out together….*Sandy, laughing at me never hurts my feelings…it only fuels me more. 😉 *HWHL- virginal? I have never been called that. thanks. Yes, it is very white…not sure how long I can take it myself. Please send me up first class, I love the free food and drinks. I am available most of next week. The gator was not chewy at all, but he did growl a bit.


  6. Styrofoam? Really? Apparently you\’re not that busy.Have the party. You need to party somewhere … might as well be at home and you don\’t have to go anywhere.Our daughter is in 11th grade … it doesn\’t get easier.My wife (BHE) is the same way with grammar. I send her to the moon with \”ain\’t\”.Thanksgiving food is comfort food. Always welcome.We had gator while visiting friends in Jacksonville a few years ago. Yep, tastes like chicken. I could go for that lobster dip right now.


  7. Let\’s take Grandma J\’s plan just one step further…..As your guests arrive,pass out those reindeer antlers that light up. Call it a party favor, or a party saver, whichever you prefer. INSIST that your guests wear them. Feel better???I totally agree with you that a hair crisis is a legitimate reason to cancel a party:) Sometimes, there just isn\’t enough Aqua Net in the WORLD to make things better.


  8. #5 is totally something I would do!I remember once, calling in to work to talk to my boss because I had come down with Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (courtesy of my child, of course). I wanted to know if I should just come in anyway, shut my office door, and keep to myself. He said, \”Uh, no–just stay home!\” (Understandably.)I told him the worst part was that I was having a REALLY good hair day, and now it was going to go to waste.They keep me around for entertainment value, if nothing else. 😉


  9. You make me laugh. Oh yes, those darn kids of ours grow up way too fast. I never stop missing mine. A santa hat or a lamp shade will look adorable on you…please send pictures!


  10. when you do decide to redecorate, please call me and i will gladly haul all of that old stuff away for you 🙂 it is almost as fun, though, to just move stuff around (except then you have to dust)- sometimes you can even trick yourself into thinking you have new stuff!please, don\’t make me think about college… sending them or paying for it! although, this week i might not mind sending one off… i better remind her that santa is watching!!about the hair… come on. you are beautiful no matter what- but if you insist, i will wear the santa hat. but before we leave, i woiuld double check eric\’s hat, because he might be able to stash a few serving pieces in a hat!


  11. omg ALIGATOR TAIL!!!! i don\’t think i could eat it even if it really does taste like chicken! and if you really really hate your hair don\’t miss out on a fun time bc of it, maybe you can learn a cute updo you can do yourself? or treat yourself and get it done the night of the party 🙂


  12. I like your hair : ). At least the picture of you on Thanksgiving showed lovely hair. Santa hats would be a brilliant move! Or, you could have the lights way down low. Have a glow in the dark party with neon lights and stuff. Everyone looks better in the dark : ).I don\’t want Kaish to go to college either. I am sorry about the stryrofoam too. Next time I see it I will think of you. AND, I will go over to the person drinking out of it and throw it on the ground : ). Oh, yes, I will!


  13. Where the heck did this year go, I ask you… sigh. I had gator sausage once in New Orleans, it was delicious… kinda beefy, spicy, rich and chewy. Whodathunkit? LOLps: i hear you on the styrofoam thing. DISGUSTING!!


  14. I want to see a picture of you wrestling the alligator for his tail! I bet that\’s what\’s wrong with your hair. Alligator wrestling is so hard on a hairstyle!


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