A picture is worth…..

A Thousand Christmas Card Picture Memories….







If only I could have froze them from the first picture….

Will I get one done for 2008???

I may have to take them separately and crop them together…if only I knew how…

20 thoughts on “A picture is worth…..

  1. They are both gorgeous girls! maybe I should put them in touch with my teenager? ( MSN, facebook et al). Wouldn\’t they kill me if they knew I had suggested it??Have just put my son on the blog today!


  2. Thanks for taking us along on the memory train! The girls are beautiful. Maybe you could do a collage type with several pics. Shutterfly has several designs for multiple photos.I haven\’t gotten my pic for this year\’s card yet either!!


  3. Isn\’t it amazing? I look back on pics of my kids when they were really little and think \”Damn – what CUTE kids I had!!!\” I think, when they\’re really little, you\’re almost immune to their cuteness. At the very least, you certainly don\’t appreciate it as much as you do until they are practically grown up. (Sob, sniffle, sob…)


  4. They are so adorable! And they look exactly like their mama. Holy Cow! I wish I lived close to you because I would do a nice photo shoot for you for free : ). Cuz\’ that\’s how I roll. You will think of something. You are a genius! PS I want the dog. It is up to Gary. I asked him last night and he said \”probably\’. So I said, \”Should I call the people and tell them yes?\” and he said \”I\’ll let you know. Don\’t rush me.\” So there you have it : ).


  5. They are just adorable. Bribery is always good for pictures. Oh hell, you\’ve seen some of my attempts, it\’s all about a digital camera and lots, and lots of photos!


  6. Love the pic from 2007. As my daughter and I were walking Roscoe last night she said, \”hey, we could put reindeer ears on him and make him a reindeer\”. I\’ll have to show her your picture. I still need to do our Christmas card pictures for this year. Time is running out!!!!!


  7. Beautiful daughters, Suzanne. They get prettier with each passing year!!! I started writing long Christmas letters in 1995–and have written one each year since that time. I keep the letters in an album. I LOVE to go back and read all of them over and over. Such great memories!!!!Hugs,Betsy


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