Oh the things these green eyes have seen…

Yesterday, I saw the strangest thing… so far this year. But I have one day left to top it.

And I say strange considering I had an encounter with the Butterfly Hair lady this summer. Remember Her?

I shall never forget you, my insect- in- the- hair- wearing- friend.

butterfly hair

And then over the summer there was the elderly man at the pier with the shiny silver lame’ Capri’s,  a tube top and sweet little kitten heels. 


No picture of my daring yet fashion forward friend, sorry. But picture it in your head…now try to get it out!!!!


This weird sighting happened yesterday, in Super Walmart.  (I know, shocker)

I saw a grown man…..and he was……he was…


he was……HE WAS….


smelling cat litter.



He was opening different containers and COMPARING CAT LITTER SMELLS!!!

Who does this?

It is not shampoo…it is not perfume. 

He saw me… seeing him. I could not look away.

I could not contain the shock on my face.

I then stayed farrr away from him, for fear he could smell that I had 3 cats at home.

When I got home, I scooped the cat boxes.

I held my breath the entire time.

I refuse to smell the poop or the litter.

I have a feeling all those weird smelling issues…well, they start at home. right?

Goodbye 2009 and Welcome 2010.

2010, I don’t know what you have planned for us..but please, be merciful. Please.

What is the weirdest thing you have seen this year?

May 2010 bring only good into your life.

and not weirdness.

This takes the Cake{s}…and language barriers.

So, the girl who has her birthday 2 days after Jesus sometimes feels neglected. But really, she gets more cakes than MOST people.

Take a look at her 3 cakes, and then another:


Early December party with friends.


Did you know teenagers like Chuck Norris? Vote for him for President. Ok?


December 26th birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.

Lindsay's B-day cake

and no, they did not ask me how to spell her name. Lindsy? what? 


On her Actual birthday 12-27…I asked the lady at the bakery to write: Happy Birthday Lindsay. P1040032 

The bakery lady was from Germany…she was trying to clarify how to spell Lindsay.

she said: NI?

I said no, Lindsay.

Then she said to me: NA?

I said: Her name is LINDSAY.

**blank stare**

I said: Please give me a piece of paper.

I wrote Lindsay for her and then I saw the lightbulb go on over her bakery cap.


I had visions of this “cake wreck” in my head. (the name Suzanne is purely coincidental.) 

I had a flashback: years ago, as the Vice President for the PTA,  I ordered a large sheet cake for our Teacher Appreciation luncheon. The cake was picked up by a nice volunteer, and when I unveiled it at the luncheon I was surprised to see this:

You are Appruciated.

Irony..it never gets stale.