Mish Mash Fair Smair

Yesterday I made a comment that “I don’t care about my nails” and it made me think: “hey, they are all almost the same length (for once) perhaps I should paint them.” And I did.

What is the occasion you ask? You know you were wondering what I am doing in my ever so glamorous life…….

We are headed out for a fun filled day tomorrow….. I know most of you will be soooooo jealous……we are going to the South Florida Fair.

It is right down the street from Coach’s parents house and where Coach and I went every year as kids and then as teens.

Yes, I did my nails for the carnies. Really, if you think about it, brushing my teeth would be overdoing it for the carnies. I know that was mean, sometimes it just slips out.

I have some good memories attached to the fair though…..I recall as a little kid in elementary school, each year we would go to the fair w/ our class. Ohhhh…how I looked forward to this.

My MOST favorite part? The corn dogs. Yes, even back then, it was all about the food.

Apparently in my neglected childhood (hi mom), I did not get corn dogs. (although we had hot dogs, I suppose we could not afford the corn part)

I can still remember sitting at the picnic tables when we could get our lunch from the vendors and eat together as a class…ohhh how I loved that corn dog. Most of the kids went for the elephant ears, or a slice of pizza…no, my drug of choice was the corn dog.
I can’t tell you if any, what ride was my favorite back then…all I remember is the corn dog and that freaky mirror house…I still have nightmares about that place.

I also remember going a few years with my Aunt Debbie (she was only about 7 years older than me) and my Brother…we would go into the exposition halls and wander around. There was ALWAYS a jewelry vendor there. And they ALWAYS sold a “grab bag.” My aunt Debbie would get me one…I think it was a dollar. I remember getting this fabulous 18kt and Sapphire ring one year. It was so gorgeous. I loved it so much. I wore it all the time……Years later, we were robbed and the ring was stolen.

Ok, so it was not really 18kt gold or really sapphire. But I loved that tarnished/green/rusted ring with the genuine (fake) blue stone. It was so deluxe, that it even had an adjustable band. Top that. mmmmnnnn didn’t think so.
Luckily, my Mom made sure I was always up to date on my tetanus shots too….

As teenagers, we went to the fair for totally different reasons. Boys. Hello? What a great place to meet some guys. Another reason my girls will not go unattended. (Sorry girls)

Coach and I went several times as we were dating. I mean, where else are you going to get a Metallica poster and an air brushed t-shirt? (I still have a wife beater that says Suz and Coach, it is size -0)
I think the last time we went was in 1992. Just after we got married and just prior to moving to TX. On that visit, they had just started to do the “bungee jumping.” Our good friend Don was with us and he paid the $75…got to the top of the jump off point and then he changed his mind…..I felt really bad for him….cause my silly butt was not going up there…but the guys (coach) gave him heck about it….I am sure he will never live it down…especially since he is going with us this weekend!!!!!

**I am hoping to win an ashtray or a lovely set of mismatched glasses….But oh, how I loathe the harassment by the carnies though….wish me luck.

I wonder if they still have the Bearded woman….or perhaps she found out about laser electrolysis by now.

Last year was the first year I ever went to our county fair. (we have lived here 11 years)

Truthfully, we ONLY went because Linds was performing with her dance group. (again NEXT weekend too) After visiting our piddly little fair last year, Coach proclaimed that we needed to take the girls to a REAL fair…the one WE grew up with. Hence the reason for our visit this weekend.

So, alas. We will go. We will have fun. Coach’s Mom, Step Dad, and some of our oldest and dearest Friends from the East Coast will join us.

My girlfriend *H and I were talking about it earlier this week…she proclaimed that she could not wait to get her hands on a corn dog. IT made me laugh….cause, after last year at our piddly fair, I have declared a new love at the fair….the Roasted Corn on The COB…….

Oh, it is just dripping in cholesterol butter…so good. My NEWEST drug of choice.

We laughed how the food is so good…but oh, so bad….and we will eat till we are sick.

(gluttony at it’s finest)

Then we both decided, that NO ONE leaves the fair until someone throws up. Yep. new RULE.

I just realized I went from talking about giving myself an manicure to throwing up.

My writing capabilities are endless.

I hope everyone has a great weekend….minus any throwing up. That will just be for me.

If you don’t hear from me come Monday…send help…I am stuck in that wacky mirrored house again.

Honest Scrap

I received this award from Mom X 2

at first when I saw this…I thought it meant I was “scrappy.” You know, kinda tough for a lil‘ person. But it does not mean that at all.

But seriously though, I am scrappy, so don’t mess with me. really. I can put a hurtin‘ on ya’.

As long as I don’t mess up my nails….

Just kidding, I don’t care about my nails…..

Thanks Mom X 2, You are a gem.
I love your blog even though it has a math equation in it…I loathe math.
The rules for this award are:
First, choose a minimum of seven blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
Secondly, show the seven winners’ names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap”.
Lastly, list at least ten honest things about yourself.
(why honest? hello, this is the Internet…..this is no place for honesty)
aye yi yi…I always break into a sweat choosing who to pass these on too…me, being the kid who was always picked LAST for kickball……I get an anxiety attack leaving anyone out.
But alas, I will do it, I am not going to cop out and give it to EVERYONE like SHE always does.
So, this has worked for me in the past. I will give it out to the last 7 commenter’s (at this time)
Because really, I don’t read bad stuff….all my time spent reading has to be for brilliant blogs.
I have standards. really. I do. And they are pretty high. darn it.
  1. Tammi. Her blog title is: “I can’t believe anyone would want to read this.” Seriously, why did I not think of this…that is what I say to myself every time I hit the “publish” button…but alas Tammi, I read your stuff. 🙂
  2. Pamela at Siren Sense. She and I have mucho in common, what with our OCD tendencies and being blessed with sloppy children. Irony at it’s finest.
  3. Cassie at In amazing Graceland. Cassie always has something nice to say…she has some pretty adorable pups and she lives in one of my favorite places ever….Arizona!
  4. Jen at Unglazed. Here is a sweet gal living in a bonafide Log Cabin with her sweet pups (oh, and her hubby). She takes great pictures and is sometimes full of crock. (You know, to collect)
  5. The running girl …If ever there was someone to make me feel soooo lazy…..she runs..literally all the time. She has a great family and again…dogs…are we seeing a pattern w/ the pups?
  6. C . Her blog title is Midwestern Mama with a New York heart. She has heart all right…she leaves me the sweetest and well thought out comments. She is pretty funny too….
  7. Jenn at Juggling Life ….she was one of the first blogs I ever had the pleasure of stumbling on to….I never miss a posting of hers and I don’t think she has missed any of mine….she is a brilliant writer and a very smart mother that I have learned a thing or two (ok, 76 things) from.

That was the easy part…now the honesty.

  1. I hate loathe going to the grocery store. I will put it off as long as possible. Sure, we can make dinner out of lasagna noodles, canned beans and frozen bread.
  2. I don’t usually care too much about the cleanliness of my car, but my house? that is a different story. I find that most people put too much emphasis on their vehicles and not the sanitary state of their kitchens.
  3. I secretly think I could be the Super Nanny. I see parents make huge mistakes all the time in public…really, if they asked for my help, I would.
  4. I never stop wondering what my life would be like if my Dad AND my Brother were alive.
  5. I wish I had went away to college.
  6. Sometimes I wish I had a few more kids.
  7. I can’t wait till Coach can retire and we can annoy each other full time.
  8. I LOVE my appliances. (the ones that work that is)
  9. I think my kids are my most fantastic accomplishment.
  10. I would love to have 10 hours of sleep each night. really, I could do it.