Smile Award

Thanks to Jen at Unglazed for this lovely Smile award!!!!!

I feel so good that I made someone smile. 🙂

This is a fabulous award to receive, because, there are NO RULES to this award.

Jen passed it onto 2 bloggers that made her smile so I will do the same….
NOW, the hard part……
All the blogs that I read make me smile, or else I would NOT read them.

So, I am going to choose:

The incredible Woody.
She is such an easy, fun read. Don’t be scared that she has a Black tongue, it is not contagious.
Today she said all sorts of great stuff in post right here. She made me hurt my face I was smiling so much!
Bonus? She is riding her butt off to raise money for cancer research!!! How awesome is that?


Clippy at Tales from Clippy mat. She is from England living in Canada. She is really funny, especially when I understand her. (you know how those folks across the pond talk 😉
This Post right here had me rolling……
I hope everyone has something good to smile about today!!!
happy Friday

11 thoughts on “Smile Award

  1. ooh isn\’t that exciting?as you would say, I heart you, Suz. thanks so much, you are sweet.and i hope that your friends will visit me too. that\’ll be great. :-))and, of course, i shall visit them also.hugs


  2. You always make me smile! I never saw this post. Hmmmmmmmm.I just saw that you hate crocs on Baby Favorites post and I came over to tell you that I hate them too! I think they are SO ugly and disgusting when I see them I want to scream!


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