Alphabet Meme

Crazy Mo has a Letter Meme going. I played along because it is easy and I like easy.
Here’s the deal:
Leave a comment on this post and I will assign you a letter.
Write about ten things you love that begin with said letter.
Post the list on your blog.
When people comment on your list, you assign a letter, and the game continues.
I will only assign a letter if you request it, so don’t hesitate to comment …

I was given B.

1)Boxers. They are so darn cute. I love ’em to bits…you know I am speaking of the dogs. right? not the underoos.

2)Bedroom. Our bedroom. I love it. I would love to stay in there all day if I could. It is just perfect.

3)Bathtub. Oh, I can’t wait till our remodel is done and I can soak!!!!

4)Blogging. well, not so much the blogging myself, but reading blogs. Love it. It has replaced TV and reading books and magazines for me.

5)Bees. of course. right? Well, I don’t have any real bees. But I do like decorative bees.
Funny thing is, my oldest is terrified of bees. and somehow she is convinced that it is my fault. huh?

6)Bags. not just purses, cause I have been using the same purse for over 2 years. Mostly I like shopping bags. you know, the reusable GREEN bags that EVERYONE should be using. I have quite the collection. I love em’. I also like suitcases and duffel bags.

7)Bananas. I try to eat one everyday. Still, I can’t climb trees or screech really loud. but I keep trying.

8)Babies. really. I love them too much. I still dream of having another one. Well, only in my dreams. They are just so cute. I want to nibble on their fat little cheeks.

9)Brancott Wine . The Sauvignon blanc is awesome. my favorite.

My Mom. My Favorite Mom.
She is my biggest fan.
And I love her to bits. Love you Mom.
Oh, and heeeyyyyy……
(that is how my Mom says hello…it is a nice drawn out southern, sweet “heeeeyyyyy“)

27 thoughts on “Alphabet Meme”

  1. Your mom is adorable. Heeeeyyyyyy Bev!You can give me a letter. Just don\’t give me G because then I\’ll have to do green stuff and you know how that will conflict with my huge carbon footprint. 🙂


  2. I love this : ). You have given 10 great B\’s! I could stay in my bedroom all day too. It has a super mattress and nice pillows! Baths are my favorite too! Yay for baths! I can\’t get enough of them.I think you should have another baby : ). Really. Talk to coach! I am almost positive he would give the go ahead. And the girls would LOVE it!


  3. OMG!! I’m so happy that you visited my blog! I have very few readers other than my family and it truly makes my day to find out that someone else has enjoyed what I’ve written.I’m planning on writing a post explaining who my cast of characters are so that if you would like to continue reading, or if you go back and read my archives, you will know who everyone is.Thank you so much for leaving a comment. It made my day!I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope to be able to read your archives and get all caught up. Tami


  4. Jen- How about D???Chi- How does F work for you? now. behave.Grandma J-now you know I really want to give you G!!! But I won\’t. I will give you J. Dawn-you know me too darn well. I would make a good Vanna wouldn\’t I? For you missy, you get the letter X. just kidding. How about S. and you don\’t have to list Suz as one of your faves. :)Karen if I don\’t see you do it soon, then I will know clippy dropped the ball. I mean the alphabet. But, I have a feeling she will come through, she is awesome like that!!!


  5. Like Tami W I don\’t get many visitors, of course I am new to this blogging thing (courtesy of my good friend BHE)…but I love to read what others put out there. Haha it makes me feel normal- what ever that is:) This is such a cute post!I would love a letter please 🙂


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