36 thoughts on “B is for……

  1. HA HA Suzanne—I wasn\’t totally sure what I was looking at at first–although I did recognize some of those \’parts.\’ ha ha ha haHugs,BetsyHooray for Boxer Butts on Monday!!! By the way, it\’s a SNOWY Monday in TN. Yeah!!!!


  2. Completely off-topic … I need some blogging help, Suz. You know the line that indicates how many people left comments? Yours says \”# people cared enough to say …\” How\’d you do that???


  3. You are so funny : ). And amazing. And smart. And pretty. Basically, you are just about PERFECT! Great post! I would join if ABC Wednesday wasn\’t starting this week…but it is.


  4. You have to be the most creative person in blogland. Anal sometimes, but creative. Oh, dear….I didn\’t say anal, I meant Able!I have to try that with JJ, he will probably look like a white elephant! πŸ™‚


  5. Anonymous

    beary funny:D I love the pics, and your blog is buzy worthy. (linked from Northern Experience)Anyway, looking forward to reading more. πŸ˜€


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