Bee Update…..

A few were asking how the Bedroom after the flood AND how the bathroom renovation were going…some of you are really nice and really do care. awww

Well, **fingers crossed** it seems our bedroom floor will survive. YEAH!! We dried it out all weekend with a DE-humidifier and had the fans going too…it was so loud that I slept in the guest room all weekend.

(I NEED complete silence to sleep, SILENCE I say!)

The bathroom is just mahvalous!!!
Marvelous is not saying enough. It is better than I had imagined it would be.
I think it is the nicest room in our house now. really.

Tonight we are having a dinner party in there. Too bad all of you live to far away, plus you only live in the computer anyway…. ;0
We are not done yet, and I won’t post too many pictures now, because we still have some punch work to do yet….glass for shower…toilet….hardware for cabinets….faucet for tub….But we are getting there.

Ok, maybe I will put in a teaser picture. 🙂

I know….pretty darn fab.

I have been cleaning for days it seems….the bathroom itself is sparkling…but our closet was trashed and our bedroom too…so getting all the dust and debris out makes me feel SOOOO much better…have I mentioned my NEED for clean and tidy??? hmm??? OCD????

really, I was washing all the sheets, towels, throw rugs, clean up towels (from the flood) and in doing all this, Coach went to get dressed for work on Tuesday morning and he had NO clean slacks. For me, that is quite HORRID. I usually make sure he has at least 4 days worth cleaned and ironed. I felt so bad, he had to go to work in jeans….

Oh, what the employees must be saying about me…..
ha ha 🙂

Yeah, I suppose if that is the worst thing that happens this week, we are pretty lucky.


Now on to my Lo. My lovely, lovely 15 year old angel.

I think I mentioned a few months ago that she has been having horrid headaches…since the spring.

She had a cat scan of her sinuses in December. They concluded that she has a deviated septum which causes sinusitis. Which in turn, keeps the head-achy feeling she is living with.

She also has terrible allergies. Poor thing…..

Her regular Dr. said we needed to see an ENT.

We did last week. And I wanted to run out of the office screaming “this man is a bit crazy”…cause he was….he was all over the place with his diagnosis, his plans for her, possibly surgery, new allergy “drops”…all sorts of crazy stuff.

So, we paid our co-pay and swiftly Lo had to call 911 when I fell to the floor after seeing the bill the Dr. was going to send to my insurance company for our 20 minute appointment ($800.00) Paleeeezzzze.

We saw another Dr. on Monday and I liked him instantly….I should have gone to him first, we saw him years ago when Lo had a piece of pencil lead stuck in her ear. (another blog post)
Well, long story short(er) he prescribed steroids for her. He said he was being aggressive in treatment, and it would be a hellish week for her, but hopefully she will be as good as new next week.
Well, hell it was. The child was miserable all day….crying, headache, body aches….just a mess.
I went to check on her this morning and she could hardly get out of bed….I kept her home and I have put in 2 calls to the Dr’s office as to whether we should continue, try a different dosage or what??….have not heard back yet.

If I have to drive down there…so help me……
She is feeling better, but I need to know what to do next….


In my haste to shorten the short story, I forgot to mention that Dr. number #2 looked a the Cat scans and said she CLEARLY does not have a deviated septum, but her sinus cavity is FULL of stuff. The 1st Dr. did not see her Cat scan, but looked through a borescope Dr. #2 also looked through a borescope and said the septum was fine. ?????

That is what the steroids are supposed to do…clean that out her sinus cavity and she can start fresh. He added Singulair to her morning routine and she will continue with zyrtec in the evenings.

Gosh, I hope it works.

24 thoughts on “Bee Update…..”

  1. Oh Suz—Your post today is definitely good news/bad news. The bathroom is going to be fabulous. It\’s no wonder you are having a big dinner party in there!!! ha ha…. Glad also you will save your floor in the master bedroom. I\’m sorry to hear about Lo… Hopefully this second doctor will help –even though right now, things aren\’t good. IF she can just get through the week, maybe there will be improvement. Good Luck.. I\’ll Lo and YOU in my prayers.I would have \’thought\’ you would be a left-brained person–since you are so good at organization and having things tidy and nice–and in its place!!!! Hmmmmmmm..Hugs,Betsy


  2. Oh you poor thing 😦 I am glad to hear your bedroom floor is going to be ok.Poor Lo, I hope she feels better soon. Hopefully you will hear back from the doctor. I know nothing about a deviated septum, but I do know it sucks when your little ones (or big ones)feel like crap. Hang in there!


  3. Steroids can be hell. I remember this from Katie's treatment. You all have my total sympathies.But, on a lighter note, your bathroom looks awesome! Praying for answers for you & Lo.


  4. Poor Lo. 😦 However, the steroids WILL help. But they make you feel like crap. J was on them a LOT when he was little with all his lung issues. They made him a MONSTER but they helped tremendously. Now, let me tell you, if a doctor tells you it\’s going to be \”HELLISH\” it means….. strap in, put on the helmet, and prepare for impact. Seriously. I think doc. #2 is probably the better option. doc. #1 sounds way too koo koo for cocoa puffs for me. As far as the new BATH, I\’m flying down to take a shower, and then a bubble bath. Is that OK? I promise to clean up after myself.


  5. so glad you got your 2nd opinion… sorry she is miserable though. hopefully it will be short term! and she missed school! so much for your precise no-missing-school-or-softball scheduling tactics!!


  6. I had an ENT that told me my daughter was going to be deaf and dumb for life and to \”get used to it.\”I sought a second opinion. Her new ENT? I love the man! Like \”want to bear his children and stuff\” love him. He even called me once on a Superbowl Sunday just to check on ME and see how I was doing after one diagnosis.That man rocks me socks.And you know what they say about opinions….


  7. whaddya mean we only live in the computer? LOLi exist outside of blog land missus, tho\’ i don\’t exist in a posh bathroom like yours, sadly. :-(poor lo. that does NOT sound like fun. i feel bad for her. hope your doc gets her sorted out asap.:-)


  8. Hugs to you and Lo! I hope everything works out!But I\’ll make you laugh … I think I need glasses, or a brain, or something! I was reading your blog and I SWEAR I read that you said Coach didn\’t have any clean socks. Then immediately thereafter you say you make sure he has four days worth cleaned and ironed. And I\’m thinking WTH??? She IRONS his socks?! OCD much??Then I read slacks.Oh. My bad. *forehead slap*


  9. Poor Lo! I hope she feels better soon. Sometimes doctors just really make me wonder…That bathroom is going to be beautiful. I am so looking forward to seeing it finishedBut seriously, you iron?!?


  10. Your bathroom is coming along beautifully! You are going to be in seventh heaven when it\’s all done!I hope the steroids work for your poor baby, too. I feel bad for her!LOVED the daddy/tights story below… I just read it! Hysterical! Sounds exactly like something my husband would do.


  11. I love the bathroom pictures. I especially like the sink faucets coming out of the wall. I will need pictures of \”someone\” taking a shower when you get all the nozzles going…jealousy becomes me!Poor Lo! I hope she does ok on those steroids.


  12. Bathroom! Yay!! Looks great!! And no toilet or sink in the tub! I took a shower in mine this a.m!Poor kid! Steroids suck…I had to take them years ago…ended up having sinus surgery where they did not find a deviated septum like they thought they would, but instead widened my sinuses and I have been good since! Good luck!


  13. I hope Lo feels betters soon. This was very interesting to me because I used to have the same symptoms Lo had and I definitely have a deviated septum (twice-broken nose). I had many bouts of sinusitis and pretty much had a constant headache from age 13-25. For whatever reason, the headaches quit then and my sinus problems are greatly decreased. I\’m wishing I would have complained more and gotten aggressive treatment as you are doing for her–I wasted a lot of time having headaches.


  14. hey suz… the steroids can cause LO to feel like crap, and make her hormones go nuts, and her emotions all over the place. aside from that, they do work. some ibuprofen might help with the general aches and pains.i am jealous of your bathroom!C


  15. My daughter has serious allergy problems, too. She\’s had tubes in her ears 10 times because of it and is on singulair, zyrtec, flonase and sometimes mucinex. I hope the steroids work for your daughter. Allegeries can knock you out.


  16. Your bathroom project looks terrific so far!!!Prayers for Lo. Glad you got a second opinion. Nothing wrong with a third if she\’s not better. Good luck.


  17. Oooooo,love the bathroom.Very good news about the bedroom floor too.I can totally empathize with Lo.Migraines plagued me from teenage years until just a few years ago.Mine were related to my menses(sp?)and like clockwork twice a month I was in agony for days.I hope the steroids help with her sinusitus…that is strong medicine,but usually helps when nothing else will.If she is on them for very long they WILL affect her personality,so keep a close eye on her. Blessings and love to you.


  18. The bathroom looks great Suz! I\’m with you in OCD land. And I feel for Lo. I suffer from migraines. Until I found my current doctor I suffered from migraines that lasted for 20 days STRAIGHT EVERY month for like 5 years. I still have migraines, but they are much more managable. She\’s in my prayers.


  19. Other people beat me to it so I guess I\’m going to have to stand in line…but can I come over and take a bath?I hope the doc is able to take care of your daughter\’s head aches. It is rough to be allergic to the world especially when she should be out painting the town red instead of being home sick with sinus headaches.


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