14 thoughts on “Drunk on Life.”

  1. I share a king size bed with my king size husband and our Chocolate Lab. They BOTH snore and fart throughout the night, so I feel your pain!!! LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. that is SO adorable, suz! bella snores too, and i love it when she sighs in her sleep… almost like she is saying \”i\’m so f—- bored i\’ll just lay here and sleep\” hahahahayour cocoa looksSO much like our bella. i MUST get some pictures on here!C


  3. What in awwwll the crazy hells is goinโ€™ on heah people!? (my Afghani southern drawl)Between you and Smileygirl and your too cute for โ€˜effin words pictures, Iโ€™m NEV-AH going to get any work done around heah! Will ya quit it already!? ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. We have a greyhound. Isn\’t it amazing how the biggest dogs can curl themselves up so small? She\’s absolutely precious! Puppy doesn\’t snore, but Kitty does. I\’ll have to try and video tape her.


  5. Ha Suzanne…. I know why you wear earplugs to sleep. BUT–do you use noseplugs also???? ha ha …Dogs really have stinky farts… WELL–hubbies do too!!!! I\’m lucky though with my 2nd husband, George. He does NOT snore nor stink.. YEAH-Diddly!!!Cute post.Hugs,Betsy


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