You better shop, shop around.

I could have titled this as blah, blah, blah and yada, yada, yada….but I didn’t.

I can’t be the only one who notices how large the cereal isle has grown in the grocery store. Cereal is taking over the entire store.

It is Disney World for your bowl and spoon.

Just amazing. Almost overwhelming.

I went down the row looking for Cheerios.

DO you know how many varieties there are of cheerios now??? It is incredible.
I imagine there is just a panel of people sitting around a huge conference table, eating cheerios of course, discussing new varieties that they can come up with.
**hmmmm, what about carb free cheerios????**

When I re-read that paragraph, I could almost hear myself shouting out the “DO you know...part.” I hope I did not hurt anyones ears…

Cereal is very expensive too….you can buy a good piece of steak if you compare the ounce for ounce serving price.

By the way…the Multi Grain Cheerios are the bomb!!!

ok. whining about food prices=old person.
I have a direct flight to old person land.

**ONE ticket to the Bingo Hall, please**

No offense to anyone already visiting old person land…I was just hoping to not get there for another 40 years.

80 is old, right?

OR is 80 the new 60? 60 the new 50?

It is so confusing.

While at the store, I saw the cutest little old lady.

She was TINY. I mean, TINY.
She could not have been taller than 4’5 and could not weigh more than 80lbs.

So cute, I wanted to pick her up, put her in my purse and take her home.

She would like it here. We are nice.

But what struck me odd…..her ears. Seriously, they were ginormous.

I don’t like to stare at people…We are all God’s creatures and we are all special… but I had to look twice.

Her ears were very-very large.

If she were to wear earrings, they would have to be the size of small bike tires to compensate for the large lobe area.

It made me wonder…..did she shrink and her ears stayed the same size?
Or did her ears keep growing after she stopped?

I wonder if mine are still growing?

**quickly looking for a measuring tape**

On this same shopping trip, I overheard a conversation a man was having with his wife on his cell phone.

He was trying to reconcile their marriage while he was shopping in Publix.


He was telling her that he would try to take away all her stresses, so that they, as a couple could focus on their marriage and he even asked if he could come back home for the weekend to try it out.


How can you do that AND choose your cereal?

I should write a parenting book. Or maybe just a pamphlet….

While shopping, my girls drive me bonkers because they Beg ask for something that they JUST LOVE SO MUCH AND THEY REALLY WANT IT and I sometimes I go ahead and purchase it against my better judgement.

*whew, that was a run-on sentence if ever I did see one*

Well they got me around Thanksgiving while we were shopping at one of those high rent stores at the mall.

You know the store…they sell the same stuff elsewhere, at a fraction of the cost. (example: a cute belt at Target, or even at Macy’s ON Sale for 9.99, at The high rent store that is approx. $22.99.)

A moment of weakness on my part. It happens.

But I am learning.

On this particular trip, they each begged asked nicely for those cute, stylish & trendy scarves. I did not want to spend the $19.99 for them, cause I knew they had them at Target for about half the price AND that they won’t really wear them. (this is Florida, for heavens sake)

Well, the begging worked. I caved in.
Truth be told, my Mom was with us and I did not want her to wittness a mall beating.

But I stressed to them, they HAVE to be worn to get our moneys worth.

“Oh, yes, I will wear it all the time Mom, really, I love it..thankyousomuch”
The story of my life.

Do you think they wore them more than ONCE?

Not so much.

I found one hanging on the back of a bedroom door the other morning and told Linds that if she did not wear that scarf TODAY, that I would charge her $19.99 plus tax.

Oh, yes I did.

And guess what?

It worked. She wants to save her money for other things and NOT a scarf that she already has.

Not a great picture, but you see my point.

Yeah, I just have a way with kids.

Super nanny who?

Another parenting tactic that I am using lately….are you taking notes????

Get the child to WRITE it down.

EVIDENCE of a conversation.


Lo begged for me to color her hair for her a few weeks ago.

I know the drill with this kid. She is never happy with her hair. Every cut she gets is not good. I want bangs, I don’t want bangs, I want it shorter, I want it long

She is just hard on herself and the beautiful tresses she was born with.

So, I told her I would color her hair, but she had to do this first:

Good right? I am sure it would hold up in a court of law…..

Her wonderful little Sister pointed out to me later what was written on the backside of our binding agreement.

Sweet right???

NOT. But she is 15.

Crap is the only bad word used around this house….so that tells you what she was thinking.

Oh, and I overheard her a few days later say to one of her friends that she did not like the hair color…but she NEVER complained to me or in front of me.
Smart girl.