My wandering mind….

Another week is coming to close on this glamorous life of mine.

Glamorous? Yes. I choose glamour.

In my world, I am a rock star. The family; my worshipers.

The dogs; my entourage. (lord knows, they are surrounding me at all times)

Just kidding. kinda.
Never mind.

Ok….. Reality… I was cleaning the floors this week, my mind was just a wandering……

My good vacuum is on the fritz. and by good, I mean it is just one step above a feather duster.

So, I was stuck using a crappy lil‘ vacuum that does not work well at all. In fact, I think it spits out more stuff than it picks up.

SO, I gave up and just got out the broom….oh, I won’t dare complain about how many square feet of floor I was cleaning, but using a broom for it is pretty much a joke…so as I was sweeping, I was fantasizing about having this: THE DYSON.
Why not make my life easier…..
how about a few of these babies zooming around the house? that would be less labor for me….. Oh heck, while I am at it, lets get one of these….

Why not just go all the way….. it is MY fantasy…..

While I had all this fantasizing going on, I was also listening to the Ellen DeGeneres show. Isn’t she just the best? I just can’t imagine anyone NOT liking her.

On this particular day her guest was Drew Barrymore. She is just so darn cute and funny too.

I love her also.

Me thinking: *I think I shall call them up and see if they are free for lunch today; We would get along so wonderfully. And I am working up an appetite*

*I will just have MY people call THEIR people and we can do lunch.*

Then, I remember that floor cleaning fantasy is NOT just a fantasy…I don’t have time to DO lunch, I have to clean the floors. *snapped back into reality* whiplash*

(besides, MY people don’t get out of school for a few hours…So, who would make the calls for me??)

Seeing Drew Barrymore though, reminded me of a movie I saw a year ago or so….it was a documentary type movie called: My Date With Drew . Has anyone seen this besides me?

It is not something I would normally watch, I think I had a “sick” day in bed with nothing but time. But anyhoo, if you ever see it coming on TV, it is really cute.

The premise: Brian Herzlinger (a regular guy) has a huge crush on Drew (since he was a kid) and he has limited money and a few friends to help him arrange a date w/ Drew in 30 days. He uses every connection (read: 6 degrees) that he can to get a date and you follow the entire saga….It ends really cute and makes you fall in love with him and Drew.

So, there you go. You can see how my mind wanders.

And it the midst of it all…my floors are clean and I don’t EVEN remember doing them. πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “My wandering mind….”

  1. I have a Dyson! Not THAT swiveling one. (I\’d love to upgrade one day.) I have the purple one. It is the BEST vacuum I’ve ever owned in my life! I do that fantasy stuff, too. I used to use my Dyson hose extension as a microphone and sing while I cleaned. When I admitted that to my best friend, she bought me a karaoke machine.


  2. I too fantasize about someone else cleaning my floors. And I LOVE Drew. Especially after seeing My Date with Drew. She really does seem like someone you could just call up for lunch to me.


  3. I just love Ellen too! Just love her like crazy. She is funny and very down to earth. Did you see that clip of her when she calls Gladys and she says \”I love Jesus but I drink a little.\” It was on some blogs. Maybe even yours!I want a Dyson too. It is totally one of my fantasies. Gary says \”What the heck is appealing about a $500 vacume?\” I don\’t even respond to that. Please.


  4. You are so full of….the love! Hugs for everyone.I like the Dyson but really miss my Eureka electric was light easy and efficient.Now, get back to work! :))


  5. i fancy a dyson but i don\’t want to look at the dirt in the see thru cylinder thing. yeuch. your mind wanders a lot eh? too funny. i always have a good chuckle when i read what you think about… and then tell us about. keep it coming.:-))


  6. Can you please send your people over here to do my floors? I would love a Dyson but don\’t see one of those in my future now that I am paying daycare…anyways…when I clean my mind is all over the place too and before I know it, it\’s done…at least for a little while anyways!


  7. I HATE doing floors… any kind of floors! Vaccuuming, sweeping, mopping, swiffering, whatever… don\’t like them. at all. I might have to try the wandering mind trick instead of the cursing, fussing, approach :)Have a good weekend!


  8. Isn\’t that funny, that you vacuumed while you fantasized, and the vacuuming seemed to get done by magic? I always worry when that happens in the car…deep in thought, and suddenly I\’m where I was driving, and wondering if I saw ANYTHING along the way. Have you had that happen? Sounds a lot safer with a vacuum! I vote for the maid; that big Dyson is scary-looking. I like my little Eureka Quick-Up, but it definitely needs 2 batteries (one to charge and one to use). It works great, but it poops out before the whole house is clean!


  9. Ellen is hilarious; and I\’ve always loved Drew B. If you can swing a lunch date with those 2… let me know, I\’ll fly down in my private jet and join you. πŸ˜‰


  10. hahahaha you\’ll never guess what…. diane, my wife, she used to work in the dyson plant in wiltshire, near stonehenge… england, before she fell in love with me and moved here. anyhoo, point being, any employee could build their own dyson for 25 bucks, and she did. she made a marvelous one, but could not bring it when she moved, so her best friend in englad has it, and it still runs like new. damn, we want one really bad, too. we want the swivel ball, and i dont care if its the purple or yellow one, they are both great. i am much like you too, suz, my mind always wanders as i clean, or ride my bike, etc.. it sure does help time fly buy. thanks for sharing…..C


  11. Good work Suz! Getting the floors done and having a fantasy at the same time. Ellen is a very funny gal.The American Express commercial she did with the racoon eyes still cracks me up.Maybe she\’ll be your first guest at the comedy club(we\’ll open)!?


  12. COme on Suz,,,you know I am the only other person on earth that sees the same obscure TV shows you do…Loved that documentary on Drew and they guy who spent all of is money plus some to meet her…Great blog gurl….love the new lookLove – H


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