Analyze ME. please.

I dreamt I was appointed the Mosquito Control District Manager.

Yes, it is quite a job here in South Florida. We have to mange the mosquito’s or they just get out of control.

Anyway….I was given this duty because the prior mosquito control manager, Alan Sipple was retiring. (who?and why does this name come to me so clearly?)

Well, ok, truth is he did not retire. He died.

And everyone called him Junior. He was very much loved by everyone. everyone.
I had big shoes to fill in this job I was just given.

As I was accepting my postition, I realized I had a large selection of Victoria’s Secret bras on the kitchen counter……all still w/ the tags on them and I must return them. hmmmmm…..
Why, oh, why do I have so many that are size 32 C???

I have not worn a 32 in years…and Lo can’t wear a C yet? this really perplexes me.
Who brought these into the house? WHO? and WHY do I have to do the returning part? huh?

But I can’t worry about it too long, cause I have to get in this Jeep that Coach is driving and I have to sit in front w/ his friend Bob because we have so many kids in the back….
and why oh, why is Bob smoking cigarettes so close to me and the kids?
What Bob? You will get out and walk so Cocoa can get in and sit with me?

That is so cool Bob.
YOU are so cool Bob, even if you were smoking so close to me and the kids.

Come on in Cocoa, lets go for a ride….

Oh, wait. stop everything right now. I have to check my blog….

Oh, lookie here, I am getting all kinds of comments from people who are congratulating me on becoming the newest Mosquito control district manager.

You guys are all so nice…. Thank you SOOOOO much…..

I am so lucky.

(And very confused when I wake up.)

What does any of that mean?

I need this.

21 thoughts on “Analyze ME. please.”

  1. Did you read and learn WHY you had that crazy dream, Suz???? TOO FUNNY. Do you remember all of your dreams??? I can only remember mine IF I talk about them RIGHT after I wake up.. Otherwise, they are gone from my memory. I do remember waking up sometime during the night last night —and was glad that it was just a dream. Someone had stolen my laptop… Yipes!!! That is terrible. I was SO upset. Glad I woke up!!! I even woke George up and told him, but he doesn\’t remember. Now–here\’s the kicker: I don\’t own a laptop!!!! ha ha ha… What does your \’Dream Book\’ say about that one???? Dreams ARE supposed to mean something.. There are people who \’study\’ dreams… Hmmmmmm.. Think I\’ll stick to not knowing!!! haHugs,Betsy


  2. In my research, I have discovered that dreaming of mosquitos suggests that something has been draining your energy (possibly the remodel and then the flood!!). Since I assume mosquito management means killing them, that means that you will eventually overcome your obstacles and enjoy happiness and fortune!!Gotta love Google!!


  3. oh god, i don\’t know if i can take the pressure of being the first one to comment on THAT dream! erwell let me see.right.andi got nothing.let me see,did you take any drugs before bed?no?let\’s think here.the mosquito control district manager…..???nope,alan sipple?nope.still nothing.okay then.byedon\’t\’s all going to be okay.:-)


  4. You are so lucky to remember your dreams. That one made perfect sense to me…especially once Cocoa was in the driver\’s seat.I hardly ever remember my dreams. For all I know I\’m in charge of some pretty important stuff.


  5. Congrats on your new position. Ha ha. What a funny dream. You must have writen it down straight out of bed. Or I don\’t have such great recall like you do. The smoking part has really deep meaning I bet. I\’m going to google to see if that can shed some light on it!


  6. I have no idea what the dream means, but I did see some other books about dreams at Barnes & Noble, if that one doesn't have the answers. I love the fact that you have mosquito control, though; I wish we had it here in the summertime! And you'd be great at it; you're so clever.


  7. did you perhaps eat a cucumber sandwich before you went to bed? from what i have studied in the dream department, who ever is driving in a car you are in, is controlling your life. thats all i know.C


  8. I forgot what I was supposed to be writing about….:-(( Guess I was dreaming about your dreaming!!! Suz, my analysis tells me that you were probably licked on the left foot at some point by a chocolate Labrador and that will cause uncontrollable dreams for years to come…. LOL!!!!Enjoy the ride Suz – you are just fine!!!! When you learn to laugh at yourself, you are becoming comfortable with who you are ….Cheers:-))Jerry in Tampa


  9. Congrats on becoming the newest Mosquito control district manager….LOL…I don\’t often remember my dreams, but when I do they\’re usually like this…weird!


  10. Alan Sipple? What a great name : ). He will be missed. Victoria secret bras? That was interesting : ). I have to get dressed for church and I just can\’t motivate myself…


  11. This position you have as Mosquito manager…does it allow you to travel? Just wondering cause mosquito\’s are horrible here in the summer and I could really use someone getting them under control! Once you got them under control we could sit and have a margarita or two.Dreams are so interesting and I\’m always thinking about their deeper meaning.Congrats on the new job!


  12. I\’m impressed you remembered all of that. I can\’t seem to remember the details of any of my crazy dreams. But then, maybe I\’d remember if I was appointed to such an important position.


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