E is for….


Lo and Linds 2004

Easter will be here before we know it….Sunday April 12th.
I have spent almost ALL of my Easters with my Grandma. It has always been her most favorite holiday. My grandma will be 96 yrs old when this Easter comes.
We always go to Grandma’s house.
The way we celebrate has evolved over the years. We don’t attend church anymore because her church has changed so much. This part makes me a bit sad. But I won’t push it because I don’t think the minister really deserves to be drilled (about why it has changed so much and why is he wearing such an ugly tie?) upon finishing his Sunday sermon.
Lets just say Grandma does not have a filter between brain and mouth. NONE.

My G’ma, Lo, Linds and my cousin’s girls. Miami 2006

We still bring candy filled eggs and hide them from the kids. Well, we now add money too. Grandma gets such a kick out of watching the kids run around her yard looking for the eggs.

The same yard that my Brother and I ran around in…..

When I think of Easter, I always think of my Grandma.

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25 thoughts on “E is for….”

  1. Gee, the Easter Bunny never hid money for us! We only got chocolate. Not even chocolate money!! Hmph! I\’m going to have a talk with my mother … I mean the Easter Bunny …


  2. Easter Excitement!! How wonderful that you still have your G\’ma around. (I know what you mean about the brain/mouth connection…my Mom suffers from that at times too…I don\’t think they realize…) Easter is also my favorite of all holidays. He is risen! He is risen indeed!


  3. Oh Suz, you are so lucky to still have a grandma to share your life and your kids with.. I NEVER had any grandparents –and my family was small. SO–I don\’t seem to have any of those great family memories. I missed out on so much, didn\’t I????BUT–I do have George sweet parents. Dad is 96 (97 in August) and Mom is almost 89. They are so special to me. I\’d love to hunt for MONEY on Easter Sunday. IF you will let me–I\’ll join your family at Grandma\’s!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  4. I remeber that crazy year YOU had the big Easter party… I bet you were still finding eggs at Christmas! I love that you get to go see your G\’ma 🙂 even if yo don\’t get to go to church. But you know, you could come to mine anytime! Linds would just love coming to her school 6 days a week!!!


  5. You are SOOOO blessed to still have your Grandma girl! All my \”natural\” grandparents passed by the time I was 12 (and, 3 out or 4 had passed by the time I was 4!!) Even the one surviving one lived thousands of miles away – never had a strong relationship with any of them. You are VERY fortunate! And your grandma is going to live to be 200… of that, I\’m almost positive!!


  6. Holy cow…. I just noticed your \”ticker\”.. you\’ve had 9,900 visitors??!! Wow, girl. (I\’m telling you – Ellen deGeneres Show – here she comes!!!)


  7. Easter = Grandma\’s HouseLast Easter was SO hard without my Grandma. The year before, the kids and adults all died eggs after our big feast. Grandma sat at the head of the table, and soaked it all in with a HUGE smile on her face!I just know your family will celebrate another wonderful Easter with your Grandma! I\’ll admit, I\’d LOVE to go to church with her…just to hear what she would say!!


  8. What a great story about your grandma…gosh darn I hope I\’m doing that well when I\’m 96…if I make it that far. Glad you have such a sweet grandma and so many wonderful memories with her and so will your daughters…that is so special!


  9. This was so beautiful. It totally made me miss my Grandma. I miss her a lot. You are a blessing in my day. And Lo and Linds are the cutest little things in America. I heart them!


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