Political view from a 13yr old.

Setting: 13 yr In front of TV w/ remote in hand. Monday at 8:25 pm.

Linds: “Oh my gosh. The president is on TV? Still? He is STILL talking?
He hasn’t even been president for a month.
Oh, my gosh, he has taken over the TV.
What’s next?
The Internet?”

Note to our fearless leader:
Teenagers may care more about a stimulus package if it includes unlimited texting.

19 thoughts on “Political view from a 13yr old.

  1. Good thing he can speak in complete sentences!I love the picture of flowers and the bee on your blog. And thanks for your comment yesterday. It did make me laugh. You are a sweet bee.=)


  2. hehehehe good one…tell the kid to watch the news today – – seems the miracle man has hired a blogging internet specialist to handle the internet for him…..secretary of blog! lol


  3. Words from a 66 yr. old: Good Gosh–can\’t they just show the President on ONE channel??? Why is he on all of them???? AND why did NBC take off Law and Order:SVU last night to run a stupid Dateline story about that idiot woman in CA who now has 14 children??? YUK!Hugs,Betsy


  4. Tell Linds to be patient — unlimited texting may get into the stimulus bill before it is passed. Actually, I guess it won\’t unless some politician can figure out some way to get some major advantages from it!


  5. That is so CUTE! I remember being 13…. Ah, the world was different then, wasn\’t it, my friend? Well, President Obama\’s speech was definitely different than President Bush\’s speeches. He used many mutil-syllabic words and he even used a word or two that I was like \”Hmmm…. I\’ll have to look that one up!\” 🙂


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