You better shop, shop around.

I could have titled this as blah, blah, blah and yada, yada, yada….but I didn’t.

I can’t be the only one who notices how large the cereal isle has grown in the grocery store. Cereal is taking over the entire store.

It is Disney World for your bowl and spoon.

Just amazing. Almost overwhelming.

I went down the row looking for Cheerios.

DO you know how many varieties there are of cheerios now??? It is incredible.
I imagine there is just a panel of people sitting around a huge conference table, eating cheerios of course, discussing new varieties that they can come up with.
**hmmmm, what about carb free cheerios????**

When I re-read that paragraph, I could almost hear myself shouting out the “DO you know...part.” I hope I did not hurt anyones ears…

Cereal is very expensive too….you can buy a good piece of steak if you compare the ounce for ounce serving price.

By the way…the Multi Grain Cheerios are the bomb!!!

ok. whining about food prices=old person.
I have a direct flight to old person land.

**ONE ticket to the Bingo Hall, please**

No offense to anyone already visiting old person land…I was just hoping to not get there for another 40 years.

80 is old, right?

OR is 80 the new 60? 60 the new 50?

It is so confusing.

While at the store, I saw the cutest little old lady.

She was TINY. I mean, TINY.
She could not have been taller than 4’5 and could not weigh more than 80lbs.

So cute, I wanted to pick her up, put her in my purse and take her home.

She would like it here. We are nice.

But what struck me odd…..her ears. Seriously, they were ginormous.

I don’t like to stare at people…We are all God’s creatures and we are all special… but I had to look twice.

Her ears were very-very large.

If she were to wear earrings, they would have to be the size of small bike tires to compensate for the large lobe area.

It made me wonder…..did she shrink and her ears stayed the same size?
Or did her ears keep growing after she stopped?

I wonder if mine are still growing?

**quickly looking for a measuring tape**

On this same shopping trip, I overheard a conversation a man was having with his wife on his cell phone.

He was trying to reconcile their marriage while he was shopping in Publix.


He was telling her that he would try to take away all her stresses, so that they, as a couple could focus on their marriage and he even asked if he could come back home for the weekend to try it out.


How can you do that AND choose your cereal?

28 thoughts on “You better shop, shop around.”

  1. I love publix. When we visit we always shop there. The lady behind the deli counter asked if I would like to try the smoked ham on special offer. I said I would and she gave me ( wait for it British readers… wait for it….A WHOLE SLICE).If you asked at our local supermarket to sample something you would be referred to security. Sigh


  2. What an ADVENTURE at your local Publix! :)You know my brother\’s wife is a Marketing Director at General Mills…. she IS actually one of those people who sits at a conference table and discusses cereal (the General Mills brands). It\’s true. And as far as the tiny old woman… Suz, I think that may very well be ME and YOU one day. We didn\’t get blessed with a lot of height to begin with. Hopefully we can avoid gigantic ear lobes though. We\’ll keep our fingers crossed. 🙂


  3. I read somewhere that your nose and ears continue to grow until the day you die! I think I believe that.The laundry detergent aisle is just as bad as the cereal aisle…like a zillion different Tides. Not only that, but the makers of Tide (proctor and gamble) also make Gain, Cheer, Ivory, Era and Dreft laundry detergents!


  4. But did the wife kNOW he was in Publix and giving her SO MUCH [snark snark] undivided attention to the marriage issues? ok I\’m a little bitter on the subject. Just a tad. and yeah, too many choices of cereal. of everything! and why do I remember hearing that our noses and ears never stop growing? I\’m probably making that up or its an urban legend. I\’ll go google it…


  5. You\’re right about the cereal aisle. I think they had to expand our local store just to accommodate all the cereal!As far as what\’s old, I\’m afraid I can\’t help you. I\’m only 66 (almost 67) and haven\’t gotten old yet!


  6. You have interesting grocery experiences like we do. Did you make that little ole\’ woman CRY –by staring at her and laughing at her?????? (HA–I know you didn\’t do that!!!)… Haven\’t you heard of that disease called OES???????? (\”Oversized Ear Syndrome\”)… It\’s going around in Florida–so you had better get a shot –or else you might GET it!!!!George and I eat MULTI-GRAINED cereals and we mix about 8 different kinds in big tupperware containers. Does that sound gross???? It\’s really good.. AND–we eat Multi-grained Cheereos!! ha ha.. I bought 8 boxes in Kroger\’s recently. They had them on sale for $1.67 a box –plus I had .50 off per box in coupons. Getting cereal for $1.17 a box is amazing. Thank goodness I use coupons!!!!Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  7. Multi-tasking at its finest! Is he just as serious about his cereal?…and yes, cartilage keeps on growing…that\’s why old people have big ears and noses!


  8. I say the same things about the cereal isle. I also love multi grain cherrio\’s and so do my little people. That little old lady sounds so cute with her big ears…lol. I have always wondered what people are thinking when they have these quite serious conversations while out in a public place and they aren\’t quiet about it either. While Christmas shopping I over heard so many serious conversations that should NOT have been taking place in front of so many strangers…I most definetly did not need to hear what I heard…lol. I actually was going to write a post about this but then forgot until reading this. Have a good weekend!PS How is your new toy working out? Did you name him or her yet?


  9. I think the ears AND the nose keep growing as we age. My ears are okay, but if my nose keeps growing, I could be in trouble. Just from a vanity point of view; it\’s quite functional, really, but who needs that much air?


  10. Your ears and nose continue to grow from the time you are born until you die. I read that somewhere once, and it\’s always stuck with me. Look at some other elderly folks, and you\’ll notice it\’s so true!


  11. I have to admit that I have heard many an interesting one way conversation while shopping at Publix. Why do people think that grocery shopping is an appropriate time to air all their dirty laundry as it were?I especially like to wander the aisles answering them back in a not-so-under-my-breath-voice.I get the funniest looks when they actually catch on!


  12. LOL! I wonder if she had any idea where he was… I heard once that our noses & ears never stop growing – they keep growing in tiny amounts. No clue if there's any truth at all to it, but it makes me laugh and gives me nightmares at the same time.I agree – MG Cheerios – yum. It's what I had for breakfast this a.m. The only reason I buy them is because my store doesn't carry a generic version like they do of the plain & honey nut. My pocketbook could use a generic version.


  13. i love multigrain cheerios! they are addicting though, last time i bought a box it was gone in about 3 days!i\’ve been noticing older folks ears lately too, i belive they do keep growing!! im not looking foward to having enormous ears…


  14. Going to the store in aisle threeSo many cereals for me to seeCheerios and Lucky CharmsCorn flakes too all from the farmsI saw this lady who wasn\’t tallAll but her ears were really smallI thought while looking at her armsShe must know the guy on the Lucky Charms


  15. Your grocery store sounds like NON STOP FUN : ). I love little old people too. Love them. Even love their big ears. We don\’t really eat cereal here. I don\’t know why. We should. I would love to sit around a table all day and decide what kinds of new cereals to create. That would be a fun job.


  16. Have you checked out the toothpaste row? I have to stand there (hands on hips.. of course!) and stare blankly at the displays and try to remember what I bought last time since in that short amount of time they\’ve come out with new formulas and new packaging. Drives me nuts! Some shampoos are bad too.. the hubs uses Head and Shoulders and I tell ya every. single. time. he runs out, I can\’t find a bottle that says the same thing as what he has currently. But of course, he uses a little dollup about the size of a baby english pea.. so a bottle lasts a while! 😀 Frosted Mini Wheats CHOCOLATE flavored are very good..eating them right now! And it\’s got fiber.. for (us) old people! LOL


  17. MG Cheerios is awesome. Too bad it\’s getting to the point where you have to take out a loan the equivent to a small car to buy cereal these days.Great blog. I\’m glad I found you.


  18. Don\’t you HATE when you are at the store – looking up and down the cereal aisle like crazy for one box of cereal? It seems like I can never find the one I\’m looking for (Kenyon changes his mind every week!) and I always feel so silly going up and down the aisle like I\’m lost! About the cell phone conversation – it is crazy what people will say on their cell phones in public places! I guess they forget that their private conversation is not so private in a supermarket. :)Have a great day!


  19. I could eat cereal morning, noon and night. I love it! I have favorites that I like with milk, and I have favorites that I can eat dry as a snack. Oh cereal, whoever invented it was a genius in my book!!!


  20. Whining about prices = old personYou have got to keep slipping reminders like these into your posts. I need them. I don\’t mind aging. I don\’t mind looking older. But acting older? No. No. No. And I can\’t do it alone.


  21. you are SO funny, suz… love how your mind\’s true, the nose and ears DONT stop growing. my ears are half way past my kneecaps already and i am only 53. some times i trip on them and make an ass out of myself. sometimes i have to use them to blow my nose (no kleenex around) they wash off easy, tho.yep. big ears. that would be moi. we had ove 6 inches of snow here the other day. and guess what? i used my large ears to go sledding and man did they go fast! the nose? blaaaah mine is still the same size even if i do those nasal excersises to try to build muscle. can you picture that? me with muscular nose holes, i\’m the bomb, i tell ya. the BOMB.C


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