Flat Caroline Goes to Jupiter

We had a lovely weekend in Jupiter…it was very short trip but we fit a lot of quality into a teeny tiny bit of time.

Lo played some good softball…and the girls won 2 out of their 4 games. (DA’ Bears)

We took Flat Caroline to some really great places…I think she had a wonderful time seeing the Jupiter sights.

I did hear her squeal with delight like a normal (flat) second grader.

I would show you the pictures, but some idiot accidentally deleted her entire memory card before she saved them to the computer.

Do you wonder who that idiot is?

Yeah, that would be me.

But I am trying to get past it…life is short….I have much to be thankful for….And I will never let it happen again!

My wonderful friend Kelly and her son took Linds, Flat Caroline and myself to the Jupiter lighthouse. I had a great shot of Caroline there.

The emphasis being on HAD!!!!
This one I took from the web will have to do…if I were really clever, I could photoshop her in…but that ain’t happening.
We had a nice lunch a the beach and the kids got to stop at the The Cupcake Shoppe for dessert. I did not need to digest a cupcake because I think I consumed many calories just breathing in the scent of them. (I also had good pics here. Darnit)

Kelly also took us to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center on Juno beach.
This place was so awesome….they had many loggerhead turtles that have been rescued and are in the midst of being rehabilitated to go back into the ocean.

(Juno/Jupiter beaches are one of the most heavily nested sea turtle beaches in the world.)

Flat Caroline was able to get up close and personal to some really LARGE loggerheads.

Lucky for me (and Caroline)…Lindsay did take a couple of pictures with her camera!!!

Isn’t that so cute…each time we put Caroline by the glass a turtle would swim over….oh, wait, maybe they thought she was food. (that would not be cute)

Many of the turtles were injured by humans…of course. Propeller cuts, hooks in the mouth, flipper etc…..

They were really cute…I just kept thinking of the “surfer” turtles in Finding Nemo….so sweet.

There was not a sign stating this…but they really don’t want you to RIDE the turtles. whatever….make a sign already.

If you ever get to Jupiter, look up my friend Kelly…she is a great tour guide.

I think in her last life, she primarily arranged field trips and accomodated her crazy friends!!!

Tomorrow: Flat Caroline goes to the Naples Pier.

(the excitement never ends around here…don’t be jealous)

L is for…..

Could it be for: Love?

Or could it be for:

My two favorite girls…. Lo and Linds?

How about yes to all 3!!!

Meeting shamu….

Back when they were still (a bit) sweet!!!

Have you ever had a bird in the hair day?

I love my girls so much that I could squeeze them until they lose their lunch!!!!

(yes, even though they drive me to the shanking mode weekly)

I could not imagine my life without them…really, what would I have to complain brag laugh blog talk about?????

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