I is for……


Coach and I traveled to Italy in the summer of 2004.

It was a glorious adventure!!

We were only able to visit Venice and the surrounding area, but we loved it.

My favorite memories of Italy were: the people, the wine, the food, the sights, the wine, the history, the food….

It was like hopping into a history book!!!

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32 thoughts on “I is for……

  1. Hi Suz…. I came over after reading Cliff\’s post. I\’ve seen you on the comments of other blogs that I visit but am just now making over to check out your blog thanks to cliff. I enjoyed reading some of your stories. I\’ll be back to visit again.


  2. Ah, I\’m so glad you had a chance to see the land of my people! Gorgeous, isn\’t it? The food\’s not so bad, either. I\’m a disgrace to my people, as I don\’t do wine ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Glad you\’re drank my share while you were there! Thanks! Next time you go back, you\’ll have to go further south to where our villa is. Stop in a say \”hi\” to my mom, she\’d love the company!


  3. Great post!!! You guys sure do know how to travel. Don\’t forget about the Italian soldiers! I think I loved them as much as the food, history, gondolas, etc.For some reason they were everywhere….not the gondolas, the Italian soldiers.


  4. I always think of pigeons when I hear Italy–and so funny there\’s a whole flock of them right behind you. I guess I need to go and appreciate some of the other things Italy has to offer.


  5. Europe is so magical! I will make it to Italy one of these days. Have you seen my blog pics of England and France? You would have to go back in to the archives. I\’ve been there 3 times and it was amazing each time.


  6. My daughter got to go to Italy and Greece last summer with the People to People student organization. She LOVED it!! Some day, I will get there.Sorry I haven\’t been commenting as much. Things have been extremely busy around here. I do read all your posts, though!


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