J is for…….


July is a celebratory month for us at La Casa Day by Day…

July 4th….The birthday of our Independence.

{take that-Great Britain}

We always celebrate that day in a fun way.

I’m sure our founding fathers wore something similar to celebrate….

July 13th someone turns 16!!!!!

Lord, help us all….I suppose we should get on track with some driving lessons….

Then more birthdays….
Both of my Mother in laws have birthdays this month…

the 17th and 6th
and my most favorite Aunt has a birthday on the 25th!!!

I better start buying cards and stamps!!!

Do you have a month with lots of family birthdays???

For more J fun, visit Jen at A-Z Mondays!

25 thoughts on “J is for…….

  1. Hi Suz, October was our biggest month. Mom\’s birthday was Oct. 1st; Dad\’s was Oct. 5; and brother Jimmy\’s was Oct. 26. Since they are all gone now, my daughter-in-law is the only Oct. birthday. August is a pretty busy month for us birthday-wise now. Mine is Aug. 5; Grandson Landon\’s is Aug.25; my father-in-law\’s is Aug. 29. Here\’s a cute story for you: My three sons all had birthdays with similar but different numbers. Mark was born Jan. 15; Jeff was born May 14; and Bert was born July 18. My ex-hubby could NEVER remember which number went with which son… He knew the month–but could never get the days correct… Seems like I could have arranged them all to be born on the 15th, don\’t you think????? ha haHave a great day.Hugs,Betsy


  2. We are pretty evenly distributed over the year, but I do find that I greatly resent the family members with birthdays in November and December. How dare you be born when I have so many other financial obligations!


  3. Anonymous

    What great family photos. Yikes – 16!!!May is slammed with birthdays in our family. My brother\’s daughter and my sister\’s daughter were both born on the same day one year apart, my brothrer, my nephew and my mother in law!


  4. I love the 4th of July! I go to a parade every year. July is the only month I don\’t have birthdays!I have three the last week of January, and two the first week in February, which equals five in 9 days. October has four, and December has four. This is just immediate family, I can\’t do cousins and aunts.


  5. julian & i are in november. one sister in dec. april has four. may has three. july has five. yep, thats it. cute pictures there, suz. so, one of your babies will be 16? isnt it unreal how fast time flew by? for emily's sweet 16, i took her to hollywood portraits. (here at the mall) they did her make up, let her try on all kinds of clothes for the pictures and really pampered her for 3 hours. it was fun. then we went out to eat. whatever you and the kiddo do i hope you have a great time!C


  6. We are scattered through the year except for Jan and Feb. Those are pretty boring and long months up North anyway. Have a Great J day to you and yours!


  7. November is our big month. The 5th is my favorite cousin, 6th is Stud Muffin, 15th is my best friend and my uncle, 19th another best friend and niece, 25th nephew and aunt, 27th another close friend. Jeez, I feel like I\’m forgetting someone…


  8. Well July is pretty busy for us most of the time. My dad, his twin and a cousin all have birthday\’s on the 2nd, We were married on the 2ndmy son Gage was born on the 17th and Randy usually has a vacation for the first 2 weeks of July so we go camping or somewhere. Awesome pics and post I love it.


  9. July is a fine J! I too love July 4th and the celebrating that accompanies it.Fireworks are one of my favorite things. Your daughter is lovely. Good luck with the driving lessons. When Jessica (who is 28 now)got lessons from Patrick it was enough to make her decide she\’s wait a while! (A mallcop kicked them out at 6am of the empty parking lot!!) She ended up taking lessons from a driving school a few years later.


  10. Anonymous

    Ours are pretty evenly distributed. An excuse to eat cake EVERY month! Of COURSE July is the best month…..MY birthday is the 8th:)


  11. Hubster is Aug 3; I am Aug 31; Jordan SHOULD have been mid-Aug…. but we all know he was in a little bit of a hurry to make his big \”debut\”…. :)I can\’t believe your baby girl is going to be Sweet Sixteen soon…. how the heck did THAT happen??!


  12. My hubby has 12 siblings so every month is a busy month! LOL February and March are the busiest months for us. For my immediate family, all the birthdays fall right in a row. Mine and Peyton\’s are December, Chloe (my dog) is January, Kyle and Brady\’s are February and my husband\’s is March. I wish the celebrations could be spread out throughout the year instead of all clumped together.Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


  13. I\’ll take some of that July heat about now..We have lots of 1/2 birthdays in our family. There are several family members that have birthdays exactly 6 months from other family members.


  14. Those kids are so sweet and cute. I always love seeing their happy smiles! Really for really.I think we have a lot in May. Gary wants an iphone for his Birthday. Can you please talk some sense into him? Thank you very much!


  15. Oh definitely June for me… let\’s see… two parents, a step-mother, a brother, my husband, and a truckload of friends and exes (not that they count anymore).This year June is for moving into our new house so I\’m not sure there will be much time for cards and such – I hope to be forgiven…!


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