Cheap entertainment.

Scene: Us watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade last Saturday.

All comments made by Lo…..My sweet, adorable, funny, one-of-a-kind 15 yr old.

“Ohhh…..look at all the little kids…they are sooo cute. I want one…only if they can stay that size.”
“Oh….a pony. So cute. I would love to have one of those.”

“Oh….the walking club…those old people are so darn cute. I love them. I love old people.”

“Ohhh….the red hat ladies. I want to be in that group. They are SOOOOOO cute. How can I join them????
Me: “You have to be at least 60 to join.”(just a guess)

“But WHY?? I love purple & red…..”

“Oh…look it is the retired NYC police men….so cool. I would love to be a police man-woman.”

“Oh….the Irish dancers. I SO want to learn how to do that. Really….that is really, really cool.”

“Ohhh….look!!! college baseball players. So cute….”

Quickly texting friend about cute ball players…..

I always knew she was special.

She keeps me laughing all the time….well, most of the time.

Truth is…that apple did not fall far from the ol’ SILLY tree.

Lo and I at the St. Patty’s day parade LAST year.

I love her bunches and I I have changed my mind again….I am not sending her to the all girls boarding school in Switzerland after all.

(This week anyway. We will regroup again next week and discuss.)

27 thoughts on “Cheap entertainment.

  1. They keep us on our toes don\’t they. If it weren\’t for their sense of humor, we\’d all be sending them away to the girls boarding school. LOL. Sounds like you had a great time! Good for you.


  2. OH Fun! she is a riot. Mine? Sending them away for sure – thankfully the Band trip to Disney conveniently coincides with my \”I\’ve had it up to HERE with you both\” so we will all get a much needed respite. Although theirs will be in Sunny Fla while I continue to freeze in the Winter rain.


  3. i shoulda known you would be there! and i shoulda called you and asked you to take me… oh well. maybe next year! sounds like you had a great time… did you get dizzy from all of your eye rolling? 🙂 love that girl!!


  4. Oh those wonderful teenagers.. I wouldn\’t want to go back and raise mine again—but it was a fun time for us. I think the parents who have trouble with their teens are parents who just don\’t communicate with them. I had a great relationship with my sons during those times –just like you obviously are having with your daughters. Your parade just reminded me of all of the Mardi Gras parades my kids and I went to many years ago.. Enjoy your girls while they are young.. They DO grow up so fast and are gone…Love the picture of you and Lo.Happy St. Patty\’s Day!Hugs,Betsy


  5. When I took my daughter and her friends to Disneyland EVERY SINGLE THING was \”the cutest thing EVER,\” or \”the most fun EVER,\” or, occasionally, \”the most annoying thing EVER.\” I have NEVER heard so many EVERs. Is she disappointed about the Swiss boarding school?!


  6. Oh she is so cute…I wish I had a girl like that, that would notice all the cute things in a parade!My boys just notice the horses doing normal bodily functions and commenting on that!!! 🙂


  7. No, Suz, not in Switzerland; don\’t you know that they have all-BOYS boarding schools right nearby? NOOOO no no. Military school in New Mexico, maybe (I\’m KIDDING)!! She\’s too sweet for any of that, and funny, too!


  8. You\’re both so darn cute!! I look forward to the fun times like that with my kids. Not all the other stuff though. 🙂 We\’ve already threatened to send the boys to Boys Town which used to be an all boys military-type school. My husband and I told them they don\’t ever get birthday or Christmas presents there or get to go on fun vacations. They assure me they don\’t want to go there!Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


  9. And how could you not love someone who wants a baby and an old person and a cute basketball player and a policemen…. I wish that whole assortment could come and live at your house with you. That would be delightful!


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