If it’s not one thing…

Or, I could have titled this: Stuff that broke TODAY.

Ok, only TWO things broke today.

But they are both very important.

1)Our Garage door. It will only open up about 1/2 inch. And my car is in there. And Coach is in another town. My car, myself and Lindsay are trapped.

Send money.

2)We had a power surge today. Lots of appliances pooped because of this, but came back to life in minutes. (The garage door was way after….) So our main computer is down. I can’t get the power strip to come on. Perhaps it is not major…..I won’t know until Coach gets home to fix it. I was horrified to find dustbunnies down there by the power strip….Rosie will be on this area soon.

So, I am using Lo’s computer.
It is veeeeeerrrrry slow. Apparently to use facebook and aim, you need not be quick. Or possibly facebook and aim NEED so much power that they have slowed this baby down to a turtle crawl.
What really irks me:
The stickers all over the monitor+the colorful pictures on the wall behind the monitor+the candy wrappers all over the desk = crazy mom.
Send HELP.
I like to add pictures to my posts.

I am going to dive into Lo’s photo album and see what I can come up with….no promises….

Oh, she is a cutie pie. I wonder if when I was 15 and had a camera would I have taken a gazillion pictures of myself and my friends like these???

These girls are too funny….what ever in the world would posses them?

(yes that is caution tape over her mirror. I do use that tape in front of their rooms and playroom when needed too. )

There were about 50 pictures of them like the ones above….nothing but time and silliness on their hands. I love it.

Oh, to be a kid again…..

She will kill me when she sees this.

paybacks. 🙂

16 thoughts on “If it’s not one thing…

  1. Anonymous

    When I saw you post title, I thought Rosie had met with an untimely end!!!Your daughter is beautiful and YES, she is going to kill you!Hope you all have a great weekend.


  2. Oooo she will SO make you pay for this! LOL LOLBe prepared with the bribe money :-DAnd be grateful that you didn\’t find any, er, compromising photos or anything. whew! (15 is the new 20, remember?!)ps: no manual override for the garage door? Yikes! Now you scare me… what happens when ours breaks?? no car?? *cries*


  3. Do you know where your circuit breakers are? You might want to check and see if the one for your power strip might need to be reset.Technodoll is right, there should be a manual release for the garage door….but I think you need a time-out, or maybe Lo can just levy a fine on you…for three times her allowance.HA! You are so busted.


  4. Hey, Sorry about your problems today.. Things like this always seem to happen when the hubby is gone. Hope everything can be fixed easily and quickly.Try the power strip in another outlet.. Maybe the breaker needs to be checked. Maybe it \’tripped\’…. There is a way to unhook the garage door from the opener.. If you can unhook it, the door can be opened by hand. Send me my quarter for all of this free advice!!!!!Do your daughters clean up their own rooms??? Are you even allowed in there????? Bet Lo is gonna be upset with her Mother!!! Ya think????? ha haTomorrow will be better I\’m sure.Hugs,Betsy


  5. Such pretty girls you have. Sounds like you have a had a fun day! I have wondered the same thing about the camera thing…wondered if I would have taken tons of pictures of myself like many kids seem to do these days, when I was their age.


  6. You are a bold and brave woman, my dear. Hold onto your hat when she sees this!I know that most things in the house wait to break until the husband is out of town…the same thing happens here. Faucets, appliances, etc. You have my sympathies.Loved the photo of \”cat in plant.\” Ours do most of their plant digging out in the yard; their indoor mischief is getting into fabric that is meant for quilts for the hospital or getting on the kitchen counters. Now, I ask you, do your dogs do that? But then again, the cats can take care of their own poo…so I guess I\’ll keep them, and not get a dog.I hope you have a happy weekend, too.


  7. Now I\’m curious if any of these suggestions have gotten you through the day. Checked for manuel garage door release? Checked breakers? Reset breaker even if it appears on? Please let us know if you got things going b4 Coach returned!


  8. If I had used my daughter\’s computer she definitely would have killed me. The \’Caution\’ tape is a good idea — I wish we had thought of it back in the day.


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