30 thoughts on “K is for……

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww, I love it. So beautiful : ). Less hissing and more kissing. Rock on BB Suz.PS You know you would totally rock a buzz cut. That would be HAWT like nobody\’s business!


  2. i love that we picked the same word 🙂 i love your collage of kisses… and your quotes!! especially the BBSuz quote ;)ps- did coach manage to free you car from the garage???


  3. Adorable! I love kisses, too! (Isn't it great, after almost 18 years, to feel this way? What a blessing.) It's good for the kids to see you happy & in love, too (even if it grosses them out).


  4. Kissing is so special… Love that (those) photos. I didn\’t have a kissy/huggy relationship with my first hubby for 20 yrs. Then I was single for 20 yrs. When I fell in love with George, I had SO many kisses and hugs to catch up after those 40 yrs. There\’s nuttin\’ better than lots of kisses and hugs… Great K word, Suz.Hugs,Betsy


  5. Great K word! I almost used Kisses but as I was checking out all the pictures of me getting kissed by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Merv Griffin, Soupy Sales, and Elmo, I realized it might create some jealousy issues…you know, with JJ.Happy A-Z Monday!


  6. The kiss where the kissing bandit is trying to smooch your laughing mouth cracks me up. I saw that b4 & thought, \”she's not making this easy for him!\”. Wonderful K word deary!


  7. The \”devouring kiss\” never ceases to crack me up. I love it!K just rang a bell in my head and I\’ve joined the A-Z Madness on Mondays. Thanks for giving me the itch to join! 🙂


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