Like I had nothing else to do yesterday….

On Monday I decided to scratch my cornea and give myself a few cysts on my sclera.

I like to think you have to be uber talented to do this.

I don’t know why I worry about other people hurting me, it seems I am a danger to myself.

I must have got a dog or cat (go figure) hair in my eye and then I proceeded to rub to my heart’s delight.
The rubbing did not stop the itch, so I rubbed some more….then, when my sclera (the white part) started to swell out and turn a light shade of ORANGE I decided to stop and go to the Doctor.

Doctors visit: $60.00 (co-pay)

RX for eye: $45.00

Shopping for food, waiting for the rx to be filled with an orange, puffy eye: Priceless.

I looked a bit on the *high* side of life.

Well only halfway high I suppose.

I will be fine in a few days……

Then, I plan on banging my hip into the counter top while cooking dinner.

I think I am getting better at the planning part of life now….

This could be a slight exaggeration.

Just slightly.

Anyone else injure themselves this week?

heck, it is only Tuesday….perhaps I should look into better insurance.

33 thoughts on “Like I had nothing else to do yesterday….

  1. Anonymous

    What a day you had. I\’m sorry. So far, no injuries but I did back into an earring display at the store yesterday like I was a bull in a china shop!!!


  2. please… you gotta be more careful! who will make us laug his you keep getting hurt? and how are you going to afford a new camera (or food) if you have to pay for the doctor AND the things that break in your house? huh? HoW?


  3. You poor thing…that looks so sore. I hope you feel better soon. Glad you can still make me laugh even when you feel miserable…not that I\’m laughing at you or anything…lol.


  4. you and my wife!! sue hasn\’t been by a corner that she didn\’t bump into, or a step she hasn\’t slid down, or trip up – – i mean she goes to the potty and comes back with a bruise!!! must be a female thing…….. 🙂 🙂


  5. Diva sends her sympathies ….. her eye has FINALLY healed from the tragic \”plastic ball\” accident. ($90 vet bill…..). Eye stuff is painful. 😦


  6. No injuries to report today…so far! I scratched my cornea when I was 18 with a safety pin. I use it to separate my eyelashes after putting on mascara. It works well when done correctly!! That is a favorite pastime of mine to bump my hip into our countertops. They\’re granite so it doesn\’t hurt a bit. I hope your eye is feeling better today! Good thing you weren\’t stranded without your car when this happened!!Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


  7. Sunday I whacked both hands on door jam while trying to squeeze through the basement door with a large box; I screamed and both my son and Tom thought I was being a bit dramatic until they saw the brusies on my my knuckles yesterday. Last night got up to pee (after getting all warm in bed of course) came back into the bedroom and walk right into the cornor of Tom\’s dresser….today I have my very own Easter Egg on the left cornor of my forehead…thank goodness for bangs!!!! What is it? Does being peri-menopausal make you a danger to yourself……I thought I it was suppose to make me a danger to my husband. Well I hope your eye gets better soon. Take care and whatever you do don\’t rub it anymore.


  8. That looks awful. That\’s what happens when you are left alone for the weekend without transportation, restaurants, and malls.Years ago…like when I was in HS, I was scratching my eyelid with a paperback book, and ended up with paper cuts all over my eyelid and two on the white of my eye. That experience left me very protected of my eyes.My main areas of injuries are my baby toes and pinkie fingers. I\’m always jamming them.Take care of that eye because Flat Caroline left here yesterday for your place. I don\’t want to hear about your scaring her!


  9. Mildred….I have issues in stores too.Dawn- I KNOW!!!Shellmo…no more rubbing. I promise.Clippy, Sandy, Lori-Thanks. I will keep you posted of my next fiasco so you can smile. :0Don-It must be a woman thing. perhaps we are doing too much????T- Diva and I are expensive.3 peas in a pod. I used to do that too with the safety pin…just crazy. I am lucky to still have an EYE!!!Gloria, we may be running out of brain cells. ;0 I hope you have good insurance too. be careful. Mo-Rebeckah- that really was not a real picture. I doctored it up a bit. It was worse. kidding, it was not that bad. You know how I like to exaggerate sometimes. :0Woody…I know you are a bit more graceful than I.GJ-you are right. I should not be left unatended. I need a sitter. You available?ooohhh…you did a number on yourself too…you won\’t forget it will you.So happy Caroline is coming to Florida. Gotta go clean the guest room. ;0


  10. My goodness…you have had a rough couple of days! Hope it heals quickly! They say it comes in 3\’s…I\’ll keep checking back to see what will happen next!Orange eye picture made me laugh! Exaggeration always makes a story better!


  11. So far so good…. It\’s early in the week yet. I\’m sorry to hear about your eye, sounds painful. I am anxious to hear about any other mishaps you might have this week… it makes mine seem so much less painful- haha 🙂 Btw, did you ever escape your house? Cheerleader Girl and I got sidetracked on the way to help you. We do that alot….


  12. Saturday afternoon, as I was stepping into the tub to take a shower, my foot slipped, which caused the leg outside of the shower to slam into the side of the tub. My tub is extra deep, because it\’s a whirlpool tub, to the SHARP edge hit right at the side of my knee!! I thought I was going to pass out! I now have a lovely purple bulge on the side of my knee. It probably a hematoma (sp?)I\’ve always had this irrational fear (OK, terrorizingly irrational fear!!) of falling in the tub, so this really freaked me out!


  13. Awww, your poor eye! Somehow you\’ve got to find a way to use this to your advantage. Have the hubby and kids wait on you hand and foot (and eye). Feel better soon.


  14. It turned ORANGE?? Whatever happened to red and pink? I saw your quote from Leigh Hunt. Once in a class, we got to choose a poet as the subject of our paper. I choose Leigh Hunt because I was sure it was a woman. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.


  15. Suz, I was sorry to hear about your eye problems and I must admit the picture looks painful. But I must also admit that I was grinning from ear to ear by the time I finished reading this post. Please be careful!!!


  16. Hip on counter! Shin on car doorframe! Fingers on doorway! The main reason that I wanted a thick wedding ring (& just one ring, not two), heavy prongs and a custom-made setting for the stones was because of my tendency to accidentally THWACK my hands on things as I walk around, especially door frames. It happens all the time; it's as if I need cat whiskers to tell me where I am in relation to things. Yes…it's clumsies anonymous around here, & I'm the charter (and only) member! I must say, you make me feel just a bit closer to \”normal.\” So sorry to read about your eye; that's quite a different matter than a bruise. I hope there is no pain and that it heals right away!


  17. ooo oooo! You could wear a patch on your good eye, plant a parrot on your shoulder and go around scaring the heck out of your neighbors, asking for candy door to door! Oh wait, wrong date. Crap!(hugs) and a giggle xoxo


  18. PS. Forgot to mention when I fainted, and smacked my head on the way down. This was awhile ago (turned out to be due to my chronically low BP). Anyway, didn\’t think anything about it at the time. After I regained consciousness, I calmly got dressed and drove to work. Hubby FREAKED when I told him and insisted I went to the doc and have a CAT scan. Now, after hearing about Natasha Richardson, I\’m glad he was so insistent. However, back then, I was like \”It\’s no big deal. I didn\’t smack it hard.\” (What was I thinking?!?!?!?! I was knocked unconscious!!!)


  19. Anonymous

    If it makes you feel any better, I broke a toe on each of my feet within 1 week of each other. All while putting away the laundry. If I were someone cool, it would have happened while wearing 4 inch heels and trying to jump on the stage of a really cool band.Thanks for stopping by Sweet Life the other day!


  20. I stepped on a giant lego in the kitchen this morning and when i went to pick it up, I bent over and smacked the counter top with my head!! Try not cussing in front of a two year old!!This too shall pass, legos should be illegal!!


  21. awwww OWWIE!hope you get better soon. ice it.everythings better iced.roses are red…violets are blueyour one eye is bloodshotyou mize well do two!gigglesC


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