In which I get my hands dirty(er)

I decided yesterday morning to forgo my morning work out and go work out-side.
One of the other things I forgot to put on my list to Postpone .
It was a nice morning, not yet hot enough to melt my earlobes.
There was much yanking, pulling, tugging, grunting and moaning and when I finally got my hair pulled back, I headed out with my trusty shadows in tow.
I think I have mentioned before that our house sits on 2 1/2 acres.
There are many pros and cons to this.
The pros are:
Well, there is too many to list.
Lets just focus on the cons.
It is a big yard. There is a lot to maintain. Enough said.
I love this old cypress tree….

Any hoo…Lots of stuff needs desperate trimming. Usually I do maintain some of this…but for the most part we will have someone come and do a full trimming all at one time. It can take up to two days for a small crew of hard workers to get it all done.

…..Need I mention the crap-pot our economy is in…..

I am doing the trimming. It looks like I am the crew.

If someone was not working 2 jobs and spending his weekends coaching softball, perhaps he would have time to help me!?!
Geeze, working is the pits.

I worked for 3 hours and barely made a dent.
At this rate, I hope to be done by the time I put my turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving.

The trimming part really isn’t the hardest at all….
It is getting the cuttings from this part of the yard to our mulch/compost pile in the back 40.
I need a tractor. And a tractor driver.
Where is my darn Sister Wife ? She should be helping me….

We have this DEAD crape myrtle…I think it has been dead for a few seasons. I figure it would be an easy thing to take down myself. I got out a saw. I sawed for 8 seconds and quit.

I gave it a nice tug with my girly arms and it started to fall apart.
Lesson learned: wait till the thing rots, then pull it out.

Someone more manly than I will take the stump out…..I just can’t do it all. Darnit.

I also cut some of the grassy plants around there…I like to call them Chia pets.

I have never in my life taken pictures of yard work before….this blogging is ridiculous.

These two yahoos did nothing but mock me as they found a shady spot to watch me from.

I was very thankful that I did not hurt myself at all today….well, just a couple of scrapes….It was a good day.

28 thoughts on “In which I get my hands dirty(er)

  1. oh… yuck! at least you had your camera to keep you company 🙂 speaking of yard work… here is wherer you can get some great boy scout mulch: you have something more fun to do today!!!hey… i think you should rig up some kind of harness for those two shade-sitters… maybe they can pull the wheelbarrow??


  2. I thought I got up early. You were already writing and posting before I got dressed to come downstairs!! Geez woman. :-)You had me laughing the whole time I was reading. We have almost an acre but it\’s completely bare. The builders knocked down every single tree. I think there should be a happy medium between your property and mine. Although after seeing what you did yesterday I\’m kind of happy mine is bare except for the front landscaping.You have me almost peeing my pants this morning. I need a Sister Wife too. Wouldn\’t that be kind of good sometimes? Sometimes not but still. Every year my family goes to a Christmas tree farm to cut down their own tree. Cutting down a tree, even a dead one, is serious business. After all the manual labor from yesterday and you\’re still up at the crack of dawn? I want some of your energy.Don\’t feel bad, my dog mocks me too. Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


  3. Your two yahoos were not mocking they were simply supervising! That is such a cute pic. More power to ya on the yard work, it starts out as a good idea, but then the physical part starts and that\’s where it turns south. On a brighter note, you did get some fresh air and got to enjoy the sunshine, that had to make it just a little brighter. 😉


  4. I have a lot of that superdogvising here too. They lounge around the pool while I do all the work! Maybe you could train them to bring you a lemonade while you\’re toiling away in the wilderness of 2 1/2 acres – WOW! -you go girl-


  5. Goodness Gracious, Suz…. Can\’t you get those two \’shadows\’ to help you???? What did you pay all of that money for to \’train\’ them?? Can\’t believe they just lay there in the SHADE watching you.. Sounds like it will be bed early with no dinner for them!!!! Geeeessshhh!! ha haYards are work.. I KNOW!!! Why don\’t you get your girls to bring all of their friends and have a \’clean-up\’ day??? You could organize them and \’supervise\’. Then FEED them.. They\’d love it.Hugs,Betsy


  6. Anonymous

    I learned that trick of waiting until it\’s rotten to \”push\” it down thing a while back! I love your shade tree supervisors!


  7. Wow! You\’ve been working hard! I hate yard work, and we only have a postage stamp of a yard. It has it\’s advantages. I don\’t have a very green thumb, actually it\’s not green at all, so I ususally get out of the yard work for fear of me touching something that will ultimately die. Okay, this somewhat of an exaggeration, but I like to dream that I get out of the work.


  8. You where definitely the busy bee….the dogs…well just funny…! I know the pros and cons. I grew up on a small farm with 7 brothers. My Dad a pilot and my mom a nurse who work 3rd shift so needless to say we had lots of yard work to do and my parents where hardly around to help…….When my Dad purchase the land/house we had to clear the land no kidding – I sound like little house on the prarie – and yeah my mom made me watch that depressing show every monday night – any way I know the cons..and empathize with all the work you have to do. This is one of the reasons why the hubster and sold the big house and bought a townhouse… reason so there was no room for the kids to come back….and two so we didn\’t have to do yard work or shovel! Not to mention I have lupus and he is 57 now. This spring it will be a few flower out front and a few out back…and most of my flowers; plants; and garden are in planter/pots. I do miss my garden and planting my flowers…digging in the dirty really enriches the soul.


  9. You cracked me up! Yes, let\’s just focus on the cons, shall we! LOL And yes, I have grabbed my camera for many more weird things since blogging than I EVER did before! Who takes pictures of canned goods or dead spiders or raw meat or contents of trash cans or vacuum cleaners or….? Bloggers! Don\’tcha love it?! 😀


  10. I have to do yard work this weekend…on the postage stamp sized yard that I have (compared to yours)… and based on this post, I am pretty sure I feel a cough coming on. And the flu. And the pukes. And any other sympton required to get my butt out of the yard!


  11. Anonymous

    I actually enjoy yard work!! A couple of weeks ago, I bought some new HUGE planters to put on my porch, and fill with wonderful plants….as yet undetermined. Unfortunately, the weather just hasn\’t been cooperating:(I still need to cut my crepe myrtles back. Thanks for the reminder!


  12. This actually sounds like a heavenly day for me. I love yard work & gardening. Wish you lived closer! I'd totally get down with you. Poor crape myrtle.:-( Did it get a fungus? What's a common disease for them in FL? They're pretty hardy usually. I love your 2 yahoos. Everyone should have dogs. And cats. Yes, everyone.


  13. Wow. You work hard. Your husband has 2 jobs plus a weekend job? My husband just works 7 days a week for the same company. I miss him! I don\’t have to do any yard work because we don\’t have a yard.


  14. If you lived closer we could do your yard and then my school lot…I have been weeding everyday after school and have one area completed and planted with little tiny plants. It does looks good!


  15. I agree with KBL – this sounds like fun. I\’d totally help you. :)You did get a lot done, and you should be quite proud. I\’d be taking pictures too…. calling the local news station and asking them to send a crew over. \”Local woman does yard work. Film at 11.\” 🙂


  16. doesn\’t it feel good to get out there with Mother Nature? You are the best! I\’m sure if she could talk about something other than margarine, she would thank you!Flat Caroline should be there soon. Remember, there are child labor laws! Those dogs know how to live, don\’t they?


  17. you crack me up with putting your hair up…. ;)diane usually does our yard stuff and takes care of the pool, too. i like to help with the pool. i clean it. vacumn it. skim it. neked.when i was a single mom back when the kids were little tykes, i did all the yard work on this big ass lot of low income housing we lived in. but i enjoyed doing it all myself, i never had done yard work before. i had to bribe the kids to be good and watch mommy from the window. it would be over 100 degrees out, i\’d mow a huge ass yard, with an electric mower that plugged in of all things! omg how did i even survive then…. i dont know. it was so hot and humid, i stood under the hose to rinse off and cool down when i was done. then got in a cold bath. then i was done for the night. but i had a great tan and great muscles…. i mowed in my bathing suit.C


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