L is for…..

Could it be for: Love?

Or could it be for:

My two favorite girls…. Lo and Linds?

How about yes to all 3!!!

Meeting shamu….

Back when they were still (a bit) sweet!!!

Have you ever had a bird in the hair day?

I love my girls so much that I could squeeze them until they lose their lunch!!!!

(yes, even though they drive me to the shanking mode weekly)

I could not imagine my life without them…really, what would I have to complain brag laugh blog talk about?????

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30 thoughts on “L is for…..

  1. You said it perfectly. I always tell my students when they are yawning and rolling their eyes and checking the time, \”But you should see how boring I was before I had kids.\”You have the a/c on?? We have snow. Again. Yuck.


  2. Cute! I was thinking of L is for Lex for my daughter…but I had too many L things this week…perhaps when we go backwards through the letters…Happy Monday!


  3. i do love those L girls… and i cannot believe that they have grown so much. i hardly remember that Lo was that ittle when they did cheerleading, but i guess my L & yours were both just babies… ten years! oh my… i guess i am getting old 🙂 try not ot go tp shanking mode today… it would make this beautiful post seem a little insincere 🙂 tomorrow is good though 🙂


  4. L is for leaving the toilet seat up and coming in to find the roll of toilet paper leading out of the toilet back up to the roll itself.L is for the leaky toilet training chair that i need to keep for the next child getting ready to train.L is for the love and laughter I have with my beautiful girls, only us mothers blessed with girls are lucky enough to have and enjoy.


  5. oh my God, amazing how much they grow and how quickly. I saw a little two year old girl the other day and I thought to myself, \”I can\’t believe mine is already five\” it really seems like just yesterday she was that age.


  6. Laughed at the words \”drive me to shanking mode\”. Really? Good L word. Your girls are cuties. Bet coach sits at the door with the shotgun when young men start to call! ha ha.


  7. How adorable… Great \”L\” words…. Your girls are both just gorgeous. Enjoy them now constantly.. They will be grown up soon!!!! I wouldn\’t want to raise my sons again–but I sure do miss them ALL of the TIME!!!Hugs,Betsy


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