For our Military Peeps…I love, love, love this idea!!!

Yeah, I love it. You caught that part right?

My Mom emailed me this the other day, normally I never put up email forwards here because frankly most of us have seen them already. I will not be guilty of boring anyone to death….not on purpose anyway.
This is super duper important and extremely cool.
An easy way to say thanks to our service men and women when we are lucky enough to encouter them on our soil….or anywhere in the world I suppose.

It is less than one minute.
AND please, pass this one on.
PS. If you see this guy around mid June…please give him the signal. (OK, not JUST him…but he is one of my favorite military men. I can have a favorite…can’t I ? )

Cigars and video games? Makes me dizzy just thinking about it…


A photo I found recently while reading New York Times People Magazine.
Here is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie w/ one of the babies leaving a grocery store.
Surely you can see what I see…..

I know they are working hard to build a new green community in the ravaged New Orleans area.
I know they are saving all the orphans, one baby at a time.

But for the love of all that is NOT plastic in the world could you remember your shopping bags?

I hate to pick sides, but I am totally on Team Jennifer.