M is for…..

Money.Magic. Music. Mom. Marriage. Mahi Mahi (last nights’ dinner: yummo)

So many choices. I am going with what I have some pictures of:


Way back in 2004 Coach and I had a lovely vacation in Venice Italy. I know I have spoke of this before…bear with me, it was my first (and ONLY) trip to Europe.

This was a “free” trip that Coach had won for us.

It included daily tours which were fabulous…we saw more than we could/would have EVER seen on our own.

One of the tours was to a mask making shop. (we just painted pre-made masks)

We learned about the Venetian history of the masks and the art of mask making.

Our instructor…no, he did not wear the scary white mask the whole time…

Some Venetian mask history:

“During the 13th century, the citizens of the Venetian Republic were, by reputation, exceedingly wealthy, luxurious, and decadent. Over time, they began to realize that if they concealed their identity, they would then be able to carry out their daily lives in secrecy and without fear of retribution. With so much personal wealth, citizens often found themselves making deals and agreements with other citizens outside of the eyes of the law. Hence, the wearing of a mask became increasingly popular.
When wearing a mask your identity is concealed and so your social status is not known to others, which allowed servants and business owners to be treated equally and curtailed many forms of inequality or prejudice”

Eventually the masked Venetian citizens were getting a bit out of control…stealing, lying, cheating. So the government and religious leaders swayed the public to ONLY wear their masks during the holy season of Carnivale.

Coach and I really enjoyed this lesson and the painting of our masks…we have fun when we can have creative freedom. Coach did a great job on his and then as an afterthought he added a band of gold inside the black…and his mask got a bit “scary” and devil like.

But I still like it. On our last night we had a lovely dinner at an old mansion (I suppose they are all old there) and all the guests of the tour wore their masks.

It was our “carnivale.”

I wish I had taken more pictures when we were there…the homes were just exquisite…so many details in everylittlething.

I found this out while researching some facts about the masks…about my “cat” mask:

The pretty Gnaga, which resembles a cat’s face, was used by gay men to “meow” proposals to good-looking boys.

Had I only known this…MEOW!

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32 thoughts on “M is for…..”

  1. Suz, that\’s a great story. What a wonderful way to vacation and having tours was especially helpful. I\’ve heard people really enjoy the tours and some that said the tours cut their time short in certain places where they would\’ve like to have stayed a little longer. Love the facts on the mask. Hmmmm, costume parties will take on a whole new meaning for me now! LOL


  2. How neat. Very interesting…I never knew any of this. I am glad that you got this trip with your husband and sounds like you had a wonderful time!


  3. Love the masks. Love the story that goes along with them even more! What a trip! You two look so cute in your little masks. : ) Wishing more free trips your way so you can blog about them! : )


  4. Loved the mask lesson. Will there be a quiz later? You look great in that picture … fab dress! Don\’t worry about coming out of the closet on your blog. We won\’t tell anyone.


  5. Thanks for the great history lesson. I didn\’t realize that masks played such a big part in Venetian history. You and Coach did a great job painting your masks.


  6. Thanks for that. I thought it was very very interesting. I love to read about stuff like that. I was in Venice with my mother. It is incredible, except the freakin pigeons. Yuck!


  7. Great \”M\” story, Suz… That must have been a marvelous trip you all had. When are you going back???? Can\’t Coach win another FREE trip for the two of you????When I think of masks I think of my years living in Nawlins—and enjoying Mardi Gras. There were tons of masks worn down there —probably \’cat\’ ones!!!! haLet\’s hope for no damage here the next couple of days due to the upcoming freeze.Hugs,Betsy


  8. and M is for MEOW;) You two look great in your masks – I bet that trip was a blast! Ah, were you wearing the cat mask to ah, ::blushing:: well anyway, \”M\”arvelous post!


  9. This is a great story & pics…I'm thrilled that you got to experience this with Coach. I love Italy so much, and Venice is one of my faves (haven't been there since high school, but still)! Your masks are beautiful, and perfect keepsakes to help carry those memories.


  10. Very interesting history of the Venetian Masks!You two look so cute standing there in your masks!Coach won the trip? How? Was he on Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right? I am so nosey, aren\’t I?


  11. Masks and clowns have always scared me! Your cat mask was cute but I don\’t think I can forget my childhood fright. Oh yeah – and I didn\’t like those creepy china dolls either. Alright…I\’ll go now…I probably shared too much information! LOL!!! 🙂


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