N is for….

New York City
Coach and I at Farm Aid 9-09-2007 NYC

I love this shirt he is wearing: “I’m looking forward to regretting this”
Now, I have to preface this favorite N word….I really am not a big fan of NYC. I know, lots of folks LOVE this place, not me.

( you don’t have to tell me how wrong I am…it won’t work and BTW: my favorite CITY is: Chicago. Yeah, there, I said it!)
I have more cons than pros….

The Cons:
(1) IT is loud…the car horn honking alone makes me want to hurt someone.
(3)Loud. Yeah, the loud part really annoys me.
The pros:

Coach has surprised me with not ONE, but two trips here for birthdays.
Plus a trip in between for my Cuz’s West Point Graduation/family trip.

First was for my 35th. He booked the flights, the hotel and dinners without me knowing. SURPRISE!!!
We had a short, but wonderful weekend in the city. He splurged and got us a room at the Four Seasons…upon arrival a bottle of my favorite wine was waiting and one of those ever elusive BLUE boxed gifts……Yes, from Tiffany.
I think he said something to the fact of…”every girl needs at least ONE gift from Tiffany’s”

Yeah…and where did you learn this???? BUT I DO agree!!!
For my 40th Birthday, after I was told that all my friends were too busy to get together, Coach decided that we ALONE would go away and celebrate.

Yeah, I should have known better…
He had 7 of our closest friends surprise me for a long weekend in NYC.
I was flabbergasted. And yes, that is hard to do. The trip had been strategically planned for weeks and I had NO clue. NONE. He did not even tell me where we were going until the night before we left.

Dessert at the Mandarin Oriental

The weekend was full of limos, ROSES, fine wine, good food, lots of laughs and a great concert featuring MY favorite performer Dave Matthews with Farm Aid. Coach does it big, or he does not do it all…we had VIP seats at Farm Aid….I think I still have that vile of sweat from John Mellencamp somewhere….
We had such a great time….

what is the limit of people in ONE limo???

oh, I wish I could freeze those days and relive them over and over. The nine of us trying to purchase subway tickets alone was a comedy….you should have seen us ALL trying to fit in before the doors closed. TOO FUNNY.

Enjoying the concert…it was SOO much fun.

When do I get to have my NEXT surprise 40th??? HMMMM??????

For more A-Z fun visit: Jen at Unglazed. Happy Monday

35 thoughts on “N is for….”

  1. I\’d have to say that you, young lady, are a very spoiled one. You\’ve got one heck of a hubby there. You did good girlfriend. Does he have a brother? LOL! In all honesty, it\’s great when they take the initiative to show you how much they do care! I\’m glad you had such a great time.


  2. Oh New York! I have only been there once and I loved it. No place I would ever want to live, but I did enjoy it for a visit. I loved the Broadway shows. We got to see two, but I wanted to see more. My sister and I are taking my mom for her 60th birthday this summer and cannot wait!Tell Coach great job on the surprise birthdays! Can he call my husband and give him a few pointers?


  3. Oh Suz what good times! Sounds and looks like you all had a blast! I just love your smile and you and Coach look so happy! What a wonderful husband you have to surprise you like this.


  4. My hubs went to NYC on business and the first thing he said when he got home was \’you would hate it\’. The smells, the noise, the darkness (not much light on the streets b/c of the tall buildings) and he said it just felt very dirty! So see.. you\’re not alone in your feelings about NYC! lolBut it looks like you\’ve had some great times there! The friends are always more fun than the place! : )


  5. You must have had some incredible times in Chicago if it beats out those two trips to NYC! Sounds fab. I love love NY. The Moma, Broadway, Central Park, the shopping..but I won\’t try and convince you. If a box from Tiffany\’s doesn\’t, nothing will. 🙂


  6. I\’m with you Sue….CHICAGO IS THE BEST CITY! Tee hee. With San Diego a very close second, of course. Ha!Have I told you that your smiles in your pictures make me giggle? You always look like you are having a hilarious good time. I love it! Great N post. Coach is superb, isn\’t he? Give him a big hug for me…he\’s setting such an exceptional example for your girls. It will give them a huge leg up on their friends when it comes to picking the \”right one\” who will deserve their love for all time. That\’s awesome.


  7. Wow Suz…. Your hubby is definitely a \”keeper\” isn\’t he???? Your birthday celebrations were so special–especially the one to see Dave Matthews. Love all of those pictures of you and Coach –and your friends. Wonder how he will top that one –on your next BIG birthday???????? Maybe he\’ll take you to Chicago… OR–off to a romantic island somewhere… Hmmmm–sounds nice!!! How was Miami???Hugs,Betsy


  8. You sure do know how to live! Or I should say Coach knows how to live.I\’ve been to New York a few times, and I feel too closed in. Once you leave the city, it\’s fine.


  9. I didn\’t think it was possible to love you any more than I already do, but I see I was wrong!! HELL YEAH, Chicago is the GREATEST city in the world! Shhhh….don\’t tell Coach I told you, but he and I are planning your next big surprise together. You\’ll be coming here to spend a long weekend with me, during which I will be making you the most awesome martinis, taking you to a Cubs game, dragging you from one end of Navy Pier to the other, taking you to see a Broadway in Chicago show (no need to endure the filth of NY for Broadway!!), feeding you the most incredible food (of course that must include pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs, among other things). Then we\’ll head to the beach, visit Lincoln Park Zoo (where I\’ll make you come see the penguins with me!), we\’ll splash around in Buckingham Fountain (and then run like hell when the cops show up!), we\’ll laugh at our reflections in The Bean at Millennium Park, take in the beauty at the Art Institute, and go salsa dancing at Nacional 27. Then, I\’m sure we\’ll figure out something to do the next day ;-)That Coach is a keeper, BTW. Can you clone him and send me a copy?


  10. Hi this is Unflat Caroline. Thanks a lot for taking me to such great places. I like knowing that I am very popular on the computer.I loved hearing about my adventures with you. I am really excited to see where i go next. Thank you. Have fun in New York! Love not so flat Caroline


  11. It\’s so nice to see how much you get out of experiences, first by living them and second by remembering them and third by sharing so we can all get our smile on! awe – happiness is contagious :0)


  12. Well, Coach is putting a few of us to shame. And my last trip to NYC involved an all-night motor coach trip and a high school marching band…not quite as fun-filled, but a great time nonetheless.


  13. Oh my gosh. I didn\’t even know they made husbands like this any more. Where can I get one? Just kidding. I am perfectly happy with my husband and my flat butt. And I will NEVER get a gift from Tiffany\’s. Because he knows I would BEAT him silly if we could make an extra payment on the mortgage and he did something like that : ). Plus, if I ever got a gift from Tiffany\’s I would have to order it myself. He doesn\’t go to stores like that. Even when he was getting my engagement ring he couldn\’t go to the jewelry store by himself. He said it made him feel to girly??????????????? You can see we have big issues and I need to stop hogging up all of your comment space with my own therapy…..You are the cutest couple around!


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