O is for…..

Where I have been lucky enough to spend lots of my time lately.

This past weekend we had our good friends visit from the East Coast. The boys (Coach and Don) spent most of the visit INSIDE…doing some audio/video tuneups….Lauren turned into a hermit crab after 3 straight days of softball, she enjoyed some movies and playing the wii.

The girls Kelly, myself and Linds spent most of the weekend OUTSIDE…mostly on the lanai watching the 4 dogs have fun. (More on those pups later in the week)

Linds, Cocoa, Moi, Sparky and Ozzie.

Kelly and Suz.

I may have mentioned a few hundred times that I have been working in our yard…sprucing some stuff up and making it all Pretty again…..

I don’t have any befores’…but I have some afters.

I am up to 73 bags of mulch that have been spread….I will be back for more this week. This is the area directly in front of our bathroom…. at the front of the house.

I made a little cut-through path to the hose area on the side. The dogs were always running through here making a mess…so I put in the stepping stones to keep it cleaner. Guess what? Dogs don’t like to walk on stepping stones.

This is the side entry/sidewalk area. I added some impatiens…added mulch, trimmed the crotons and cleaned up my rock ledge. The rocks are along all our sidewalks…they look really nice, but have to be “cleaned out” annually. Which entails me raking them all out and then cleaning out by hand/hose the dirt, mulch and leaves…..yes, I am a crazy person for doing this.

This is a little area that has been bugging me. It is on the pool lanai/screen exit area. A wet spot for gutter/lanai drainage. I think at one time it had mulch here….which has floated away apparently….I have a thing for Rocks I suppose…It sure looks Purtttyyy.. don’t it???

Almost like I know what I am doing….almost.
This is the bed that I was not going to mess with…but once I start something it is hard to stop. I trimmed all the overgrowth, cleaned out some dead stuff and added a few plumbago, a rose (can’t see it) and a new hibiscus.

The dogs loved running through here as soon as I was done.

Can you spot my flamingo?

It is mandatory in Florida to have at least one in your yard.

I am a rule abiding citizen.

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27 thoughts on “O is for…..”

  1. Suz, you have done a wonderful job. It all looks so very purddy! Now why don\’t cha hop on a plane, head a little north and stop in Ohio to do my yard. Sounds good to me!! See if you were\’t so darn good, I wouldn\’t want ya! LOL


  2. Somebody needs to give you a raise, girl! You been workin\’ hard! Looks great! (wish my yard looked like that.. but oh wait.. I\’m lazy.. I forgot LOL)


  3. It is really looking great Suzanne. You and I should have married a MULCH man!!! You can NEVER have too much of the stuff. I know you must have some tired, aching muscles but it sure looks nice!


  4. OK, SERIOUSLY?! You need to start your own landscaping company, Lady!! Wait, what\’s the fancy term for it…outdoor design? I don\’t know, but what ever it\’s called, you have the gift! My entire yard is about the size of the area in your first picture (right outside your bathroom) so when you come for your (ssshhhh) surprise trip to ChiTown, you can get it finished in one afternoon, right? Then we\’ll go do all the other stuff I promised you πŸ˜‰


  5. You are one hard working woman! AZ, NV, and the deserts of CA would be perfect for a rock lover like you. they come in all sizes and colors…you could have a plethora of different gardens with rocks and plants. You grow croutons?


  6. This is BEAUTIFUL my dear. Really and truly. I agree with ChiTown that you could do landscaping if you had any desire….. So you spread out 73 bags of mulch??? OMG…. how is your BACK???? Dang, girl. Really, it looks absolutely lovely. You have inspired me! P.S. Is Kelly the one we met that time at dinner down in Orlando? She looks familiar…. (from Jupiter?)


  7. O happy day to you Suz! I\’m going to do what you did. Do it myself, and get it done. Great job on the yard!! That\’s one tiny Flamingo for such a large yard. πŸ™‚


  8. Love the dogs……..I can\’t wait until we find a house….I want, need a bull dog! You know I have no yearning to take care of kids again but I miss my english bulldog something awful and I know I can\’t replace him but I honestly am a much happier person having a dog in the house. I have tried to convince the hubster to buy property in Florida but he says he has no desire to live there….Ug….my brother is in Florida…..22 years now…he\’s the teacher -coach. We can buy a house cash if we buy your way, mortgage free…and we have to move due to my lupus/raynauds….I can\’t take the cold here up East! I have spent hours looking for property and most of what I have seen that we can pay cash for is in Florida….! My mission is to persuade him buy showing him the homes, how much we can save, how well we will live on our retirement….you know money talks……and I am hoping it talks to him when he understand that he can keep more of it…! Wow did I just ramble on…….hey if my mission works we could be neighbors…with bulls! Hey thats a lot of mulch….great job…..you reminded me that I need to mulch around the front….I only need 6 or 7 bags (I think) and I am putting it off………and you have already done what 73 and have more to go……….does your husband know how lucky he is????? Hey Coach your a lucky guy!!!!


  9. 73 bags of mulch?? I\’m in awe! I guess I\’ll quit griping to my hubby about all the mulch we have to do next weekend – lol! And I love your rocks. I have some rocks but I didn\’t know I have to clean them. See what you started….. I\’ve got dirty rocks…..shoot!


  10. wowsie wow wow….. as pebbles would say. what a great looking yard, suz. you really have a talent. you oughtta do something with it. something that makes you happy.C


  11. I love you even more because you have a flamingo. Sometimes you are so cool I can not stand it. We need to put some mulch down. I can\’t get motivated. Maybe I should just stare at your pictures for hours and it would do the trick. Or I could fly you here so you could do it for me? Yep, that is a MUCH BETTER solution!


  12. Okey dokey I know you said there is some pink somewhere,but I still don\’t see no sinkin\’ flamingo.Your hard work/yard work has paid off. It looks fabulous dahlink!


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