TGIF and some brown and green stuff.

I am actually leaving the house this weekend. Well, not that I have not left the past few weekends but this time I am actually leaving the house for overnight. The Coach and Lo have been flying solo out there in the big bad world without Linds and I. And yet, they have survived the last few trips….

We are hopping on a leer jet and heading over to Tuscany for a few days.

*picture: ‘under the Tuscan sun’. Gosh, I love that movie.

Just kidding. We are heading out for a softball tourney. Almost as romantic. Almost.

yeah!! bring on the sunscreen…but leave home the FUNscreen.

So much to do. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth leaving at all….get dogs to sitter, pack bags, pack cooler, notify security neighbors, gas up, get cats situated…ugghhh.

On the upside, I get to see Lo play some ball!!!! So, I suppose it is all worth it. I would do anything for my kids…I have the stretch marks to prove it!

I am cooking a chicken for a batch of chicken salad. YUM.

I just finished baking a large batch of brownies for the weekend too…the smell of deliciousness is wafting through the house….15/16 year old girls who burn 12,000 calories and have the metabolism of a gnat can consume a bit of food. Ok, barrels of food. Best bring some snackies too.

Here are the brownies. Notice the small(ish) corner with nuts.DSCN5552I have a huge weakness for anything chocolate, but ONLY when the chocolate is accompanied by nuts. Yes, I am nutty. I made only a small area for myself….therefore I can only eat that small smidgen of brownies. calorie crisis averted.

I am trying very hard to drop some Suz poundage, but can’t quite deprive myself all together.

All the baby trees are in the ground. Yeah for shovels, dirt and osmocote. I was so excited to see new buds/growth on them even before I put them in the ground. I think they will be happy here in zone 10.

There’s no place like home zone 10”


Next week I will have big & not so exciting news about some BIG trees. Ok, TREE. Singular. There will be movement in the yard. An arbor day of sorts…. perhaps?? Dunno, will see.

My 14 yr old niece is coming back with us this weekend…we have not seen her in 2 summers….she will be here for 2 weeks.

The girls are all sorts of excited. Me too: Built in buddy!!!!

Happy Friday Ya’ll!!

Anyone planning on winning the lottery, getting hitched or crossing the pond this weekend?????

I wish for everyone a weekend filled with family, good health and something good to fulfill your sweet tooth!!!!

My chick pea story. I know most of you have yours; but this is mine.

Or maybe you don’t have a chick pea story to share…whatever….you can borrow mine.

The last time my friend Kelly came to visit she brought over this great snack:

Hummus and pretzel crisps. YUMMO.

Coach and I are pigging out munching on this most weekends now.

I was convinced I did not like hummus because it is made out of chick peas.

AND I don’t like chick peas.!!

Today is your lucky day ’cause I have a chick peas (or is it chick PEA?) story for you.

I know, it has been never forever since you heard a great chick pea story isn’t it?

Get ready. It is exciting boring as heck.

While I was in high school I worked at a restaurant called PondeGROSA Ponderosa. They were all over the place, so you may have gotten very sick eaten at one also. Ponderosa had a great salad bar. I ate off of it while pretending to work tended to the ‘Bar’ quite a bit.

I had to refill all the items and keep it clean. Most of our items were located in a huge walk in freezer in the back. I had to trudge all the goodies from the back of the restaurant to the ‘Bar’.

We had chick peas in a 5 gallon container. (Not to be confused with the mayo or coleslaw.)

I loathed getting the chick peas container open. I begged pleaded cried asked my coworkers to refill the chick peas for me, but they refused.

So I had them fired to do it myself.

What do you think my issue was with the chick peas? They were just innocent little chick peas….right?

That is what you think. That is what the chick peas also want you to think.

I hated the smell of them. Remember when I went on and on about funny smells back HERE?

I can sum up the description of the smell of chick peas in ONE WORD:


They smell like f*rts to me. Yes, someone’s passed gas. ughhh.

And I avoid eating stuff that smells like f*rts. One of my golden rules.

But for some reason, hummus when mixed with roasted red peppers or pine nuts does not smell like farts chick peas.

Aren’t you glad you learned all of this today?

I am nothing if not a giver of good information. And chick peas stories.

Now, go to the store and purchase some hummus and pretzel crisps. (whatever you do, don’t buy the hummus with olives in it…I loathe the smell of olives even worse than f*rts. Really.)

You may want to pick up some milk and bread too….you are getting low.

You are welcome.

PS. I have never typed or spoke the word F*RTS so much in my life till today.