Q is for…..

I mean quiet.

I may have mentioned this fact before and you did not hear me…but I have superb hearing. Which almost makes up for my fading eyesight.

What did you say? I don’t have good hearing. I do.

I heard you over this darn internet thingymajig.

My good hearing has come in handy….very easy to overhear conversations that I was not supposed to hear. BUSTED!

On the downside. I hear stuff I don’t want to hear either.

Such as:

*Snorers (boxers and the Coach)

*The fridge alarm at 3am (someone did not shut the door properly)

*The cat crying on the lanai at 4 am.

*Someones cell phone battery dying…for lack of charging. Usually the phone will be next to their body across the house, but it will wake ONLY me in the dead of night.

I generally sleep with one ear plug. I love to have 2 in, but I am still afraid that something bad may happen and I may miss it in the middle of the night….Lord knows that no one else in this house will hear a window breaking in the middle of the night. Well, I suppose Ozzie will…but most likely, I will ignore him. Sorry Ozzie.

I used to camp quite a bit when I was a girl scout leader. I always had a terrible time sleeping in the wilderness. Do you know how NOISY the outdoors are? REALLY noisy. Always drove me bonkers. The little cute crickets with their creek creek creek creek creek CREEK CREEK. Geeze. Give a girl a break, could ya?????

What do you think these guys are doing?

Yes, I need quiet. Remember when I said I was not a fan of NYC? Mostly because of the noise.

I need peace and quiet. I don’t ask for much, now do I?

Check out and see what other folks used for the letter Q (not too many choices) at A-Z Mondays

28 thoughts on “Q is for…..”

  1. I am accused of having super EARS too! It sure dumps a lot of responsibility on us, doesn\’t it??? Such a cute Q post. Hope you have a great day…..can you hear my Georgia crickets???


  2. You and me both.. I am the ooooonly person in the house that would hear anything \’bad\’ going down in the middle of the night.. or the middle of the day for that matter! Drives me batty. And yes, that cell phone that didn\’t make it to the charger or that cat who likes to sculp pyramids in her litter box (ahem) in the middle of the night are for my pleasure alone, sadly! : )


  3. I sleep with ear plugs, I hate the sound of traffic and the early morning yellers. Who gets up and starts yelling? I don\’t get it. And Chinese apartments have NO insulation, so you hear EVERYTHING. Some people say they learn to sleep through noise, but I never have. Ticking clocks drive me nuts!


  4. I love my quiet too but rarely get it around here. I sleep with a fan at night so that I can drown out all sounds…but I still hear the little people if they should wake up in the middle of the night, which is rare…thank God!


  5. I love it!! We have a fridge that does that too and phones and dogs and neighbors and a whole bunch of other outside influences. I used to sleep with ear plugs after Peyton was born. She slept through the night in January (she was born Dec. 18). My husband has been known to sleep on the couch so he would hear something if there was a problem since I was wearing ear plugs. My friends used to bust my chops about it. Hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do to get some rest!! I\’ve been thinking about wearing them again. Not this week since my hubby is away on business but maybe when he returns. Thanks for the reminder!!You crack me up!!Much love from NJ,Sue


  6. I was a Girl Scout leader too! I don\’t know what was worse- the noise at night, or the spider convention at the top of the tent. Otherwise, they were good times.Good Q post.


  7. I wonder if it\’s just us women that hear every single sound. Maybe men have gotten so good at selective hearing that they really don\’t hear sound.


  8. Well, I lost my original comment here, but it wasn\’t brilliant, anyway. Thanks for the letter Q!I got to Costco for Baking Soda this weekend. It was hilarious; Gregg was questioning me about it, as if we wouldn\’t use it for something, somewhere (can\’t waste baking soda, for goodness\’ sake)! I cleaned the sink with it, and I can see it\’s going to be an adjustment from bleach and Comet, but I will TRY to make it. Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. Amen to that. I am the world\’s lightest sleeper and I cannot stand it. We live MILES away from a train track and I am up constantly with the horns and the clanking together of train cars. And we\’re talking a couple miles away.


  10. Girl, earplugs will not affect the Super Mommy Hearing one bit when it comes to unusual noises… trust me.Hubby will sleep through the ugga-gugga of a dog upchucking at 3am but it will wake me up and i\’ve got earplugs snugly on – see, it\’s just one more superpowah! šŸ˜€


  11. Sometimes I think we\’re sisters!! Except I have the super power of being really sensitive to SMELL. If something doesn\’t smell right (B.O., something gone bad in the fridge, etc.) it drives me crazy. I swear I can smell the neighbors across the street! LOL! Now with your hearing and my smelling – we should be able to be super heroes or something like that. HA!!!!


  12. You have a fridge alarm? FOR CRYIN\’ OUT LOUD!!! You get ALL the toys!!! I need one of those to keep people from SNACKING once I close the kitchen for the evening:)I, too, am a member of the Super Hearing Club. It\’s the bane of my existence.


  13. You would hate my neighborhood. For being out in the boonies, it\’s the LOUDEST PLACE I have ever lived. The people across the street have SIX german shepherds that bark at everything, next door to them is three rottweilers, next door to us is one beautiful white fluffy dog (can\’t remember the breed now) that DOES NOT SHUT UP TO SAVE ITS LIFE, and then we have my three dogs who never make as much as a peep. There are times I scream SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP out the window, but my screaming is drowned out by the barking. *sigh*


  14. Good post, and believe me, as a light sleeper myself, in a house where the other people generally sleep through thunder storms, I hear you!


  15. You know I use to live on the cornor of 5th and Hooper in Brooklyn, NY …my bedroom window was above a bus stop and i slept through car alarms, horns blowing and now I can\’t stand noise, I need quiet….I turn 40 a few years ago but since then I have need peace and quiet! My cat woke me at 3am she was locked in the office! How the yard work going. I finally planted my tomatoe plants, herb garden and strawberries…!


  16. I am so with you on this one ~ long gone are the days that I sleep soundly. I seem to have given that up when I gave birth to my son. I\’ve actually considered wearing ear plugs or buying one of those white noise machines ~ I\’m sure they would just drive me nuts and I\’d still be wide awake! Ugh.Jo


  17. Oh Suz, I totally WISH I had half the talented hearing that you have. LOL! Ed is forever frustrated with me and my faulty hearing (a resulf of years of childhood ear infections). Once I stepped out of the bathroom after a shower with a towel wrapped around my head. I thought he called me \”Taliban\” when he actually said \”towel head\”. I was SO mad, but then we laughed about it. Ah well.As for my camera, it is a point and shoot, but it is an old school Canon from like 2000 or 2001. Funny that\’s considered old school now. Technology changes so fast. It\’s a heavy camera compared to all of the sleek, light numbers these days, but it takes spectacular pictures and it ain\’t broke, so I\’m not fixin\’ it. šŸ˜‰ Plus, I like that it still allows me some measure of control over my pictures and is not totally and completely automatic. I\’ve always believed that you should control your own pictures, not technology. Thanks for checking out my pics!I love your Q by the way. There is NEVER any quiet when I\’m around. I\’m very LOUD.


  18. my Q word is [wait for it]……Q-tips. what would life be without \’em. i use them for everything.things like;painting.cleaning between cracks. [na, wont go there]..they are good for spreading peanut butter on crackers when no knife is available.i send prettily arranged bouquets of lightly colored q-tips instead of flowers. [they last longer][AND they magically puff up, in water! thus expanding the gift]. getting boogers out of doggie eyes [but they have to hold still] [like thats gonna happen]rectal itches.touchtone public phones [ewww, i dont touch public touchtone phones]they are great for stirring soups, stews, whathaveyou…. [if ya dont mind a lil cotton dumpling here and there]gettin toe jams out from b\’tween the tootsies.diggin doggy poops from the soles of shoes.cleaning out the nasal passages.belly buttons.oh my… so many uses for dem lil fake pussywillers…another Q word…QUIT while i\’m ahead…so, bah bye…C


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