Drawers, Cupboards and Junk– Oh MY!!!

Does anyone still call them cupboards anymore?

I think they turned into cabinets way back when….

Anyhoo….. I love my drawers. I like my cabinets.

But I love my drawers.

Drawers are so much easier to organize and you know organize and Suz are synonymous.

You didn’t know this? well, where the heck have you been hiding?

In a drawer??

Being married to cabinet maker has many, many advantages. And NO he does not bring me home bags of sawdust to play with. If I wanted that, I could get gobs of it though…I know you are so jealous of that little fact right there!!!

My “go to” desk drawer:


One of our filing drawers:

Really, it is more organized than it may appear. Promise.


My question mark drawer: ????????

are you thinking of spaghetti now?


My to do drawer: Shredding!!!


My spice drawer…isn’t this just the coolest?

I heart it very much!!! Thank you Coach!!!


I have already expressed how much I love my our new bathroom…One of the reasons is for all the drawers. (I still have a few empty. Don’t hate)


I remember my Grandma telling me when I was a little girl how poor people did not buy cribs for their babies…they would just bring them home and let them sleep in a drawer. (Open of course)

I sometimes imagine all the babies I could have here… Hey, I could have a baby drawer store. Nahh never mind……all that crying and probably illegal.

Get ready to have your freak, freaked!

This is one of the cabinets in the party Coach’s room. Part of our addition we did a few years ago:


Here is the freaked coolest part:

The columns hold an abundance of CD’s. …genius!!!!


More important….martini’s anyone? This is where I keep our martini glasses so they don’t get dusty between parties.

Only one type of drawer I don’t have….I would love to have a warming drawer in the kitchen. Does anyone have one of those???

Don’t you think having one of those would be cool???

NO. It would be warm…silly people.

I am praying for the day that my girls appreciate their drawers….one day they will. I hope.

It appears that they have been ransacked by burglars.

But this is unfortunately the typical look they are going for…daily…. what would we label this look??

Urban Ghetto? Suburban shabby?




Yeah, I am thinking DUMPY!!!

Now, that I have bored all 4 of you with my drawers…you can wake up and go organize something…..

Hey, you are lucky I did not show you my drawers drawer. (Under thingys)

Soon, I will share with you a little story about bras.

I know you can hardly wait!!!

33 thoughts on “Drawers, Cupboards and Junk– Oh MY!!!

  1. Love love love it when I can open a drawer and everything has a place! It is sooo much easier than having to dig around for evvverything. I have areas at home that are pretty neat and tidy and I love it. And I live with two messies, so I guess you could say I am a salmon… swimming upstream in a sea of clutter sometimes. Nah. its not that bad. But a neat cabinet or drawer gives me the happy\’s too! : )


  2. The spice drawer is my favorite! I need one of those! Marvin my cat loves to hop into any open dresser drawer…he must think he\’s a baby….P.S. I mentioned you on my log blog today! :-0


  3. Your drawers are so cool. Like the coolest drawers in all of Florida : ). I still call them kitchen cupboards. I think that is a nice word : ). You are nice. And your girls are nicer : ). I love messy kids : ).


  4. I love organizing things and I am SO JEALOUS you have a cabinet maker living in your house! The Container Store is one of my all time favorite stores. I store containers! 🙂 What would you put in a warming drawer? Bread? I knew someone that had an electric bread box, they turned it on before dinner and it warmed up the bread and kept it warm throughout the meal. Is a warming drawer kind of like that?


  5. Did your daughter break one of her drawers? One of them on the white dresser looks not quite right. She obviously doesn\’t share your respect for drawers.


  6. Just wait until the search engines find this posting…you will have \”underwear\” searchers all over the place, with all of your references to \”drawers.\”I still call them cupboards, dinosaur that I am.Love all of your storage, and how uncluttered your place is (well, the areas for which YOU are responsible). Teenagers seem to be hard-wired to make a mess, and not to pick up after themselves. I won\’t elaborate here, as I\’ll not get anything done this a.m. if I start on the messes that just one teenage boy can make…he\’s a great guy and I\’ll focus on the positive!Have a great day! XO


  7. I was thinking… if you turned off the air conditioner, your drawers would be warm. Everything would be warm 🙂 Can\’t wait to hear about bras – are you showing pictures?


  8. you are spoiled with all of those drawers! you know that, right? your spaghetti drawer is really a shocker though… i cannot believe you do not have it looking less-spaghetti like! maybe you can work on it tomorrow 😉 you know coach is going to roll his eyes when he gets to the part about the warming drawer… but he\’ll probably figure out a way- just because he loves you!


  9. Anonymous

    Your girls\’ drawers look like my boys\’ drawers. Do your girls leave drawers and cabinets doors open? My boys and even my husband don\’t know about closing drawers and doors. I literally walk through the kitchen and go down the line to close pantry and cabinets doors! What is that? Why can\’t they just take 2 seconds and close the doors! hee hee


  10. I\’m with you, I love an organized drawer. Closets on the other hand, are no so easy to organize or at least stay that way. My daughter doesn\’t believe in drawers at all, why use them when you have an entire floor!!!!!!


  11. First I have to say I am a wee bit jealous of how organized your \”go to\” drawer is. Mine is piled full of junk. It\’s more of a junk drawer with paper clips on top.Second..thank God my girls aren\’t the only ones who seem incapable of putting clothes IN the drawers and closing them! I guess we are normal!


  12. I still call them cupboards, but I must admit that I\’ve never seen such well-organized drawers. I also want to thank you for the memories of my children\’s drawers! Some things never change.


  13. Your drawers are beautiful. And most are very neat…dogs like order! Drawers and baskets are some of our mommy\’s favorite things! Too bad our daddy isn\’t a cabinet maker too. It would be an added bonus to all his other talents! Our cabin is waiting for many. many things to be built in, but drawers and shelves are the projects that mommy is itching to get started first. She needs her pantry and mud room to get shelves,drawers and doors. Could you send your hubby to visit N.Idaho this summer and give our hoomans a deal??! Smooches from pooches,BabyRocketDog and Hootie


  14. My only drawer story: when my daughter was three-weeks-old my five-yr-old son had to stay in the hospital. I was nursing so had to keep baby girl with me. For the first day or so the hospital was completely out of bassinets (must\’ve been a full moon) so she slept in a pillow-padded drawer. P.S. the CD\’s! Awe-some.


  15. I popped over from Shellmo\’s blog and I\’m so glad I did. I\’ll look forward to reading the archives and having a laugh or two. I do love the spice drawer and yes, I do have a warming drawer in my Bosch oven. I love it!


  16. Can I just say I love you? You make me laugh and I want your drawers. No wait not your underthingys, your actual cabinet/drawers b/c like you? I love drawers. I have drawers in my kitchen instead of cabinet shelves b/c drawers? you can pull them out and be all organized and stuff. But alas no warming drawer. We eat to fast to need to keep something warm. After San Diego? I am planning a trip to Suzy bee ville b/c we need to get together girl. Seriously.


  17. LOVE the drawers. I will send a picture of S.\’s drawers soon…. it literally looks like a Mexican cartel ransacked her room looking for drugs, HIDDEN IN HER DRAWERS. You are my inspiration…. one day my house will look like yours. 🙂 (Maybe.)


  18. I still call them cupboards…lol. Yes, of course I\’m jealous…love all of your drawers…even your junk drawers don\’t look that bad. You are amazing!


  19. Drawers-Drawers-Drawers, Suzanne. You really are lucky to be married to a cabinet maker. That CD shelf is incredible..WOW!!!! AND–it would be easier to stay organized IF I had half as many drawers as you do. When you get tired of some of your drawers, I\’ll take them off of your hands. My hubby would ask, \”Where are you going to put them, Dear?\” And I\’d give my usual answer. I\’ll find a spot (maybe in place of some of your millions of bookshelves, DEAR)…. ha haHugs,Betsy


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