TGIF and Fleeting Thoughts

Alas, it is Friday again.

I really don’t remember much before Thursday. Is that normal?

Some thoughts that passed through my brain this week. And yes, I had to write them down,they were merely passing through…

* I really love the smell of burning matches. I don’t know why.

*I also love, love, love the smell of gas. I know that is weird, but I like it.

I just hope I never get dementia and try to combine those two smells together. Ever.

*I treated myself (cause no one offered to do it for me) to a frappacino at that coffee place that I really don’t care for. You know the place. *givemeyourbucks* (I don’t know why I don’t care for it…I suppose I want to be the opposite of most people)

Anyhoo, I was chugging sipping my cold ice coffee, I suppose I got a bit greedy cause I gave myself the worst brain freeze of my entire life. I almost had to pull the car over as to not crash into innocent, yet potential victims. I really should not call it a brain freeze, ‘cause it froze my throat, my chest and part of my left arm. I thought perhaps it was some sort of starbucks stroke I was experiencing.

This life altering experience made me ponder the term ‘brain freeze.’ How can something that I am drinking…going down my throat, cause so much pain in my BRAIN? Really, is there some sort of extra pipe that takes cold stuff to my brain? I don’t get it. Not one bit.

*I saw a lady driving the other day AND she was curling her eyelashes with one of these torture devices.I was mesmerized by this….I was concerned by this…I was also disturbed. I feared for her life and the life of her eyelashes if she were to get in a fender bender. If she were to hit the breaks fast…..RIP and OUCHHHH!!!


Ok, I love to share with you my window to the world…ok, so this is the window of our office.

I was paying bills earlier this week and Cocoa was outside. She is the independent one of the two boxers. She plopped herself in the driveway and was staring at the doves at the bird feeder…..**thinking that this time, she can catch one if she runs really really fast**


Meanwhile, Ozzie (who I should have named shadow or hemorrhoid, cause he is always up my ….) was laying 3 feet from my chair. Really, this is him keeping his distance, usually he is about 2 inches behind the leg of the chair…**must follow the mama’s every move***


Cocoa decided that she was NOT going to chase the birds away and laid down for a nap. The 62nd of the day.


Meanwhile, Ozzie is still sleeping. His 75th nap of the day. This was 11 am.


I want to be one of my dogs in my next life!!!

No big plans for the weekend here and I find this news very refreshing!!!

I wish for everyone a great weekend…full of love, friends, family and NO brain freezes or explosions.

Anything going on that can make me green with envy???? Do tell!!!

32 thoughts on “TGIF and Fleeting Thoughts”

  1. i can just picture you now in your laboratory mixing up the gasoline & matches- at least then you would never need that eyelash curler-y thing! i have never heard that particular place called givemeyourbucks, but i think you might be onto something!!


  2. Abbie is pretty much on track with Ozzie. Get up and eat, back to bed, go outside and do….., then back to bed, get up and sniff around then back to bed – you get the point, I think I\’d actually get tired of going back to bed! But anyhoo, I agree with the eyelash thingy, when I was younger my aunt had one and I would watch her every move while she was putting on her make-up, of course when she had left the room, I had to try the torture device and oh my…., never used one again. No one told me to undo it when you were done. OUCH! I learned my lesson well. HAVE A GREAT RELAXING WEEKEND!! See ya Monday.


  3. I\’ve never understood what causes brain freeze but they sure hurt like hell. I haven\’t drank a nice ice cold refreshing drink in a while since it\’s still practically winter here(we still have the heat on…ugh)but I do remember drinking a number of rum runners while in Florida for my daughters wedding last October and they were so tasty and worth every brain freeze I got from guzzling them…lol.Other than attending my friends college graduation ceremony this evening, we don\’t have much for plans, other than some garage saling tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend!!!


  4. I do, I do! Check out my blog today – I\’m sure it will leave you GREEN with ENVY!I\’m with you – I love the smell of gasoline (had to clarify it and not just put gas!!) – but the smell of matches? Not so much! That\’s a deadly combination! 🙂


  5. We get to move my sister from Crestview to Pensacola free of charge. It 100 degree heat and 200% humidity. Only another Floridian would understand this torture.


  6. I laughed out loud when you talked about getting dementia and combining the matches and gas! (I like the smell of gas too! But not that OTHER kind if you know what I mean – ha,ha!!)Have a good weekend! Tell those dogs to get up and do some yard work!


  7. Unfortunately I can\’t make you green with envy. We\’ll be going to check on my parents today and are expecting company for lunch tomorrow. Hopefully we\’ll avoid brain freeze and drivers curling their eyelashes!


  8. Another cute post by my little friend, Suzanne!!!! I laughed outloud reading about you combining matches and gasoline… Oops!!!!!Some of the weird things I like to smell are:-telephone poles -train stations -my old elementary schoolCan you believe some of the things people do while driving?????? GADS—it\’s no wonder there are so many accidents…..To make you green with envy:-Come and see my baby bluebirds-Come and see my gorgeous rosesHave a great day. We\’re off to Hendersonville to check on G\’s parents.Hugs,Betsy


  9. Until I read the comments, I thought you said you liked the smell of GRASS. Matches and grass combination might not be too bad…for some that is. LOL!!!I crack my self up! Have a great weekend–maybe you can do some more yard work and pull some weeds. HAHAHAHAH!


  10. There is a nerve in the roof of your mouth that goes to your brain– when it gets too cold, brain freeze! So if you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, it\’ll go away faster, due to the heat from your tongue. I can\’t live without my eyelash curler! I own three at any given time: at home, in my purse, in my glove box. *guilty*Mmmm….the smell of gas. I\’m with ya on that one! I wish they made a men\’s cologne of gasoline.


  11. Please clarify what kind of gas you like to smell….left me wondering!Love the dog pics…especially the one with the toy laying a few feet away…that\’s my house only it\’s a tennis ball!Happy FRIDAY!!


  12. I love the smell of burning matches, too!!The eyelash curler lady reminded me how I saw my child\’s teacher driving to school the other morning. She had her reading glasses on and was actively involved with something in her lap. Glad she\’s not his bus driver.


  13. Gotta love them doggies and there distinct personalities, eh :-DHmm this weekend… same old, same old – nothing to get green about, I\’m afraid. You know me, I love to blog about nothing so do come around, LOL!


  14. What a fun post. Cat and dogs pretty much have it made, don\’t they??? I\’m hoping for a quiet weekend with maybe a picnic on the porch. It\’s a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze this a.m. Hope you enjoy your weekend.


  15. Another great post, you crack me up! A much needed smile to start my day.I too want to be your doggies in my next life. Me likey my sleep!


  16. Everytime I get brain freeze I swear I\’m dying. My temples constrict and hurt like the devil as well as my throat.Your dogs make me laugh!!! This weekend is baseball, packing and church…in no particular order.


  17. Love the photos – \”let sleeping dogs lie.\” What does that expression mean? Do you dog owners know?You're welcome about the Nordy's advice. It's the best place I know to make your \”girls\” happy & comfortable (I knew this before I ever met Smileygirl & Tom, so it's not because of them).Let's see…you won't be jealous of this – you're too sweet – but it's VIKINGFEST in Poulsbo this weekend! Woohoo! Our annual festival, and opportunity for all of the Norwegians to get their party on! Gregg & I avoid it at this point in life, but David must go to see & be seen…it's a MUST for teens & kids.Oh, and about the house for sale: Coach would LOVE the cabinets, but yes, I can see that it's one fireplace short =)…and I think it costs about $500 a month to heat the place (not kidding). We'll have to find another place for you! They are the sweetest couple, though, and I'm SO SAD they aren't going to be our neighbors anymore.


  18. just to add something to the whole pyro fodder.. I just heard this morning that non-dairy coffee creamer is flammable! Now that could wake me up in the morning 🙂 Your dogs are wonderful. Have a nice weekend!


  19. I LOVE Cocoa! I LOVE Ozzie! (\”Must follow mama….\”) Too cute. I LUUUURVE dogs! So, when you post pics of your beloved boxer babies, it makes me so happy-slappy-happy. I want to teach Ed to make cabinets, because I've dreaming of your laundry room. DREAMING, I tell you. If I fly Coach and you out for week, do you think he can turn my manboy into a lumber lover? 😉 Oh, and sista, I KNOW what it means to have your bras work OVERTIME. Sheesh. Over the shoulder boulder holders is what mine are. No frills. No lace. And like 63 clasps. (((sigh)))Take your tongue and rub the roof of your mouth really, really hard & fast when you get brain freeze. It deconstricts the blood vessels. And it is fun!You're not alone on matches and gas. I'm with ya mama. Good smellin' stuff. Maybe we were pyromaniacs in a past life. Nothing spectacular this weekend…going to see Ko the Japanese Wonder Stylist to get my hair cut tomorrow. Teaching my spin class at 7 a.m. FINALLY going to see Wolverine! Can't wait!!! I took my adamantium claws out of the box in the garage so I can be in character for the movies. It will drive Ed bananas. Spending time with all of my \”boys\”, 2-legged and 4-legged. Have a great weekend Sue!


  20. I thought you were supposed to burn matches to rid your bathroom of the smell of \”gas\”…We are band-hopping this weekend, and spending time with childhood friends:) I make myself green with envy this week….!!!!!!!!!


  21. Another typical weekend here – BBQ & Swim party this weekend. A birthday party for my youngest who turning 34 this Saturday. 34 … I can't have a 34 year old kid! no green from envy here


  22. I also love the smell of gas…. how strange (I thought I was the only one!) :)I can\’t believe someone was curling her lashes while driving…. don\’t you sometimes wish you could people over and make a \”Citizen\’s Arrest\” for Assorted Stupid Acts? (I do.)I get brain freezes very easily. My husand never gets them. Unfair. Not much going on this weekend…. RELAXING…. hooray! 🙂


  23. Thanks for making me laugh with this post. :)Best thing going this weekend: our daughter\’s confirmation!Enjoy your weekend.Lori Anne


  24. I feel you don\’t have enough to do Busy Bee. (snort, snort) I\’ve tagged you, but don\’t think I\’ve gone crazy or nothin\’. It\’s most likely a passing phase. Play along if you\’d like! 😉


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