Humanity calling on line one, please hold.

There are still nice people on this planet. Besides me. Besides you.

There are others.

I have proof.

I have proof that I am a goof too. Not that you really needed proof.

We got a few phone messages last weekend from a man & a woman in broken English saying something about them finding OUR phone. We all had our cell phones. So I just figured he had the wrong number.

Then we got a few more messages about a found phone. Then I started thinking: Could it be Lo’s cell phone that was stolen from school…back in the fall of ‘08??  naaahhh.

I relayed the messages to Coach and he said: call them, it could be her cell phone, or you can let them know they have the wrong number.

So I called and left them a message.

A woman called back the next day and said: I find your phone on 31 street. 

My first thoughts were: this is a scam of some sort. I just know someone has a goal in life to scam me.

Me: huh? on 31st street? that is the street I live on. What does the phone look like?

Spanish woman: It is silver and black……. House phone.

Me: OH. It is my house phone????   **me smacking my head**

Long story short. My silly self left one of our house phones on the bumper of my car when I was working in the yard. I forgot about it an left later in the day…. This nice lady found it on the street, but did not know which house it belonged to. She found the number in our phone and put in her cell phone before my phone went dead she and her husband called us as many as 5 times.

She brought it back to us this week. SOOO nice. I was so impressed that they went through the trouble to get it back to us. They live about 8 miles away.  

We have 4 phones in the house and I was just complaining a day before: there is a phone missing somewhere in this house…those darn kids left it somewhere!!!

yeah, I am the darn kid.

phone_cabbage_patch1_550hHumanity. Alive and well.

Maybe it is my karma coming around for all the good deeds I do?

*A few weeks ago I found a cell phone in Target and took it directly to a manager.

*I found a full wallet at Christmas-time in Target. (maybe I am in Target too much?)


Anyone else find any good folks out there lately? 

Isn’t it astonishing that a simple act like this just amazes me/us, when in actuality, it should be the norm. We should always help each other out. The world would go ‘round a bit better I think.


31 thoughts on “Humanity calling on line one, please hold.”

  1. It is so nice to hear of kind acts like this – that\’s nice that the lady didn\’t give up and wanted to make sure you got your phone back.I remember an ornery neighbor who saw me a trying to get my car out of a snow bank (don\’t ask!) and he came over without a word and dug my car out (he doesn\’t like to talk.) I thought that was nice! And then I remembered his teenage daughter backed into my car last year and he probably thought he owed me – lol! Naw…maybe he was kind!!


  2. you are a goof :)again, you are cracking me up! and i am supposed to be working- eek! but i cannot live without your daily dose of humor!! who loses their house phone in the street??? you, of course 🙂 i have lost mine in the garage, in the couch… and in the car(but you lose the person you are talking to after you pull out of the driveway!) but i love that you got it back… since you are a gold star returner, yourself!


  3. Oh how funny, Suz…. One time I left my big cup on the top of the car —and drove off… Some nice person blew their horn and pointed to the top of the car.. I then pulled over, got out and retrieved the big cup… Another \’duh\’ moment!!!! ha Yes—there are MANY nice people in the world. We find so many nice HIKERS–when we are out in the woods/mountains somewhere. We\’ll stop and have all kinds of neat conversations with others. One time we lost one of our waterfall books along the trail.. There was nobody else on the trail–except one couple who passed us. We had a conversation with them (but didn\’t mention the missing book).. Later—when we got back down the mountain to the car, our waterfall book was on our front window with a note from the couple who found it, saying they were hoping it was OUR book. Neat, huh??Have a great day.Hugs,Betsy


  4. That is awesome!! What great people! And how freakin\’ hilarious that you did that in the first place!The other morning, one of my fellow teachers was digging through her purse looking for the key to her door, and suddenly just said, \”OH MY GOD!\” She then proceeded to pull her house phone out of her purse! We had a great laugh at her expense over that one!


  5. I admire the couple and their determination to make sure you got your phone back. In a time when everyone is in such a hurry, it\’s refreshing to hear.


  6. I\’m always amazed when a \’nice person thing\’ happens. But yes, I\’ve gone out of my way before… I\’d return your phone any day! : )


  7. I think there are many more kind people like you and your couple than we realize. Unfortunately acts of kindness are not considered \’news\’ so we rarely hear about them. Thanks for brightening my day.


  8. Well, you obviously don\’t live in my town. I do, however, remember my mother driving down the road many years ago with her purse on top of the car. Someone did help her out with that one. But she didn\’t live in this town either.


  9. Last year when I was in a car accident, a nice woman(who witnessed the accident) rode in the ambulance with me. She stayed with me until my husband came. Yes, there are some amazing people out there!


  10. i am glad you got your phone back bee that is a good story. but i must admit i am bit concerned about your forgetfulness!! your tale conjures up thoughts of the kids being left \”home alone\” or the dog being tied up to the back of the car only to be left there as (clark griswold) you drive off!!… he he…


  11. Such a great story and I\’m SO glad to hear I\’m not the only one who take the house phone places it does not belong! I\’ve gotten to the grocery store and realized that phone on the front seat beside me is not my cell, but the house phone! (blond moment)


  12. She\’s a much nicer and smarter person than the idiot neighbor that found my husband\’s cell phone on the sidewalk. She turned it off to conserve the battery–thus rendering our calling the phone totally useless.


  13. I\’m a goof too. In Vegas, I wanted to take a pic of a fountain so I reached into my bag to get the camera. Not there! So I dug around. Not in there! Searched my pockets. Searched the bag again. Started to cry. Removed everything from my bag. Crying in earnest. Searched my pockets again….and there it was. In my front pocket. In my defense, they are really big pockets;)


  14. That is so nice that they didn\’t give up! And it\’s sad that we live a world when we have to be suspicious all the time. Good to know there\’s still caring people around. Once when I was in college, I was putting all my art gear in my car, but left my tool box on top of my car and promptly drove off. People were honking and pointing until it dawned on me why. I pulled over and retrieved it. I drove a good two blocks with it on top, it\’s amazing it didn\’t fall off. It was a heavy metal one and had it fallen off in the middle of the road…well that would not have been pretty. lol


  15. One time at Bike Week, I found a set of keys in the middle of a road/parking lot. There were a lot of people and being Bike Week, not really a \”place\” to take the keys for lost and found. My friend and I drove around for a couple of hours looking for the car that the keys belonged to by trying to activate the alarm. We finally found the car, not parked anywhere near where we found the keys. I tried the keys on the car to make sure they were the right ones, and they started the car. I hid the keys in the car, left it unlocked, and put a note on the windshield telling the driver where to look for the keys. I knew I was running a risk of someone else finding the note and the keys and stealing the car, but eh…I was hoping for the best. My friend told me to leave my number on the note. I didn\’t really want to, but he pushed.The car\’s owner called me the next day. They were so grateful I had found their keys AND not stolen their car they tried to offer me $500 bucks. I thanked them and politely refused.I figured that was a super boost to my Karma. Hopefully they payed it forward.Thanks for the proof of goof comment. Now I have to clean the tea spray off my screen.


  16. I love this story – why can\’t we all just be \”nice\” and do the \”right thing\” every time? Thanks for sharing!Speaking of sharing, come over to my blog and see pics of my new and incredibly beautiful baby granddaughter!!!!


  17. I hope many, many good things happen to nice lady. See Suz, when you are nice to others, others are nice to you. Full circle huh. That\’s just a life lesson that will go on and on.


  18. Awwww, there are some nice people out there. I had a random person in front of me pay for my meal at McDonalds not long ago. Pay it forward I guess 🙂


  19. I would have been suspicious of that call too. (make sure you check your phone bill) see……Very nice story seriously! There are a lot of good hearted people out there!


  20. You make me laugh out loud…all the time!! I\’ve done things where I would swear the kids or my husband have done them and it\’s turned out to be little old ME. What a nice couple to go through so much trouble to return your phone. I found a phone in CVS the other day and returned it to the front desk. That could\’ve been mine on any given day. People are great. It\’s the ones that aren\’t that spoil the whole bunch which is really such a shame.Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


  21. A most awesome post! Yes Karma does go around, no good deed goes unrewarded in one way or the other… however hearing about such acts of kindness does warm the heart!(still funny how you lost that phone though, LOL)


  22. Ha ha ha!! So, you left your HOUSE PHONE on the bumper of your car and DROVE for 8 miles before it fell off and went \”bounce-bounce-bounce\”….!!!That is Amazing Part #1 about this story and the good Samaritan who found and called you back is Amazing Part #2! This should make the national news! 🙂


  23. No nice people here Amy….remember I live in Boston….the home of the rude, ignorant persons who would steal your the eyes out of your head if they thought it would buy them a hit! I am leaving for NC tomorrow (3weeks) where there are nice people who wave, say hello, goodbye, thankyou….not like boston where everyone is in a rush and no one has a lick of patience. I can\’t wait for Tom, just a couple more years.


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