Have you played around with Google Earth?

This is the absolute coolest thing ever. Right up there with ready to bake cookies.

You can put in any address anywhere in the world and zoom down to street level!!

Perfect for stalkers.

We have looked at our old homes and we looked up our present house. I was kidding with the kids and Coach that I hope the day the satellite took the picture I was not in the yard making out with talking to our lawn guy. Lucky for me, that was not the case. Dodged that bullet.

Here is a picture of the house I grew up in…for the first 11 years anyway.

Hey Mom, it is not nearly as dumpy as the last time I saw it…and it is for sale!

 DSCN5518Sadly the big tree that I used to climb is no longer there.  The yard seemed so much bigger when I was a wee one too.  

I think you have to download the google earth program, But it just magically appeared on my PC. (OK, Coach does all that stuff for me)


Google search words that have led unsuspecting folks to my lil’ ol’ blog lately:

  • Training bra. I never understood why *some things* needed training….this search came from India. Scary. I am also beginning to think I did not train mine enough. They perform NO tricks.
  • Sister wives. This came from Provo, Utah. Did they really need my help in this area?  I think NOT.
  • Branjelina. And they got me? Not the enquirer? Not People magazine? Huh?
  • Eyelash curler. Came from South America. Apparently there is an epidemic of NON curled eyelashes. Another reason not to travel south.
  • I hate Styrofoam.  Perhaps I should start an I hate styrafoam fan club? Cause, really, I hate it.


I feel as though the world owes me a big thank you for all the education I am providing here.

You are welcome!

30 thoughts on “googleish.”

  1. I would love to download that program because it would be so fun to see some old places we used to live! I wonder if they ever really did get a picture of anyone having sex in their yard. Can you imagine? I guess that is not that common of an occurance though. You are so cool to be able to tell how people come to your blog. I have NO idea.


  2. My brother is our expert at things like this. We spend hours looking up homes from our pasts. Hope you have a good day and leave that lawn boy alone! LOL


  3. We looove Google Earth! We spent a long afternoon one time looking up all our friends that have we haven\’t seen their houses because they moved out of state or something. Fun… and nosey! : )


  4. I checked my house too. I was hoping they didn\’t catch me out getting the mail in less than appropriate clothing 😉 They didn\’t :::relieved sigh:::


  5. We have to be sisters separated at birth! I hate styrofoam too. I also hate those darn plastic shopping bags.I\’m new to your blog and couldn\’t help but stop when I saw \”Busy Bee\” I\’ve awarded you with a lovely blog award which can be seen here: along if you like.I will be back to visit you often as you are hilarious! PS – I have three rescue boxers. You can see our boys here:


  6. Your childhood home is adorable! It's so sad when the \”new\” owners do things like cut down trees. That happened with our old house, too, and I nearly cried. Green Moment for you, Suz: we had to cut down trees to build this house, but we had them milled, and used them in the framing, the window & door trim, and the floors (cedar & Douglas Fir). Re-using & recycling!I have sitemeter, too, but I rarely look at it anymore. Now, you have me thinking that maybe I should. But since I don't talk about my underthings, or use words like \”naked\” very much – at all?- , maybe my blog is still under the radar. =) Have a great day!


  7. Those google earth pictures are crazy! We were laughing when looking at ours cuz it happened to be taken on a good day. The house looks great! tee hee! Naturally, I had to look up HWW\’s house, just to see what it looked like. We were joking about what my parents\’ house might look in the picture, and that their neighbor would probably be out in front of her house, watering her lawn like she does every day. Sure as shit, there she was!!! We laughed our asses off!


  8. Thanks for the reminder. I keep telling myself I have to do the Google Earth thing AND I also have to check out my stats. I\’ve gone back to my childhood home (which, btw, I should blog about some day — another thanks) and sadly it has now been converted to apartments. I guess you really can\’t go back home.


  9. LOL! My bra does NO tricks either. I feel like I\’ve been tricked! You reaaaaally need to write a good sitcom script!Google Earth is the bomb! I check out Kabul all the time. It is sooooo eerie and different from what I remember. There has been a drought for over 15 years, so there is NOTHING green anymore. All sand and dusty. Recently I checked out our house and the picture still showed Black Magic parked in our driveway. Awwww! I felt like emailing Google and letting them know of its fate.In re your question, yes, the drama was from both sides of our family, not just mine. He is the only son of an old school Italian, Catholic family, so his mom was NOT happy. I was not good enough for him because I was not \”accomplished enough\” and some of his family feared a suicide bomber at our wedding. I am not even making that up. I couldn\’t if I tried. (sigh)Although things have improved somewhat, the words ring in my head and I wish I\’d never heard them in the first place. Words are truly the most painful way you can hurt someone. You can\’t them out of your head. But, like I\’ve said, there peace, love and all things Woodstock in our own little home, so that\’s all that matters!


  10. I haven\’t played with Google Earth, but I have used Yahoo Maps, which has a Street Level view which is about the same…you can \”drive\” down the road, and turn the camera a complete 360 degrees. It is totally creepy.


  11. I agree that Google Earth is a neat program and useful tool. However, since I have mostly lived in the country or small towns, it doesn\’t have street-level photos of most of the places I\’ve lived.


  12. Wwe\’ve got it, Suz, and have looked up lots of addresses. One thing I did find out is that there are some areas of the country (like ours) that don\’t work on Google Earth… Maybe it\’s just in the larger city-type areas. BUT–I can look up my kids home in Texas. NEAT!!!!Several people have come to my blog —looking for specific things. It\’s usually family history–when they are looking for someone I may have written about. I\’ve caught up with cousins that way. OH–how I love the internet.Have a great and wonderful day.Hugs,Betsy


  13. Seriously, how funny are you? The training bra and the Sister Wives comments were hilarious. Where do you get your material from! You must keep your family laughing all day long.Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


  14. Hey Suz, by the way, did you know that Costco makes orthotics now!? They rock! They\’ve got a different style for all kinds of shoes and they computer fit to your feet. Get thee to the nearest Costco!I\’m so glad to learn that even pretty, pretty Suz wears orthotics. Aren\’t they da bomb!?


  15. Almost every address that I type into google earth only yields a fuzzy gray blob. Huh. Maybe the G satellite isn\’t keen on country homes in the province of Quebec? LOL!I think I may prefer this privacy…PS: your keyword searches are at least tame. Way too many people land on my blog looking for porn. It\’s embarassing.


  16. I will join your \’i hate syrafoam\’ fan club…the stuff makes me nuts…and my boys love to smoosh it (it squeaks, ya know), make noises with it and do \”art\” with it…grrrrr.There was something in our papers over here about Google lowering their cameras in Tokyo…yeah…like we need to get closer!We found my mom\’s house got a shock because i didn\’t know she was taking down her old nasty fence and putting up a nice new one…her yard was naked!!oh…and mine…yeah, they do tricks…a great disappearing act when i lie down….it\’s actually kind of scary!! ~~sheesh~~am now going to Google breast \”put\’em back where they used to be\” surgery.


  17. I\’ll join your I hate styrofoam fanclub too. Those styro peanuts are the most obnoxious creation…and they never biodegrade. I need to check out where people came from too…that is SO funny. You have a ton of followers though(unlike my 5 faithful friends!).I think you are starting a blog cult!


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