TGIF and misc…

Friday again. Seems it was just here 7 days ago. Right?

And it is a holiday weekend…that part snuck up on me too. I thought Memorial day was NEXT weekend. You too?

**who has been fooling with my calendar**

Monday is our 18th wedding anniversary…..Seems like yesterday and then I remember that just yesterday I was not wearing a size 0 wedding gown. *snap out of it*

Wedding danceHappy 18 Coach!!!! I think the proper gift for number 18 is golf cart repairs. Right? I mean last year we stopped at the GMC service center got each other a part for the Yukon’s back door… this baby is getting fixed TODAY:


It is the little things each day that bring me joy…sleeping in, direct deposit, working vehicles, groceries in the fridge, happy kids…..Ain’t love just the grandest thing ever????

No big plans for the weekend…Lo and Coach are heading to a 3 day softball tourney and again Linds and I are taking care of the canines, felines and perhaps the reptiles. All the time sometimes I ignore the reptiles and felines.

Speaking of reptiles, this guy was so curious, I caught him staring INTO the lanai looking at a cat and both dogs yesterday….I wonder what he was thinking???? ::hmmm… I wonder if they taste like chicken::


Green tip of the day:

If you have old stained or ripped up towels, don’t throw them away. Use them for rags or…if you are like me and you have enough rags for the whole neighborhood, donate your old towels to an animal rescue group. ALL of them are in need of towels for lining pet crates, transferring pets, cleaning up after animals etc… If you don’t know of a local rescue group, then just drop them off at your local animal shelter. They will appreciate them very much! Tell them Suz sent you. (kidding, they don’t really know me)

Another Phone drama….Lo left her cell phone on the school bus yesterday.

I thought about calling and cutting off service last night, but I wanted to give a bit of time for someone NICE to find it and be able to call me. This morning at 7:30 I got a call from the bus driver, she has the phone and is asking for ransom going to leave it at the school today!!! KARMA is just working wonders around here….

Nice People are awesome!!!! Go our and get yourself one or two. Oh, you can’t buy nice people? Nevermind.

Happy Friday everyone!!

I wish for everyone a weekend full of NICE people, love, no reptiles and no lost phones.

If you see Linds and I zooming around on the golf cart, stand clear!!!

29 thoughts on “TGIF and misc…”

  1. First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and coach. It\’s too bad you\’ll be apart all weekend but I\’m quite sure you\’ll find something (trouble) to get into. I bow down to you my dear. I absolutely, positively do not know how you live with the reptiles in your neck of the woods. In thinking of the different species of reptiles, I don\’t believe there is even one that I could tolerate. They give me the heebie jeebies. Oh well, hope you all have a glorious and safe memorial day weekend. See ya Tuesday.


  2. Happy Friday to you too, Suz… Keep those little snakes and critters down your way. I don\’t like \’em!!!!My old towels are still being used in our bathrooms. HA HA (Not really!!!).. We do keep the old ones though and use them for all kinds of other things.. Love the old towels. I cannot imagine anyone throwing them away.There are so many nice people in the world. We don\’t have to buy them–but they are FREE, all around us. Congrats on your anniversary.. What a pretty bride you were.. You will have to have a double celebration on Monday (anniversary and Memorial Day). Sounds like a nice dinner OUT in a fancy, dancy restaurant.What\’s the name of your little golf cart???? It\’s got to have a name!!!!! ha haHugs,Betsy


  3. Happy anniversary! That is so sweet.. and gosh girl… I was a \’skinny girl\’ and I wasn\’t ever a zero! Now I\’m even in double digits.. ahem. Anyhoo… I hadn\’t thought about using old towels like that. But I did buy some plain washcloths in a bundle and use those in the kitchen for wiping counters and the like. I think about you every time I use one of those instead of a paper towel. : ) And then I think about you again when I fold them fresh out of the dryer. : p


  4. Happy Anniversary! Have a great long weekend (ours, up here in Canada, was last weekend). I love your Life is Grand List. Mine\’s pretty simple too. The Husband and I consider a shopping trip to Walmart a Hot Date!


  5. Happy Anniversary! Size 0?!?! I didn\’t even wear size 0 in utero.Maybe I should have you send some reptiles our way. They might help control the rat population in the abandoned house next door. But then the rats are so big it would take anacondas to get rid of them…Thanks for the tip on the towels. I have a big stack I didn\’t know what to do with. We always took newspaper to our local shelter.Have a good weekend. ZoomZoom!


  6. Happy Anniversary to you and Coach! I want a golf cart, and I want to live on Catalina Island where they are the only vehicles allowed.That snake..could it hurt the dogs? Are the dogs interested in checking it out? JJ would be dead because he\’s such a nosey dog.Happy weekend!


  7. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You are the cutest couple…post more wedding pics, please. HEY! Those snake pics need a warning first! You\’re freaking me out!=oI will think of you on Monday, as you know that\’s our 18th, too. And I agree with you: the holiday weekend is supposed to be NEXT week. XO


  8. well the yard sale was a bust, we are donating it all to the church. makes me sad thought moms stuff not being worth anything to anyone. i did keep some things and the girls came outside and confiscated all their toys back!! So no harm no fowl.


  9. Happy Anniversary Sue & Coach! The two of you look so deliriously happy in that photo, I love it! I love the laughter you have in your life, and I'm grateful that you share it with us, your humble readers. Love, love, love the gift idea! Have a wonderful weekend!


  10. Looks like everything is back to normal, so I can visit all my bloggy friends. Happy Anniversary! That\’s a lovely photo of you two.Hope you have a great weekend!


  11. Happy Anniversary! I\’m sure Coach (not to mention the girls) will appreciate the fixed-up golf cart. I hope the weekend goes quickly until Coach gets back.


  12. I saw you pick up a bag of Karma from the store the other day.I could have sworn it was you… :-DBeautiful wedding pic, congrats on your 18 years as monsieur and madame! Are you really celebrating by playing golf? You could practice your swings on that snake… shudder. SHUDDER.I\’m glad it\’s too cold here for snakes to survive, LOL!


  13. Happy Anniversary Suz! May you have at least 50 more! BTW, you were a gorgeous bride.We use our old towels for drying the dogs after baths and rain or snow. Since I have some Scottish blood in me I take pride in my recycling ways. I really do reuse paper towels too! As long as they are just used for drying off water, I put them under the sink and use them to wipe up dog drool and drips from the floor. Do you like that tip?? he he


  14. Happy anniversary! Every time I see a picture of you I think the girls look EXACTLY like you. Like there is no way you could ever deny them. You haven\’t tried to, have you? : ). How old were the girls when they got phones. Kaish wants one so bad. I think he is too young. What do you think?


  15. Happy Anniversary weekend to you both. How great to share a 3 day weekend with our beloved spouses. Happy 18th!! And many, many, many many, more!!xoxo


  16. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Did you know that…. May 22nd was Ron and my 17th anniversary as WELL as Smileygirl\’s and Tom\’s 11th anniversary…. AND this weekend is also Karen (Gberger\’s) anniversary? CLEARLY, this is a \”magical\” weekend!!Happy Anniversary!!


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