T is for….

Two Terrified turds dogs, terrified of Torrential rain and Thunderstorms.

T is also for wimps. Ooops, W is for wimps…my bad.

We had a really bad thunderstorm on Saturday evening. It is almost a daily occurrence in the ‘sunshine state’ at this time of year.

Saturday it was complete with hail too.

Ozzie is a complete wimp. Just a tortured mess when it comes to weather.

He is under.my.feet.

Cocoa was never a whimp. Until NOW.

I think by osmosis she caught the wimpyness.

They followed me around for a while, which being trailed is not my favorite thing…I need my space.

True that!

I was trying to change clothes in my closet with two 60lb dogs trampling on my toes. NOT Taking it.

I sent them to Linds. They became instant lap dogs. Tentative terrified wimps!

terrified of thunderstorms


If they had tails, they would be between their legs.

Just too much.

Ok, something as equally terrifying, I tried to rid Ozzie of his “green” eyes on PicNik (His eyes always photograph alien green) and this is what happened:

Scary dog!!!

Wouldn’t it be torturous to wake up with this tragically terrified beast taking you in first thing in the a.m? AGGHHHH!!!

The good news though…with his daily teeth brushing, we are done with WHARF breath!

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26 thoughts on “T is for….

  1. i am no weather girl… so i just cannot undersatnd how it can hail here! anyway… while your doggies were being terrified, my kids were out playing in the \”snow!\”


  2. That is sooo funny…both those dogs on her lap…I\’m sure they weigh more than she does!! And those eyes…I liked them better in the before picture. My cats\’ eyes usually look electric pink in most pictures. Have a great Memorial Day ~Natalie


  3. Those green eyes are too much! Ha! Love it!My Boston Terrier is terrified(terrierfied?)of thunder and barks loudly before landing in a lap to shake. The pug looks around confused, wondering why her sister is so upset. Your dogs are precious.


  4. A green eyed monster! Two of our boxer babies are afraid of storms. I bought men\’s sleeveless tshirts at Wal-Mart. Large ones would probably work for your dogs. Put the shirts on them, then pull all the extra fabric to their back and tie in a knot, making sure it is snug around them. It\’s like swaddling a baby. This helps to make them a little more secure.


  5. Cute wimps they are. All of that rain you guys are getting is crazy! Hogging it all for yourselves, aren\’t you? We are now in our third year of drought. Don\’t be surprised when California builds another acqueduct that spans the entire nation and we start taking your water.


  6. That cracks me up! They should be so big and brave and yet they\’re scaredy-dogs. Too funny!I\’m glad I\’m not the only one that changes clothes in the closet. But I\’m sure yours is bigger than mine. LOLSo did I get my little tech problem fixed??? : )


  7. I am not sure I\’ve ever heard of a dog who is not afraid of thunderstorms. That\’s just part of being a dog. HECK—I\’m afraid of storms also, especially when the thunder is so darn loud that it almost shakes the house… Yipes!!!! (Maybe I\’m part dog!!! ha)Hugs,Betsy


  8. Those poor puppies. Suz, you were supposed to be comforting them not pawning them off. Storms don\’t bother my Abbie but keep any kind of ball far, far away from her. She\’s petrified of them.


  9. Ha Ha! The eyes are killing me! It\’s like something from \”Mystery Science Theatre!\” Hilarious! Yes, I\’ve been hearing about all the rain in Florida. I heard Daytona got something crazy, like 26\” in 6 days? That\’s almost Noah\’s Ark kind of rain…..


  10. Some dogs go crazy in a thunderstorm – we used to have a neighbor dog that would break out of his house when he heard thunder, and show up on our front porch, as if our house was so much more safe!


  11. My Chloe follows me around without the bad weather. She\’s 70 lbs. so she constantly trips me. I can\’t do anything alone anymore. She even comes in the bathroom with me. She\’s my protector though and wouldn\’t let anyone hurt me so she\’s a keeper. Her eyes are brown and they photograph like a ghost. Can\’t figure out how to get a good pic of her without that!!Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


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