My chick pea story. I know most of you have yours; but this is mine.

Or maybe you don’t have a chick pea story to share…whatever….you can borrow mine.

The last time my friend Kelly came to visit she brought over this great snack:

Hummus and pretzel crisps. YUMMO.

Coach and I are pigging out munching on this most weekends now.

I was convinced I did not like hummus because it is made out of chick peas.

AND I don’t like chick peas.!!

Today is your lucky day ’cause I have a chick peas (or is it chick PEA?) story for you.

I know, it has been never forever since you heard a great chick pea story isn’t it?

Get ready. It is exciting boring as heck.

While I was in high school I worked at a restaurant called PondeGROSA Ponderosa. They were all over the place, so you may have gotten very sick eaten at one also. Ponderosa had a great salad bar. I ate off of it while pretending to work tended to the ‘Bar’ quite a bit.

I had to refill all the items and keep it clean. Most of our items were located in a huge walk in freezer in the back. I had to trudge all the goodies from the back of the restaurant to the ‘Bar’.

We had chick peas in a 5 gallon container. (Not to be confused with the mayo or coleslaw.)

I loathed getting the chick peas container open. I begged pleaded cried asked my coworkers to refill the chick peas for me, but they refused.

So I had them fired to do it myself.

What do you think my issue was with the chick peas? They were just innocent little chick peas….right?

That is what you think. That is what the chick peas also want you to think.

I hated the smell of them. Remember when I went on and on about funny smells back HERE?

I can sum up the description of the smell of chick peas in ONE WORD:


They smell like f*rts to me. Yes, someone’s passed gas. ughhh.

And I avoid eating stuff that smells like f*rts. One of my golden rules.

But for some reason, hummus when mixed with roasted red peppers or pine nuts does not smell like farts chick peas.

Aren’t you glad you learned all of this today?

I am nothing if not a giver of good information. And chick peas stories.

Now, go to the store and purchase some hummus and pretzel crisps. (whatever you do, don’t buy the hummus with olives in it…I loathe the smell of olives even worse than f*rts. Really.)

You may want to pick up some milk and bread too….you are getting low.

You are welcome.

PS. I have never typed or spoke the word F*RTS so much in my life till today.

26 thoughts on “My chick pea story. I know most of you have yours; but this is mine.

  1. Hey Suz…long time no see…finally got a chance to stop by here for a minute and I surely have missed reading you…I love hummus but I must say the hummus I make is so much better then the stuff you can buy. It is so easy to make and tastes wonderful. So if you ever want to make your own, let me know and I will give you my recipe. PS And I agree, chick peas smell like farts! 🙂


  2. i have a chick pea story too (maybe two!), but it is not quite so good as yours, so i will just keep it to myself! i wouldn't want to bore you 🙂 but thank you for the milk & bread reminder… i think i also need eggs. (do you remember that little clip from sesame street wher ethe little boy is going to the store and trying to remember his mom's list? a gallon of milk… a loaf of bread, and a stick of butter. maybe another item, too… but i mostly remember him sing songing along to the store trying to remember….) great… now i probably bored you more than i woulda with my chick pea story!


  3. Hmmm. I don\’t have a chick pea story. I am such a loser that way.I got in my car today and it smelled like cat piss and pepperoni.I don\’t have a cat.I loathe pepperoni.I would have rather it smelled like F*rts.


  4. Mmmm….hummus. Now I really want some hummus! That is a hilarious way to describe the smell of chick peas. Next time I am around some, I\’m going to take a big whiff! And I agree with you about the olives– ugh! There is no worse food on earth than an olive.


  5. I don't like chick peas, either (it's the texture & flavor), but I also DO like hummus. Have you ever tried baba ghanouj (sp)? It's oftern sold next to the hummus, and is made of pureed, roasted eggplant…do you have an eggplant story?I agree with you on never eating anything that smells as if it's been eaten & processed through the body before. But what is it with stinky cheeses? I love stinky cheese. Do you have a stinky cheese issue?


  6. Too funny! I decided a while back to give hummus a try.. so I MADE some. Umm.. ick. But then I bought some and it\’s oh so much better than homemade! So there ya go. I like it with salty things and raw veggies too. but mostly salty things. LOL


  7. question bee, have you actually farted as many times as you wrote today?.. side note we miss our pondegrosa after it closed a few moons back! if you still have one send us some wings!!!


  8. I didn\’t have a clue what you were talking about so…. I typed in chick peas to get a picture and info about them. ohhhhhhh….. Garbanzo beans! Now for some strange reason I feel the need to smell one just to see if they really do smell like ….s What a way to start a day – LOL!


  9. I loved Ponderosa\’s chicken wings. We were just talking about them this past weekend. We would always stock up on them for the Super Bowl. As fas as the hummas goes, a guy here at work eats it….. it stinks!!!!! More power to ya.


  10. Hi Sue: Thanks for the email. Yes, the Duggars crack me up too. God bless her 18 pregnancies. I honestly hope that Jon and Kate work it out for the sake of the 8 children.I gave you two links one is a list I created of foods that we all should be eating health or not. And the other is my a bean stew that is delicious and so good for you. I took one look at hummus a few years back and thought Yuck. I have a thing about the texture of my food. For example I will not eat baked beans! Anywho my son in law loves hummus and he brought it over so many times for different celebrations that I finally gave in and tried it. I buy these seasame cracker and make my own hummus and it is delicious I have to agree. I will not eat chick peas alone, they are hard and I just don\’t like the flavor unless they are in a stew, soup or HUMMUS. That hummus is fiber keep eating it. But truly the All Bran if you eat it daily even if it\’s just for a snack it will begin to clean out your colon. Hey whatever you do don\’t give the dogs hummus (talks about farts). My english bulldog could clear a room and if he did it in the car \”Forget About it\” we would have to pull over no kidding.I do miss him. You know hubbie is having the guys over for cards maybe I will make some hummus!


  11. I can SOOO see you working at the \”bar\” at Ponderosa…. like my days working at Shoney\’s at dating assorted fry cooks. HA! Sad, but true! And yes, roasted red pepper hummus is da frikkin\’ BOMB!!!! (Luckly, no one in my house likes it, so I have it all to myself!!) 🙂


  12. No chick pea story here. But, I do take a supplement that smells like dirty butt. My husband always ask me how I know what that smells like. I haven\’t had hummus for a while. Used to make it all the time. I like mine on pita chips.


  13. We used to eat at the Ponderosa. I did not put chick peas in my salad. I can\’t stand how slimy the liquid is when you open the can. Hummus, though? We buy it buy the vat from Costco. I used to make my own, but we all know Costco does it better and cheaper.


  14. well, they say once you get past the smell, ya got it licked…..diane loves certain humusses. i do not. but what we lerve more are spinach pakoras at our favorite indian food restaurant. oh my god they are delish. its a mixture of spinach, onion, garlic, potatoes and cilantro in a chickpea batter, fried then eaten with mint chutney to dip it in. TO DIE FOR!anyone ever try those?C


  15. How did I miss this post? I am glad I read that. I never noticed before. I have ALWAYS wanted a good chick pea story to add to my collection. So I just want to thank you for taking the time to write it. You are a gem!


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